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Big, big biggitty-big news: the new season of D-Town TV (the free weekly show for DSLR shooters) is back (watch it right here), and:

(a) We have an all new roomier set

(b) We’ve got lots of new tips and techniques to share this season

(c) We’ve got two new hosts for the show (Larry Becker, who does our Cheap Shots segment in every episode), and RC Concepcion (cool photographer and Photoshop Guy who has done a number of guest tips on the show).

Matt and I will still be on D-Town TV as guests, doing tips and studio stuff and location stuff as well, but we’re handing over the hosting duties to Larry and RC because (drum roll, please), Matt and I are launching a brand new weekly show called “The Grid” (starting as soon as they finish building the set, which they told us would be this week, but alas, it was not quite done yet).

The Grid is more of a video talk-show format (about Photography & Photoshop), but each week we’ll have an in-studio guest for the entire 30-minute show, plus we’ll be doing video chats with a lot of famous photographers, Photoshop experts, and industry leaders.

Live is Scary
The show will be broadcast live, which in and of itself is kind of scary, because at the end of the day, we’re Photoshop guys and photographers, and not professional TV anchors, so I’m sure we’ll have our share of bumps and bruises, but that might make it even more fun (well for you maybe. For us, probably not so much).

We Get to Interact With You LIVE!
Since the show is live, we can take your questions live too. We love that part. If you miss the live show, we’ll post entire show online afterward so you can watch it when you want, and we’ll post both the video version, and an audio-only version as well if you want to just listen.

Lots More to Come
I don’t want to hi-jack the news that D-Town is back by just focusing on The Grid, so I’ll save all the other cool details for next week when hopefully we’ll be taping our first show (if you go to my Facebook page, and hit the “Like” button, I’ll be posting when and where you can watch, and be a part of our first show, live as it happens).

Larry and RC
These two are totally going to rock D-Town, so I hope you’ll drop in and catch the new episode that just went live yesterday. As always, you can watch it online at KelbyTV/Dtowntv or in iTunes (where you can also choose to subscribe to the show for free, so you never miss an episode).

Greetings from the Pittsburgh Marriott Airport hotel, where I’m getting ready to hit the sack after shooting the Steelers vs Jets game at Heinz field earlier today (of course, by the time you read this, I’m probably already home, since I had a 7:00 am flight this morning).

I’ll have all the details on the game tomorrow, and some shots as well, but at game time, it was around 25Ā° F, and it snowed the entire game, so I did want to share an iPhone photo (above) of what my rental car looked like after the game (I started scraping the ice off, then I stopped to take this shot. Being from Florida, I’m not sure I’ve ever scraped ice). ;-)

In the meantime, I want to share the video below with you from my buddy Larry Becker, who runs the new “” blog, and has one of the most popular segments on our free weekly show D-Town TV.

Larry is an expert (and I’m using the term “expert” here as a synonym for “totally obsessed”), on saving money on photography gear through a series of clever buys, DIY projects, and basically sidestepping the most painful parts of photography (the high costs) with some brilliant workarounds. Check it out below (Note: Larry posts videos like this every week, along with articles, reviews, and other cool stuff):

Don’t Forget our LIVE “Cyber Monday” episode of D-Town TV (The FREE weekly show for DSLR Shooters), is today, as we broadcast live from B&H Photo’s massive store in New York City.

TODAY: at 2:30 pm EST.

CLICK THIS LINK: right here.

We also have a BIG giveaway during the live show, plus we’ll be answering your questions LIVE, so you don’t want to miss it!!!! (the video below has all the details). :)

This is the latest episode of DTown TV, the free weekly show for dSLR users that helps them get the most from their cameras. In this episode, Scott and Matt share tips for people who’ve just gotten their first dSLR camera…

– Which lenses you’ll want to purchase and why
– Which lens filters will help improve photos (and keep your glass safer) in certain situations
– Larry Becker is back with a Cheap Shots tip on a cheap remote flash
– Matt shows the Lens Pen Pro Kit, which will help you keep your lenses clean
– You’ll also want a memory card holder to keep your cards safe and in order
– An UpStrap will help keep your camera from slipping off your shoulder
– You’ll need a camera bag to keep all this stuff in
– Lastly, you’ll want a decent tripod and ballhead
– Check out the work of fashion photographer Liz Von Hoene!

If you’re not a regular viewer, you can catch every single one of our episodes at and subscribe to automatically download each episode in iTunes.

And if you’re interested in getting better sports photos, you definitely won’t want to miss the next two (or three, or four… we’re not really sure yet) episodes where Scott and Matt cover all sorts of gear and share tips for shooting sports.

If you are a fan of the show, you’re familiar with Larry Becker’s Cheap Shots. Keep an eye on for even more tips on getting the most bang for your buck!


The latest episode is now up live (we’re running a couple of days behind on the episodes right now—things are really busy down in videoland), and besides all the cool stuff we cover (below), we’re also giving away the full suite of Nik Software’s awesome Photoshop plug-ins (watch the show for details).

  • For beginners, we start with my showing how to properly set your camera’s diopter (if you don’t know what a Diopter is—this is for you).
  • Matt’s on location to show how to get the sun star/starburst effect when shooting into the sun
  • I’m doing a live shoot in the studio and showing how to use a gobo with studio lights to create fall off for portraits.
  • David Ziser is our special in-studio guest, and he has some tips on getting sharp shots when shooting available light weddings
  • Matt shows off the new Flash Benders that help you shape the light from your speedlites (I talked about these last week here on the blog)
  • I show the new Gel Clip, a new, very clever, yet simple gel holder for your off camera flash
  • Plus we turn you on to the work of portrait photographer Frank Doorhof! (who guest blogged here recently as well).

Plus, of course, we have details on the Nik Software giveway.

And you can watch it free online, anytime, right here.