Announcing The Winner of the 2016 Worldwide Photo Walk Leader Competition

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The Walk Leader competition is always one of the hardest to judge because there are so many great entries from so many talented leaders, and this year there were such really wonderful entries, that it made my job a whole lot tougher for sure.

Although there’s only one winner, I felt there were some images that were so good that even though they didn’t win a prize, they still deserved some recognition, so I’m displaying those first, then we’ll reveal our winner.

Without further ado, I present our 10 Walk Leader Competition honorable mentions (in no particular order):


Leader / Photographer: Bart Baylon
Photo Walk: Pastrana Park, Philippines


Leader / Photographer: Cheryl Hoffman
Photo Walk: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Leader / Photographer: Sandip De
Photo Walk: Lausanne, Switzerland


Leader / Photographer: Matthew Armsby
Photo Walk: Windsor, England


Leader / Photographer: Hany Fouad
Photo Walk: Suez, Egypt


Leader / Photographer: Allan Pinedo
Photo Walk: Malecon de Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico


Leader / Photographer: Christiani Berer 
Photo Walk:
Graz, Austria


Leader / Photographer: Paul Gotiong
Photo Walk: Pasil Fish Market, Cebu, Philippines


Leader / Photographer: Rachel Bilodeau
Photo Walk: Montréal, Canada


Leader / Photographer: Gustavo Barrios Ramirez
Photo Walk: Xalapa, Mexico

When the images are this good, any one of these above easily could have been chosen as the winning image, but I could only pick one, and I think it’s an awesome image, so please join in congratulating our 2016 Walk Leader Competition Winner:

during the 2016 NFL Season in a game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Leader / Photographer: Mohammed Saeid
Photo Walk: Cairo, Egypt

Comment: This shot is wonderfully composed, and I love the low angle; the texture; and the man and child on the left, but what I think really makes this image special is how all the colors work together — the warm tones outside and then that fantastic blue inside the shop, and that splash of orange to the right of the man — it all works so perfectly. Add in the perfect placement of that foreground chair and it takes it right over the top for me. Really a well-crafted image.

Mohammed will receive a Westcott Ice Light with Barn Doors; a $200 Gift Card from B&H Photo; a Drobo 5Dt (Turbo) Hard drive array; and a $50 Gift Certificate for winning this year’s Leader Competition.

Congratulations to all the Photo Walk Leaders Competition honorees and our winner!

All my best,


  1. What awesome shots!! Yes I can see you had a tough time choosing. The winning photo is fantastic and I love the composition and the colours. But being a leader, I did it so people can come together for learning and networking. To win a prize is not even though of but if it happened then cool but if not then the day itself was the reward itself :) Thank you Scott for the opportunity :)

  2. Hey Scott, just wanted to double check if the winners for the individual photowalks had received their 1 year KelbyOne membership, as I haven’t received as a leader and I’m hoping at least the photowalk winners received theirs.

      1. That’s a real shame Mike. Sadly I don’t know if the winner on my walk even got their either. Scott, any notice on this?

    1. Unfortunately no, never got any email notification or any sort of notice about it. I’m assuming either the system was broken or they didn’t really care.

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