Announcing: Full-length Photoshop and Lightroom Online Training Classes Exclusively for NAPP Members

Hi Gang: I really want to tell you about my shoot yesterday at the Atlanta Falcons playoff game, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow because today I’ve got some really big news about our launch of full-length, in-depth Photoshop & Lightroom classes for members of the National Assn. of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), the association for Photoshop users that I head.

Here’s a quick Q&A on it:

Q. Didn’t NAPP always have full-length training classes?
A. Actually…no. We have an insane amount of tutorials on the NAPP member Website, but our thing has always been quick, to the point, tutorials covering a particle topic or effect. This is the first time we’ve launched this type of in-depth, full length online classes.

Q. Is there just one class?
A. Nope. We launched with 20 full-length classes, starting with the basics and moving to more in-depth topics, including Layers, Paths,  Shapes, Brushes, Printing, Selections, Blending Modes, and a bunch more. The cool thing is: this is just the start — we’ll be adding new classes all year long.

Q. Is there anything for beginners?
A. Actually, beginners were our main focus for this launch — we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave anyone behind, so if you’re brand new to Photoshop, man do we have you covered!

Q. So who does the teaching?
A. The Photoshop Guys (of course). The online classes are from me, Matt Kloskowski, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion.

Q. Where should I start?
A. Well, I’d love it if you checked out my brand new four-part Portrait Retouching techniques class. I cover an amazing amount of stuff, but it’s not for absolute beginners — you kind of have to at least know your way around a bit, but once you do, I really think you’ll get a lot out of it. I also have a whole new series on learning Camera Raw (Lightroom’s Develop Module) there, too!

Q. How much extra does it cost?
A. Nothing — it’s included free as part of your annual NAPP membership.

Q. Hey, just to break things up, how about a Pop Quiz?
A. Sure. OK, “how many fingers am I holding up?”

Q. Three? No…four!
A. Oh, I’m sorry…it’s two. See, you would have gotten that right if you had taken our new online classes.

Q. Really, you guys teach that?
A. Well, not that per se, but taking these classes just generally makes you smarter. Kind of like staying at a Holiday Inn Express.  

Q. So, what’s the difference between NAPP and Kelby Online Training?
A. NAPP is for people who want to learn Photoshop (everyone from graphic designers to Web creators to photographers to artists). Kelby Online Training is for people who want to learn photography. We have thousands of folks who subscribe to both, because they want to learn both (Do you know what we call these people? “Our favorite people in the whole wide world.”). ;-)

Q. But what if I don’t belong to NAPP?
A. We can fix that — you can join right now (membership is open to anyone who wants to learn Photoshop, regardless of your skill level). Here’s a link with details on how to join (and I hope you do — you’ll love it, and you’ll be joining more than 70,000 other Photoshop users around the world who are a part of NAPP already.

Q. What if I already belong to NAPP? Is there a special deal to renew?
A. You bet. If you renew your existing membership by Feb. 1, 2013 (so, in the next three weeks), then you get two bonus gifts: (1) A complete digital collection of all 10 issues of Photoshop User Magazine from 2012, and you'll get 2 extra months added to your membership free! Sweet!

Q. What is Photoshop User magazine?
A. It’s a very cool print magazine that comes out 10 times a year (you can choose a digital version if you like — see above), of course I’m a bit biased because and I’m the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher but it is awesome! It’s like getting a Photoshop book mailed to you 10 times a year! Inside the magazine, is our “magazine with magazine” on Lightroom, so if you use Lightroom and Photoshop, you’re totally covered. We’ve got all the best writers in the industry, great columns (I write a column on Camera Raw), and people totally dig it.

Q. How much extra is the magazine?
A. It’s not. It’s part of the annual membership, which is (and has always been), just $99 (US), and that includes the online Photoshop training classes, too (and lots more cool stuff).

Q. Seriously?
A. Seriously!

Q. So, I get the magazine, and the new online Photoshop training classes?
A. Yup. You also get exclusive access to our kick-butt members-only website, with very cool tutorials, articles, reviews and tons of great learning resources. I honestly think it’s now, hands down the best Photoshop site anywhere. The content is real world stuff you can really use in your daily work.

