Big, big biggitty-big news: the new season of D-Town TV (the free weekly show for DSLR shooters) is back (watch it right here), and:

(a) We have an all new roomier set

(b) We’ve got lots of new tips and techniques to share this season

(c) We’ve got two new hosts for the show (Larry Becker, who does our Cheap Shots segment in every episode), and RC Concepcion (cool photographer and Photoshop Guy who has done a number of guest tips on the show).

Matt and I will still be on D-Town TV as guests, doing tips and studio stuff and location stuff as well, but we’re handing over the hosting duties to Larry and RC because (drum roll, please), Matt and I are launching a brand new weekly show called “The Grid” (starting as soon as they finish building the set, which they told us would be this week, but alas, it was not quite done yet).

The Grid is more of a video talk-show format (about Photography & Photoshop), but each week we’ll have an in-studio guest for the entire 30-minute show, plus we’ll be doing video chats with a lot of famous photographers, Photoshop experts, and industry leaders.

Live is Scary
The show will be broadcast live, which in and of itself is kind of scary, because at the end of the day, we’re Photoshop guys and photographers, and not professional TV anchors, so I’m sure we’ll have our share of bumps and bruises, but that might make it even more fun (well for you maybe. For us, probably not so much).

We Get to Interact With You LIVE!
Since the show is live, we can take your questions live too. We love that part. If you miss the live show, we’ll post entire show online afterward so you can watch it when you want, and we’ll post both the video version, and an audio-only version as well if you want to just listen.

Lots More to Come
I don’t want to hi-jack the news that D-Town is back by just focusing on The Grid, so I’ll save all the other cool details for next week when hopefully we’ll be taping our first show (if you go to my Facebook page, and hit the “Like” button, I’ll be posting when and where you can watch, and be a part of our first show, live as it happens).

Larry and RC
These two are totally going to rock D-Town, so I hope you’ll drop in and catch the new episode that just went live yesterday. As always, you can watch it online at KelbyTV/Dtowntv or in iTunes (where you can also choose to subscribe to the show for free, so you never miss an episode).

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Interesting, I guess your predictions that you and Matt would end up being guests on Larry’s show actually became true!!

    Anyway, shame that your first tip was an onld one, repeated 4 or 5 times through the seasons, the infamous blinkies ;]

    I’ll watch the Grid, let’s see how that goes, *thumbs up*

    (and Ken, apparently you were right, Scott trying to post something else made me “jump” ahead of you on last post’s comments)

  2. There ain’t nothing in this world more fun to do with your clothes on than live tv!

  3. Great new episode and can’t wait for “THE GRID”… Sounds more powerful in all caps ;)

  4. Looking forward to watching the new D-Town TV episode later today! The Grid sounds like a really cool concept. :-)

  5. I hope that The Grid will also be available for “download” like the rest of the shows? Live streaming is cool, but not when you either have to stay up half the night or get up in the very early morning to catch it :-s

    Greetings from GMT+1 – looking forward to both new formats :-)


  6. Sounds awesome.

    Is there any way you could make these shows flash free so they’re watchable on iPhones/iPads :)

    Thanks guys!

  7. Hey Scott, I noticed that your 70-200mm lens hood is different it looks like its made of rubber instead of plastic/metal, could you tell me which lens hood is this?

  8. Going to be interesting to watch The Grid and see how that is going to be. Now if you would just hurry up with that studio! ;) Good luck!

  9. D-Town is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! We will miss you, Scott (and Matt), on D-Town, but it may be good to get some “new” blood in there (new ideas, new techniques, etc.). I will be off to watch it after this post.

    Now “The Grid” sounds like a great idea! Live, with viewer interaction! Sounds like an extension of the NAPP-a-thon, or the live version of D-Town @ B & H. I do worry about too many comments or questions coming in fast and furious, where it will be hard to follow along in a chat window (that is how you are doing it, isn’t it? :) ). Can’t wait to see the result, though. I’m sure it will be an evolving concept.

    And Scott, just remember that since this show will be live, you and Matt need to wear pants while you’re on the air! :D


  10. A link to the first episode of D-Town TV that someone posted on a camera forum I was reading at the time was my first introduction to Scott, Matt, and all things Kelby Media related. That was the beginning of me taking advantage of everything you guys have to offer and cramming my head with photography knowledge almost every single day since. Needless to say, D-Town holds a special place in my heart so I’m sad about Scott & Matt no longer being the hosts. However, I have complete faith in RC & Larry and I’m happy about the new show too. I can’t seem to post a D-Town comment without having the uncontrollable urge to say “You Guys Rock!”.

  11. Very COOL! I’m looking forward to these new shows!

  12. Does this mean Photoshop User TV is taking a break? Because I noticed on iTunes that when I click on Photoshop User TV, it brings me to D-Town. I’m just curious, because I like the Photoshop User podcasts. I will definitely check out D-Town and The Grid, but where did Photoshop User TV go?

    • I had the same experience of being unable to get Photoshopuser TV on iTunes. You can get it on the Kelby Media site but not on iTunes. :(

    • Another “Me, Too.”

