Hi gang: It’s 7:54 am and I haven’t blogged yet. Please choose any of the lame excuses I have listed below:

(1) It’s too cold in Florida today to blog (The low was 32°F [0°C) here in Tampa, which for us is arctic cold.

(2) I was up too late playing Call of Duty: Black Ops with Matt, Terry White, and our buddy Hans from Seattle

(3) I’ve taken the week off to write, and yet when it came to the blog I really didn’t have anything for today.

(4) The dog ate my blog (she’s actually a “Christmas puppy” and while she will eat literally anything and everything, I put my laptop on the floor and all she would do is considering using the bathroom on it. After all; to her anything’s better than going outside. When we take her outside, she thinks to herself: “I can’t wait until they take me back inside, so I can go to the potty.”

(5) Since I’m still in Holiday mode, the blog had totally skipped my mind until I climbed into bed, and I just couldn’t get back up and write it. This happens rarely, but last night was one of those night. Brrrrrrr.

All of those lame excuses have some basis in fact (except #4. We can’t get her to do anything but snuggle and ferociously attack her stuffed squirrel toy), so any one you pick won’t be far off.

Hey, I’ve got an idea!!!!
I’m pretty sure I have another episode of Larry’s Cheap Shots. I’ll run that. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’ll make it separate post, so that way, not only do I have a blog post for today (albiet a late one), I actually have two! I am just feeling so good about this.

Tomorrow is “No Blog Wednesday”
Remember, this week Brad and I decided not to have a guest blogger (Brad is even lamer than I, taken the entire Holiday break off and heading home to Tennessee to make homemade whiskey, which is his true calling). Anyway, have a great mid-week, and I’ll be back here on Thursday if I can think of anything to share, and there’s only a 50-50 chance of that, but whatever it is, it probably won’t be either “Kick Butt” or “Cool.” (that was for you, Ken).

Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Holiday Season!!! :)

The Late Light Tuesday Blogger

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