Adobe Releases New Photoshop “Select Subject” Feature and It Kicks A@$!

Adobe just released another update to Photoshop CC, and while there’s lot of important stuff in this update (including a ba-jillion bug fixes), the feature that the folks who read this blog will fall in love with is the “Select Subject” feature (Adobe recently sneak-peeked this technology at an Adobe event in Japan and it blew people’s minds, but nobody thought it would be released this soon, because this is the next level stuff).

What this new feature does is save you a TON of time in making the initial selection of your subject before you start the making process in the newly improved Select & Mask. It does this using Machine Learning and some future technology Adobe probably got from visiting aliens from another planet, because this works WAY better than I thought it would after watching their sneak peek. It’s going to change the way we make selections forever.

Check out my short video below and this will all make sense.

Besides the new Select Subject (and bringing the color Decontamination slider from Refine Edge over to Select to Mask in CC), here’s what else is new (according to Adobe):

  • Improved support for high DPI monitors on Windows
  • Microsoft Dial can control many Photoshop brush settings while brushing (size, opacity, jitter, etc.)
  • Increased max zoom level from 3,200% to 12,800%
  • Improved Copy SVG support for multiple text styles

OK, so the other stuff doesn’t set my world on fire (especially since I’m not on Windows and don’t use Microsoft dial), but the zoom level increase is actually really helpful.

Photoshop CC subscribers can download the new version of Photoshop CC from the Creative Cloud App, and start using it today.

Hope you found that helpful, and hats off to Adobe’s amazing engineering team for coming up with Select Subject. It kicks @$%! :)



  1. Amazing – these developer really are wizards – no wonder the stock price has gone up around 100% the last year alone! Well done – thanks Scott for pointing this out.

  2. This high level stuff might be scary to some. But for them who spends a ton of time editing photos, it’s about to be a dream come true. Especially for a busy hair masking. Glad your tutorial cracks me up. Thanks for sharing. So, get the ball rolling.

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