Q. Do you guys arrange discounts for members?
A. Man, am I glad you asked that. Absolutely! We have TONS of discounts, everything from free shipping from B&H Photo to discounts on Adobe upgrades just for NAPP members, to Mac and PC hardware, Photoshop plug-ins, you name it. We hear from members all the time who have paid for their entire membership using discounts the first time they even try one.

Q. Did you just say you offer discounts on Apple hardware products? Really?
A. I know, it’s crazy right, but we have a special version of the real Apple Store just for members. Want to see how much I saved myself using the member discount? I wrote about it on my blog a while back (even took a screen capture) right here.

Q. This is starting to sound like an ad for NAPP
A. Starting to? Are you kidding? This started sounding like an ad back at Question #6.

Q. Well, isn’t that bad?
A. Look, I’ve spent my entire career building NAPP, along with an incredible team of very passionate, genuine, and dedicated professionals, and adding these online classes is one the coolest, biggest, and most important things we’ve been able to do for our members, and:

(a) I’m really excited about it, and…

(b) I want as many people to take advantage of it as possible. NAPP is where people go to really good at Photoshop, and I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far and for the great things we have planned for our members this year. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think it’s a great thing (even if it does sound a bit “ad-y.” OK, more than a bit but you know what I mean).

Q. So when do we get to see the stuff from the big Falcons win of the the Seahawks playoff-game yesterday?
A. Check back here tomorrow, where I’ll have full coverage, photos, and other stuff.

Q. But you feel like I should join NAPP first, right now, and start watching these full-length online classes, right?
A. Oh, absolutely. I feel strongly that’s what you should do (Hey, it was worth a shot, right) :)

Q. OK, I’m convinced. I’ll go join right now.
A. I knew I liked you. There’s just something about you. Something different. You’re not like the other kids. ;-)

See you all back here tomorrow! Cheers, –Scott

  1. Have just purchased a year subscription for Kelby training and now im finding things like this are on NAPP, dissapointed now should have gone for NAPP :-(

    1. Hi Mike: They are two very different things. NAPP is for Photoshop — Kelby Training is for Photography. If you signed up for the wrong one, don’t worry, we can make it right for you, no sweat (the most important thing is that you’re happy with whichever choice you made, so let me know and I’ll adjust it for you if you’d like). Cheers, -Scott

      1. Why not do a membership that covers both or an extra discount if you have both. Had my yearly membership since 31/12/12 if there is a discount to join the other let me know. Thanks

      2. Thanks Brad I already have Kelby training (as above) is there a discount to get Napp and how would I apply it. Thanks

  2. This sounds excellent. Pity, during your announcement, you didn’t give a prize of a free year’s subscription to NAPP. But if you want to give me one, for suggesting the idea, I’ll gladly take it :)

  3. Hi Scott,

    I’ve been a member of NAPP for gees … 5 years now. My PC blew up a year ago and I purchased an iMac without using the discount. :-( Shame on me. Then this year I decided to get a Retina Display Mac Pro. This time I did use the discount and saved $242.00 dollars. I made this purchase just after Thanksgiving. I went back yesterday just to check on the discount and there wasn’t any? Looks like Apple keeps changing how much they will discount. Anyway, I got my Deal!!! Also, I’m really glad you guys came out with this New Training courses. I’ve learned a lot from the tutorials and seminars, but this looks like it’s right up my ally!

    Can’t wait to see your photos tomorrow!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Dennis. Apple does change the discounts at their discretion (I saved $400 on my MacPro), but the fact that we have them at all still amazes me. If someone was going to buy an Apple computer, they’d usually be better off to join NAPP and then buy it, even if they didn’t use Photoshop at all — just for the savings. It’s crazy, but in most cases (unless it’s an iPhone or iPad), it’s true! Thanks again.

      1. Hi Scott,

        I hear you about joining NAPP for the discounts! My NAPP membership is always free from all the savings I’ve gotten from B&H, Adobe and Apple! That’s why I was look up the Apple discount. A friend of mine wanted to buy a Mac Pro and I told her that NAPP had a discount. She was excited and said she would join just to get the discount! I’ll keep checking with the apple site. When the discount hits, I’ll let her know and we’ll have us a new member! She uses Elements, but she can still get pointers!