      The name of the feed from iTunes for “Photoshop User TV” changed to “D-Town” and all of the D-Town episodes showed up in the feed.

      Searching iTunes for “Photoshop User TV” yields no results.

      Will both shows come in the same feed or is there another way to subscribe to get the Photoshop User TV shows?

  13. Just a suggestion, but, you sure could use some sound dampening on the new set. Ugly echo on this end.

  14. I’m looking forward to this Grid show. Sounds great

  15. The new set looks great! I’m excited to hear more about The Grid, but I hope you will be providing an offline version as well. I doubt the live show will be at 6:00 am MST on Saturdays. :)

  16. Looking forward to what is going to be another great season of learning from a fun and knowledgeable team in a brand new surrounding!

  17. THE GRID… THE VIEW… Hmmm… First thing I thought of and a shiver when down my spine. Has me a bit nervous! Just as long as Whoopi and Barbara aren’t your first guests! :-)

  18. i have a totally unrelated photography question, if that’s ok. what photography stores would you recommend in the tampa and orlando areas? thanks!

    looking forward to seeing you guys here in orlando for PSW!

  19. How come my comments aren’t showing up on D-Town?

  20. Giving a heads up and a big shout out for RC being show-cased. I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Yosemite last month at a DLWS workshop where RC talked on a number of subjects. As tired as many of us were, everyone perked up and the room came alive when RC started talking. Not only is he amazingly knowledgeable, a great communicator, funny, funny guy, but out in the field his enthusiasm, photographic eye and playfulness generated new awareness and a sense of joy that made everyone want to be around RC. His interest in life is contagious. I love him.
    Wouldn’t miss watching him anywhere, anytime!!

  21. Hi Linda. I totally agree. RC rocks!!!! :-)

    Plus, he’s not too shabby at Call of Duty: Black Ops. ;-)


  22. So glad D-Town is back! You guys are my go to source for my photography tips. Larry, keep up the good Cheap Shots stuff. Posted this new episode on my blog, your podcast is definitely worth sharing. ( ) You Guys Rock!

  23. can’t seem to get firefox to display the shows… I’ve had shockwave flash in FF before, now not working. no changes (wittingly) made to kaspersky 2011 in months… ?

  24. Hi Scott!
    I am very happy that D-Town is back!
    I have been checking your site and blog everyday looking forward to seeing the new episode!
    I of course subscribe your shows through iTunes and watch them on my iPhone or iPad everyday.
    I updated the podcast and now I cannot find any Photoshop User TV episodes……
    Would you please help me to get those episodes back in my iPhones/iPad?
    Thanks much!

  25. Dear Scott,

    Wish you the best for your new weekly show.

    Best wishes



  27. Guys – the new set is gross! Looks like my grandma’s living room in Des Moines….

    I liked the old set way better….

  28. RC and Larry are a great choice to host the show!

  29. I’m a relatively new member of NAPP and Kelby Training and I have to say I’m really confused about these shows-I think there are four? DTown, Photoshop User, Larry’s Cheap Shops, this new one. Would it be possible on one of the websites, this blog or on your Facebook just to list somewhere a definitive statement of a) what shows you produce, b) what their theme/topic/focus is, c) how often they’re produced, and d) when the last one was posted. I’d like to watch all of them and not missing any, but am getting muddled about which I’ve seen and which I’ve not. I guess I’m looking for a mini TV Guide somewhere in one convenient place.


    • Hi NellieMc:
      There is a site where it all is—- :-)

      They’re weekly shows, and a season runs 13 episodes then we make a month off. Well, that’s the plan anyway. :)


      • Scott… maybe it’s us newbie’s ;) but the website naming + show naming is a bit complicated. See below for my almost similar question until I just saw this.. my question is more for the podcast listings.

        But I do suggest using KelbyTV more often on the shows as that seemed like one stop shop. I’ve been getting lost trying to post a “You Guys Rock
        ” for D-Town

  30. Hi Scott,
    Glad to see D-Town is back. I really liked the interaction between you guys in the first episode, so long may this new set-up continue :-)

    The Grid sounds very interesting – have you got a broadcast time slot in mind? It would be cool to watch it live here in the (grey cloudy sky) UK, but depending on the tine of the live broadcast I may catch up via the podcast. You mentioned about taking questions live via Twitter, for those who are unable to watch the live broadcast would it be possible to post questions in advance?
    (I’m presuming we’ll get notification of who the guest is before each episode)



  31. Been watching D-Town TV for about a year now and is a must-see for me.

    I catch it only on podcasts, and am hoping that The Grid will be on podcasts as well.

    D-Town / kelby team – is there a full list of all the podcasts available from your team somewhere ?

  32. Scott, I love the new set! One thing that instantly caught my eye was the photo hanger in the background. I’m an amatuer photographer, and would love to be able to hang some of my prints on a photo hanger similar to the one you have on set. Would you care to share info on where I could purchase that?
    I really appreciate your work, and have loved all the podcasts as well as kelby training! Keep it up!

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