Announcing My “Shoot Like a Pro: RELOADED!” Seminar Tour

I know I’m just officially announcing it today, but that’s only because I’ve been waiting on the video about (it’s just 1-minute and 25-seconds long) that explains what’s new in this ALL NEW tour.

In just one week  from today (Monday the 13th) I’ll be kicking off the tour in Salt Lake City, and then on Wednesday I’ll be in Los Angeles teaching it at the LA Convention Center. We’re adding more dates all over the country (basically, if I came to your city with the original seminar, I’ll be back with this RELOADED seminar, too!). :)

I designed this new tour from scratch, with all new concepts, ideas, and techniques to pick up right where the original “Shoot Like a Pro” seminar left off, so it’s ideal for photographers who attended the first seminar who feel ready to learn the next level up. If you don’t feel like reading a bunch of stuff, just watch the video above which explains (really quickly) what the day is about.

Here’s the link if you want more info, or want to sign up (it’s just $99 for the full day, and includes my detail workbook).

Thanks so much for listen/watching, etc. and here’s wishing you your best Monday of the year so far!



P.S. A big shout out and my humble thanks to everyone who follows me over on Twitter. I hit one-quarter million followers there this past weekend, and I’m very grateful to everyone who allows me to be a little part of their day. Thank you very much. :)


    1. Ken, just offer to host the seminar in the rear function room. Then you can go to the seminar and keep an eye on the restaurant at the same time! ;-)

      1. You’ll need to open up a restaurant in Oldsmar, FL, Ken! Then you won’t miss a thing! :-)

  1. During the part where you talk about “Stuff Nobody Knows”, there’s Brad in the background with two beautiful women! Who knew that Brad was such a ladies’ man! It’s THAT kind of info that makes these seminars worth while. Is there a section on “Brad’s Beard, Lovely Models, and his Secret Animal Magnetism”, or will that be a separate all-day seminar tour? :-)

    Can’t wait for your stop in Boston… I know you have my $99 already counted!


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