First, I just wanted to thank everyone who posted a comment and shared your thoughts on tweaking the timing and days for my upcoming Worldwide Photo Walk. Your response was overwhelmingly Yes to moving the day to a more temperate time of year, and to expanding it to Saturday or Sunday, which will give more people a chance to participate (that’s a photo of my walk last year, held in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Photo by “Fuji” Ramos).

So, although this is not the official announcement, I’m looking at Saturday, October 1st, and Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 as the walk dates for this year. I have to make sure these dates don’t coincide or overlap with anything that would make them a bad choice, so for now if you could just pencil it in on your calendar, and I’ll firm it up once we do a little more checking.

Again, thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. Each year I learn a lot from hosting the walk, and every year I try to make it better than the one before. We made some great strides in this past walk, but of course, I stumbled in a few areas as well, which gives me a list of things to work on and improve for this coming year’s Photo Walk, but I couldn’t do any of it with you guys, so thanks so much for your support, ideas, and enthusiasm for the event. More to come soon! :)

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