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  1. The only advise I have in addition to Larry’s tip is to put the snap-back keyring on your belt upside down. I had mine come flying off my belt and smack me in the head :-)

  2. Great idea Larry. Off to the depot for a snap-back keyring…………….maybe it will fit on my ThinkTank skin belt?

  3. Larry your a GENIUS!
    I always felt the same way that it was always in the way, not to mention the lanyard keeps breaking.

    To address the problem of it snapping back or slipping off your belt check out these two options:

    The first has a carabiner instead of a belt clip:

    The second is made by Nikon its the Nikon 8172NIK
    NIKON 8172 Retractable Rangefinder Tether
    Designed to hold up to 60 LBS and Hold Nikon Binoculars Sold for $12-$20
    Might be useful to tether other things too!
    Check ebay and google shopping for the best prices

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