        Unfortunately, I have to root for the 49ers! :-)


  4. Scott, I agree….my NAPP membership gets better and better each year. Maintaining the membership price all these years has been truly remarkable (most businesses ramp up membership costs each year, regardless of what they offer). These online classes will be so beneficial to me, as I am one of those visual types of learners (not to say your books aren’t informative! Just seeing techniques on the screen is miles more helpful to me). And I have to say that my Kelby Training membership has been worth it as well. Great instructors, awesome topics, and more videos added each month. Here’s a hint to wanna-be NAPP members…you get a discount on Kelby Training if you join NAPP first. ;-)
    You must have had a pit in your stomach when Seattle went ahead yesterday! Great comeback by the Falcons. So if they win next weekend, do you go to New Orleans as well???? The Pats will be waiting for you! :-)

    1. John, I about blacked out in the final two minutes. When Seattle made that score, we were all standing in the endzone super-plussed. Then, when we realized we had 31-seconds left, we felt like we had a decent chance, but then after Matt Bryant (former Tampa Bay Kicker) hit that field goal, the place just went insane!!!!! I did get the invite to shoot for them this weekend for the NFC Championship Game, but hey, ya never know. First, they have to win against a very tough 49ers team, but ask the Seahawks — the Falcons are very tough, too! :)

  5. Any real photographers who are not members of NAPP are just fools. Even if you already (think you) know everything there is to know about Photoshop in this and any other someday discovered universe, the discounts alone should seal the deal. I save more than enough money just on free shipping from places like B&H to pay for my membership every year. Looking at it that way, what part of free isn’t a good deal? Thanks Scott!

      1. FYI Terry and Scott, I realize there are many discounts offered, but the free shipping, as an example, does not apply to those of us in Canada, nor, I would assume, anywhere outside the U.S.

  6. I love your interviews. The interviewer asks just the right questions and you always seem to have the right answer. I think I will just join again under a different name just so I can get double the benefits….

  7. The Apple products discount pitch is misleading.

    Although there is no claim that all Mac hardware is discounted to NAPP members, a recent visit to the Apple online store via the NAPP membership site produced discounts = 0 on iMacs — a disappointment.

    Rather than getting into a disgruntled argument over who implied what versus who inferred which let’s just say buyer beware on that score.

    The new, organized approach to Photoshop use is a genuine value. The “tips and tricks” approach showcasing isolated actions and effects has long proved frustrating to me. The more coherent track leading into and through the process is proving helpful already.

  8. This is great!! :-)

    Any future plans for a NAPP app? Something similar to the KelbyTraining app? It’s great to watch the training video full size on a second source (iPad, Airplay, etc) so I can follow along full screen in PS.

    NAPP membership just keeps getting better and better. :-)

    1. Believe me, it’s nothing personal against Canadians. It’s because shipping the magazine 10-times outside the US costs a LOT more than it does shipping it here within the US, so we have to charge more to cover 10 extra shipping charges. Hope that helps.

  9. I pleased for the offering but…
    Hmm. the announcement states “launch of full-length, in-depth Photoshop & Lightroom classes for members”
    I see LightRoom Basics(1) and Photoshop In-Depth courses(17)

    Should I check my Strunk & White reference
    or look further on the NAPP site to find In-depth Lightroom classe(s)?

  10. Hi Scott,

    It’s a good improvement to the offer, since you get more for the same price. But I’ll ask question that got asked few times already by others and didn’t get answer. Why is outside US membership double the US membership (199$ vs. 99$)? I understand that delivery cost to Europe is a bit more expensive that one to the US but double? Seriously? I would like both membership but simply cannot afford it since I’m not a pro but just a hobby photographer. But thankfully KelbyTV is free :-)

    Anyway. Really good work. Waiting for the day when I’ll be in a position to join :-)

  11. I have to agree with the Scott that made the first post, why 30% more for Canadians when our dollar is staying so close to par these days? Also, we don’t benefit from most of the discounts because we are Canadians. I’m sure it is still a good deal, it just seems a little unbalanced when we are on the same continent. My way of thinking is if we can’t receive the same benefits than our price should be less. ; )

  12. Hi Scott –
    Is there anything about a NAPP membership that would be beneficial for an Elements user. I use Lightroom and plan to upgrade to 5 but am still really new to using Lightroom and Elements together. Membership is a somewhat significant financial investment so I want to be sure I’ll be able to get what I need out of it before signing up.

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