Reasons for a “Late, Light” Blog

Hi gang: It’s 7:54 am and I haven’t blogged yet. Please choose any of the lame excuses I have listed below:

(1) It’s too cold in Florida today to blog (The low was 32°F [0°C) here in Tampa, which for us is arctic cold.

(2) I was up too late playing Call of Duty: Black Ops with Matt, Terry White, and our buddy Hans from Seattle

(3) I’ve taken the week off to write, and yet when it came to the blog I really didn’t have anything for today.

(4) The dog ate my blog (she’s actually a “Christmas puppy” and while she will eat literally anything and everything, I put my laptop on the floor and all she would do is considering using the bathroom on it. After all; to her anything’s better than going outside. When we take her outside, she thinks to herself: “I can’t wait until they take me back inside, so I can go to the potty.”

(5) Since I’m still in Holiday mode, the blog had totally skipped my mind until I climbed into bed, and I just couldn’t get back up and write it. This happens rarely, but last night was one of those night. Brrrrrrr.

All of those lame excuses have some basis in fact (except #4. We can’t get her to do anything but snuggle and ferociously attack her stuffed squirrel toy), so any one you pick won’t be far off.

Hey, I’ve got an idea!!!!
I’m pretty sure I have another episode of Larry’s Cheap Shots. I’ll run that. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’ll make it separate post, so that way, not only do I have a blog post for today (albiet a late one), I actually have two! I am just feeling so good about this.

Tomorrow is “No Blog Wednesday”
Remember, this week Brad and I decided not to have a guest blogger (Brad is even lamer than I, taken the entire Holiday break off and heading home to Tennessee to make homemade whiskey, which is his true calling). Anyway, have a great mid-week, and I’ll be back here on Thursday if I can think of anything to share, and there’s only a 50-50 chance of that, but whatever it is, it probably won’t be either “Kick Butt” or “Cool.” (that was for you, Ken).

Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Holiday Season!!! :)

The Late Light Tuesday Blogger

  1. Dear Scott

    Enjoy your time off, but make it up to us with a deal on your online training. About two years ago you offered a two-for-one deal on your online training, and I’d love to take advantage of such a deal again, especially now since my subscription expired.


  2. Dude, what is it with those stuffed squirrels?! Dogs go crazy for those things. Glad to hear you’re talking a break, everyone needs one of those so they can just relax and rewind. You’re a busy guy and you do a lot for everyone who reads this blog, so I say it’s well deserved. My brother and brother in law have been playing Black Ops non stop since before Christmas. It does look like a pretty sick game. I gave up my gaming years ago and started focusing on other things, like photography & Photoshop. Anyway have a great day off, and if you are reading this, you are technically working. So hopefully you won’t be reading these comments for a couple of days :) Take it easy Scott

    1. Ken: If he ever says “cool” or “kick-butt” in his blog, he had BETTER give you an acknowledgement! You started that whole thing! :D Maybe you will make his next book!


      1. Honestly, I can’t take credit. Someone a few months back wrote in and criticized Scott for having a narrow range of words (were talking about a best selling author). That person ask him not to use “cool” or “kick-butt”. Well, me bieng the self appointed sherrif of the blog decided to rub it in. That was their price for “whining” ( Scotts #1 rule). It’s been down hill ever since! :)

  3. My guess is Call of Duty until 7:00 AM. Why else would you have a pic of an XBox controller as the lead to the blog? Got my kids a new 360 for Xmas. Good thing, as the old one showed a “red ring of death” on the 24th! Black Ops is the game of choice in our household, too.

    Enjoy the time off, Scott. Keep working on those COD achievements! :D


  4. Scott, it’s completely Okay. I am actually taking the holiday season off from posting on my in order to recharge my batteries, and most importantly to spend time with the family. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I hope you and the Photoshop guys have a Happy New Year!

  5. Maybe that cold weather will kill off some of those snakes. So your new puppy will be safer.

    My German Shepherds love the colder weather. They will break the ice just to get in the water. We had about inch of snow a few weeks back. They went outside and laid down in it. All three of them also love to sleep on the bed.

    Have a Happy New Year, which I am sure that you NAPP folks will.

  6. Hello there Scott
    A visit from Sweden. I just would like to say how U are a big fan of my niece.
    She is really dedicated to Photographing.
    For three years ago she got your first book in the trilogi in christmas-gift from me.
    And now she got the last one this christmas.
    3 years of learning and three books to get inspiration of.
    Thank you for great inspiration for my niece.
    U can visit her blogg here:

  7. Well Scott, we’re going to have to let you go!!! We’re tired of, “Oh I just got back from wherever” or some mumbling about little ponies, or “‘I had to shoot some pro football game” that we can’t go to, and now it’s little puppies peeing on your laptop, and we know you have a desktop, what, did the little ponies peed on that! We have been sitting here waiting on your every word, it’s bad enough that you take Saturday and Sunday off, and NOW Wednesday besides. If we didn’t know you, one would think you are running a large company, writing five books at one time, and in between giving seminars and raising a family all at one time. What’s next you have to go over to Matt’s to kiss hie finger because he had to sign alllll those books and got a blister!! Well just maybe, RC wants the job!

    If anyone has a comment on this post please sent them to

    Have a safe Holiday buddy! LMAO

  8. Dear Scott,

    I want to thank you and all of those that are involved in Kelby Training and NAPP. I have been photographing and working in the darkroom for many years. I can say, now, that I have learned quite a lot of Photoshop and Lightroom techniques thanks to the great KB Training and NAPP. My website is The black and white images are 4 X 5 film format, the other images are 35mm digital format.

    I wish you and everyone in here a Great and Happy New Year!!!

  9. Hey Scott,

    I usually get to make jibes about the Frozen South to my buddies in Ottawa, It’s a lovely 34°F at 51°N here. I guess the video is frozen too, it’s in the small frame on your blog — too cold to pop out to full screen ;-)

    Just think of all that nice cold fresh OJ in the morning

  10. Scott – Excuse # 2 is the only one you should have led the story with! Black Ops is my excuse for almost everything! Hope you had a good holiday and time off. I Enjoy the blog and love your books, just got vol. 3 of your digital photography book for christmas and it rocks!

    Have a good rest of the holiday!
    P.S. Have you prestiged yet?

  11. Scott, step away from the laptop and close the lid. Please take some time off, you certainly deserve it.

    We need you to come back next year fresh and rested.

    Now go away and we don’t want to see you online till next Monday. LOL

  12. I guess one excuse is as good another…lol :)

    Scott…no excuses needed; take the time out and enjoy it!!!

    Really looking forward to catching up with you in 2011 here on the blog and when I make the trip over for PS World; been waaaaayy too long and if I remember rightly I still owe you a beer :)


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