Adobe wants your thoughts on how often they should release Photoshop CC updates

Hi Gang, and greetings from the yummy cheese capital of the USA – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (here for my seminar today – looking forward to meeting everybody!).

So, here’s the scoop (well, as it relates to Photoshop anyway). Basically, Adobe would like your feedback on how often you’d like to see Photoshop updated, as well as your thoughts on balancing new features, bug fixes and polish to existing features.

They put together a quick survey over at this link

I took the survey myself, and you have lots of opportunities to share your thoughts with Adobe, by answering Multiple Choice questions, or by writing in your own comments (totally optional).

Anyway, this is so worth doing, and a great opportunity to be heard directly by the Photoshop team at Adobe — I hope you take advantage of it.

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  1. The survey should have also included Lightroom considering how many folks are subscribed to the Photography Package. While I would never expect any developer to be perfect, Adobe’s track record of late for major flaws in the updates they release is not moving in a positive direction.

    The issue isn’t how often we receive updates … it’s how well Adobe tests those updates before they release them. Especially the updates that impact ‘Edit in’ functionality between Lr and Ps. It shouldn’t be a complete surprise that such a functionality is broken after an update is released. They should catch such problems before release. Either they lack the skill or the resolve to achieve that goal when we see such issues affecting a wide spectrum of users on both computer platforms.

    In 3 of the last 5 updates to Lightroom CC 2015 I’ve had to roll back to the previous known working version in order to preserve my workflow because someone at Adobe didn’t do their homework before they let the code loose on paying subscribers to beta test for them.

    Lastly, it would be refreshing when such problems do occur and are brought to Adobe’s attention, that their first response would not be finger pointing at Apple, Microsoft, Nikon, Canon, Epson, HP, et al instead of admitting there is an issue, rolling up their sleeves to work out a solution.

  2. Wasn’t the whole sales pitch from Adobe on CC the fact that we would be getting updates as they were developed (and presumably tested)instead of waiting until each year’s new release? What kind of question is this? Totally ridiculous – no, don’t give me any additional features now, I really want to wait….

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