Shooting in the Snow, and a Cool Video from Larry for Photographers

Greetings from the Pittsburgh Marriott Airport hotel, where I’m getting ready to hit the sack after shooting the Steelers vs Jets game at Heinz field earlier today (of course, by the time you read this, I’m probably already home, since I had a 7:00 am flight this morning).

I’ll have all the details on the game tomorrow, and some shots as well, but at game time, it was around 25° F, and it snowed the entire game, so I did want to share an iPhone photo (above) of what my rental car looked like after the game (I started scraping the ice off, then I stopped to take this shot. Being from Florida, I’m not sure I’ve ever scraped ice). ;-)

In the meantime, I want to share the video below with you from my buddy Larry Becker, who runs the new “” blog, and has one of the most popular segments on our free weekly show D-Town TV.

Larry is an expert (and I’m using the term “expert” here as a synonym for “totally obsessed”), on saving money on photography gear through a series of clever buys, DIY projects, and basically sidestepping the most painful parts of photography (the high costs) with some brilliant workarounds. Check it out below (Note: Larry posts videos like this every week, along with articles, reviews, and other cool stuff):

  1. Great tip thanks scott, ( and Larry )

    We were -18 last night in Ireland 3foot of snow and airports
    And travel has come to a stand still.
    All our sport is cancelled it’s so bad.

    Merry Christmas Scott
    Thanks for another great year of posts

  2. Back to tips, you’ve talked about what to do with a dslr and lenses in rain to protect it, but how about extended time in freezing snow? When dinosaurs played in the snow special internal care was needed, but how about now when the dinosaurs have the cameras?

  3. Larry’s video — there is only one comment: Only in America :-) I guess you just can’t imagine how weird the idea of carrying round class 1 firearms seems to us in Britain. The meta-message of looking beyond the labeled purpose works nicely though.

    Have a good flight back, hope the airport is open for departures. 10*F here

  4. Larry’s video is trully awesome!! I need o get a handgun case right now! (or even a handgun! hummmm, no, bad idea)

    I’m looking forward for the snow/game/snowgame photos, I always have problems shooting in the snow, I never seem to manage to catch all the feel of the moment (of course, I only have a D90 with kit lenses…).

    I know you have weather sealed bodies, but what about us poor small time photographers, do you have any tips on protecting gear from snow (I’ll understand if you don’t, I mena, you are from Florida. But I’m from Brazil, so I should know even less than you about cold…)

    1. Hi Pedro: A number of guys literally had a towel over their lenses at the game, but the snow wasn’t so bad that I even worried about it. Every couple of series, I’d just blow the snow off the top of my lens and camera.

      Snow did start to build up a bit in the lens hood of my 400mm, so every once in a while I’d tip it over and let the snow fall out.

      I did carry an extra battery, because (a) I didn’t have a full charge on the battery in my main camera, and (b) in cold weather your battery life lessens, but even with that, I never had to change batteries.

      Happy Holidays,


    2. For some of us who can’t afford a Halliburton, the handgun case works well. My 4 gun Plano case (also can be padlocked) carries a Nikon with battery grip, a 18-105, a 70-300, and a 600 flash after cut outs. Only problem an experienced thief might see it as a firearms theft. As a knife collector as well, another case holds my Blackjack collection (locked) as they are too sharp to let any newbie to handle.

  5. Awesome! You were in my hometown. Can’t wait to see some shots! Did you get a chance to have a Pirmanti’s sandwich? Good eats!

    Hope the flight back was good!

    Interesting tip from Larry.

  6. Exactly Andrew – re Larrys video. It made me chuckle when he suggested a hand-gun case, given they are banned in the UK – thats the hand-guns – to be honest Im not sure the cases are banned but I think you’d get some pretty funny responses asking for one in a shop! ;)
    Can we have a UK-friendly version of this Top Tip Larry??

    1. I have a nice aluminium ‘briefcase’ courtesy of mail-order from Staples (That’s Office Depot for American readers) which works very well — the document flaps in the lid are good for gels and the depth otherwise is just right with a layer of that heavy foam roll one gets in camping shops.

  7. Scott
    Look forward to seeing your images from the game but, please, dont give the result away! Due to the time difference here in the UK, I taped the game as it shown live in the middle of the night and havnt had the chance to watch it yet.

    Taped the Dolphins/Bears game a few weeks ago but didnt bother to watch it after reading your blog!



  8. Scott:

    Can’t wait to see your football shots in the snow! Although if you wanted “real” snow pictures, you should have been at the Bears/Patriots game the week before! :D And I watched that whole game live….wish I knew you were on the sidelines! Would have kept my eye out for you!

    Did you catch my post on your Facebook page about the HBO documentary “Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers”? Fascinating stuff and very inspiring (I’m sure it is being replayed). Shows that people can do the most amazing things, even if they are considered disabled. You should have one of the people profiled be a guest blogger!!


  9. Hi Scott,
    I’m a NAPP member, and a parent of a child with cancer. I love what you guys did with the Help-Portrait organization a couple weeks ago, great stuff. I’d like for you to do something else truly meaningful someday, and that’s capturing some of these kids and their families at a children’s hospital. I know it’s tough emotionally, but these families need their stories told. You can start nearby at St. Joeseph’s in Tampa. I found this on youtube and I know you and your team could pull off something like this.
    PS: I’m also a big fan of your goofy stuff too…just so ya know

  10. Great tip, Larry! I love the SB600s too! And a dedicated case for your beloved lighting gear for $20?!!! Camera gear is by necessity expensive, because, well, they need your money. I’d suggest to Scott that he pay you more, but then that would be a Catch 22!

  11. I’m blessed (my wife thinks cursed) with two long time hobbies – photography and handgun sports. No sir, no cheap hobbies for me :) Call me funny but I transport handguns in my hand gun cases and camera gear in camera cases. Security wise it may be a trade off. A pistol case like that is relatively cheap but to me it telegraphs “guns inside” to others and may put you up to a bit more scrutiny from the criminal element. Guns or photo gear, if they steal it the return on their investment is still pretty good. Just a thought. Good idea still.

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