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First, I just wanted to thank everyone who posted a comment and shared your thoughts on tweaking the timing and days for my upcoming Worldwide Photo Walk. Your response was overwhelmingly Yes to moving the day to a more temperate time of year, and to expanding it to Saturday or Sunday, which will give more people a chance to participate (that’s a photo of my walk last year, held in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Photo by “Fuji” Ramos).

So, although this is not the official announcement, I’m looking at Saturday, October 1st, and Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 as the walk dates for this year. I have to make sure these dates don’t coincide or overlap with anything that would make them a bad choice, so for now if you could just pencil it in on your calendar, and I’ll firm it up once we do a little more checking.

Again, thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts. Each year I learn a lot from hosting the walk, and every year I try to make it better than the one before. We made some great strides in this past walk, but of course, I stumbled in a few areas as well, which gives me a list of things to work on and improve for this coming year’s Photo Walk, but I couldn’t do any of it with you guys, so thanks so much for your support, ideas, and enthusiasm for the event. More to come soon! :)

      1. Same thing happened to me yesterday, Pedro. Ken congratulated me on beating him on three posts, but one of his actually appeared before mine. Looks like he saw mine, then posted, and the order switched.

        It’s all in good fun, though! I can’t stay up that late every night, but he does!


  1. Looking forward to this one, if the past few years are anything to go by, we’ll not have Autumn colours yet, but I’ll start looking at routes to optimise such opportunities as there may be.

    It’s also a good chance to go on someone else’s walk on the other day!

  2. The first is China’s National Day – it bodes for some unusual photos – or at least huge number of people if the walk takes place at Tienanmen Square. I look forward to it!

  3. Great news, Scott! Weather should be nice in New England, but it might be a bit early for fall foliage in these parts, other than Maine or northern New Hampshire and Vermont. Really looking forward to it!



  4. Thumbs up to early october and multi days.

    One thing you might not have counted on with multi-days is people signing up for multiple events, which could squeeze out those who only have time for one in places like NYC where there are a half dozen walks that fill up fast already…

  5. I went on the Tarpon Spring walk with you this past year. As a former New Yorker (western NY, thank you ;) ), and still not having his blood thinned after 12+ years, I lost about 7 lbs. in sweat that day.

    I, for one, am looking forward to the October dates, LOL. :)

  6. Scott, I know that there is never a perfet time of year, but just letting you know that is right in the heart of both college and NFL football season. You know how the south loves their football! I guess it would be too soon to plan for early May? Maybe next year?

  7. Well it was fun while it lasted. Can’t wait to see all the shots from the Hurricane shelters and the Football Stadium Parking lots.

    Sorry for the negativity but this date change just put a stake through a great bonding time I’d been able to enjoy with my 10 year old Daughter. A memory in the heat is better than no memory at all.

  8. Unfortunately for me this probably means I won’t be able to lead my walk for the 3rd consecutive year as I have plans to attend another event that weekend (Vintage Auto Racing at New Jersey Motorsports Park).

    But I do certainly applaud the attempt to move the date to a generally more temperature friendly time of the season though! I’m sure many more people will be more inclined to participate as the chance for extreme temperatures will be much lower. Kudos!

  9. I have already marked this date on my calendar. I know the fall date may be an issue for some but hopefully they will be able to attend on one of the days. I know I will prefer an October date over a July date in Iowa.

  10. Could you please do the photo walk when there isn’t a major conference going on? Adobe MAX 2011 is set for October 1-5 and I’m sure that there are a lot of people attending it that would hate to miss the walk. I couldn’t go last year and was looking forward to it this year, but I’ll be at MAX. October is a great month for the walk, but let’s just avoid the MAX weekend. :-)

  11. Sounds great.

    That weekend is the Labour Day Long Weekend in New South Wales, Australia so it’s perfect.

    It’s nice time in terms of the weather too; mid’ish spring here in Australia …

  12. Just seconding Gary’s request – a lot of Photoshop users, people on the Photoshop team, user group managers, and the like will be attending Adobe MAX that weekend, so it’s really not a great time. I think moving the walk to the fall is a good idea, but PLEASE don’t have it that weeekend!

  13. Great stuff! A photo walk in the fall, right during the time of the Flambé de Couleurs – the fall colours, when the forests are on fire here in Quebec!

    As one who organized a very successful WWPW with some 50 participants here in Montreal (“Vieux Port”) on July 18, 2009 this would be perfect timing for me, as I have other commitments this summer.

    Look forward to it! Keep us posted!

    Frederic in Montréal

  14. As the leader of the Kissimmee walk the last two years, I can tell you that folks will be happy not walking around in the summer heat in Florida. Great idea. Two days? Will work for some, might create some logistical problems. But I’m sure the organization can handle it.

  15. Looking forward to my first walk (with my bad knees and all!!!). Hopefully the web site will be updated soon to keep everyone informed.

    I can’t believe I already have dates in my calendar out to November.

    Should be fun!

  16. I was at the Tarpon Springs walk last year with you (and with Brad in Tampa the year before) and even tho both were in the morning it was VERY hot. October sounds like a great time. Looking foward to walking again this year.

  17. It can get REALLY cold sometimes, in New York by October. I understand moving it from July as it was very hot the day that I participated. October may work for those of you who live in the tropics but its not such a great time for those of us in the Northeast. Also, the fall brings brutal schedules for many people, myself included. I would rather see the dates in late spring/early summer for 2012 if possible.

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