On Monday I had posted a visual tour of our headquarters here in Florida, with photos taken by my buddy RC Concepcion (link), and I saw a number of comments from people who wanted to see the other parts of the company (like my office, for example) and people that we didn’t have photos for, so I asked RC if he might head out yesterday, camera in hand, to pick-up some of the people and places we didn’t get to see on Monday. Here we go:

Above: This is where our book and magazine editors live. We had to give them their own special area after they staged a small uprising several years ago in which two guards were injured. That’s Chris Main walking around. You saw his picture on Monday but he wasn’t wearing his Star Trek crew shirt in that photo.

Above: This is one section of our warehouse, and here we store everything from tradeshow booths, to books, to back magazine issues, DVDs, and numerous palettes of Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix (the 40 oz. size).

Above: This is our Shipping Dept., and when orders come in, everything being shipped that day comes from the warehouse over to this room to be processed, packaged, and sealed with a kiss. (I usually close my eyes during that last part).

Above: This is John from our Shipping Department, and one of the hardest working guys in the building, yet he always has a great attitude. He’s been with us for years, and every time I walk back there I shout out “JOHN!” He always gives me a big smile back and yells back “Hey Scott!” but after all these years he really probably wants to actually yell back, “Scott! Shut up!”

Above: Here’s a shot of my office, down in building 2 (affectionately known as “124” around here). I have an office in both buildings (they’re on the same street), but I spend most of my time down here, because Matt (seen with the laptop here), Dave, Corey, Larry, RC, Kathy, Brad, Ronni, the whole video crew, and a lot of other great folks are all down here. I keep a Fender Strat and amp in my office just to make sure I’m not overly productive. I’m playing Foghat’s “Slow Ride” here, but don’t worry—I have the volume on my amp set pretty low.

Above: This is my other office, the more corporate looking one, down at our Main Building (otherwise known as “333” to our crew). I keep a Fender Telecaster and an amp here to annoy the graphics dept. (they’re just outside my door). The monitor mounted on my wall is there because people got tired of coming behind my desk to see things I was showing them on my laptop.

Above: This is Ronni’s office (and Christmas wonderland), and Ronni is one of my favorite people. She handles our printing and magazine distribution, among many other things, and she’s incredibly good at her job. Ronni’s the first person I see at the office each morning as she’s got the first office in the door, and she has the greatest smile, and the best attitude. Ronni rocks!

Above: This is a hallway between the two sides of building 333 (our main building), and we have a mini-gallery here where we put our own images and images photographers have given us as gifts. A lot of my student’s images from workshops have been proudly displayed here as well.

Above: This is Kleber, who runs Kelby Training (both the live tours and the online training), and I can only guess that’s why he has an office roughly three times the size of mine. He’s got a really important job, and he and his team are just fantastic (plus, he’s got a wall map. They would never give me a wall map).

Above: This is Mike, and although he’s in the editing/publishing side of our business, he doesn’t live with the other editors. He has his own swanky office that is, once again way bigger than mine. I’m not sure I’m really enjoying this tour of our headquarters.

Above: This is Todd in our IT department, and if our computers mess up, he (a) comes and fixes them, and (b) then he yells us at and tells us it was all our fault it messed up in the first place. None of this is true, of course, but it helps propagate existing stereotypes about IT guys (totally kidding, Todd).

Above: This is a rare sight indeed—an Editor actually at her desk. I don’t know why we give them desks, because they’re never there. Editor’s prefer to hang out at Chili’s Restaurant, and at any given time during the work day, you can find five or six of them there with a big basket of Chips & Salsa. That’s Cindy—she’s a Technical Editor, so when I write stuff, she has to test it to see if what I wrote actually works. If it doesn’t work, she has me meet her at Chili’s where she yells at me over Chips & Salsa.

Above: This is part of our Web department, and back in the back is Tommy’s office, the Web big cheese (you saw him, well the top part of him, on Monday). His office is huge. I don’t want to talk about it.

Above: This is Justin on our Web team. Totally cool guy, and a serious musician. He left for a while to go on tour with his band, and when the tour was over, he came back to work. Do we let everybody go on tour like this? Nope. But Justin is that good that we were thrilled to have him back. Plus, I have great respect for anybody who brings their guitar to work. It’s also refreshing to find anyone in this building with an office that’s not bigger than mine.

Above: This is a part of our Customer Service department, and if you call in on the phone, these are the great folks you talk to. Although the colors look like the rest of our offices, they’re actually located in Mumbai, India. I’m totally kidding, but I had you there for a minute, didn’t I?

Above: This is Eddie in our graphics department. He’s the new guy, and a really talented designer, but I’m especially proud to share this image of Eddie because day before yesterday, Eddie became an American Citizen. Way to go, Eddie!!!! Now, if we could just get Dave Cross to defect….

Above: I wish you could see Margie’s face in this photo because she’s another one of my very favorite people. She is an absolutely, off-the-hook, brilliant graphic designer, and I’m constantly amazed at the creative stuff she comes up with. I feel very fortunate to have Margie designing for us. Besides her design work, she is just a wonderful person.

Above: This is Brandon, the “new guy” in our video department, and here he’s pretending to be editing video, but I happen to know that he secretly outsources all his editing tasks to a guy overseas who puts together videos for $1.20 an hour. Brandon was recently voted “Most likely to run a major airline. Or HP.”  (Kidding).

Above: This is where some of the video crew work (the others have private offices. Don’t get me started), but we must have turned up the lights in there for this shot, because they normally like to keep it dark and romantic. Plus, they play a lot of Johnny Mathis music and Barry White. They also have the department with the highest birth rate.

Well gang, there you have it. There are still a lot of people missing that I would have loved to share with you, but it’s hard to keep everybody there during the day because we have a Cracker Barrel restaurant nearby. ;-)

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. JUST WONDERING: When are you going to fix the “DAVE CROSS ONLINE” link. My guess is it may be devilishly intentional!

  2. I’m not sure who’s enjoying this series more, us or you. I’m also trying to figure out where I’d fit in around your office. Clearly, I have the makings of an editor, because I, too, could live at Chili’s and sometimes even pick up chips & salsa to go. Maybe the video dept., though, because of the whole birth rate thing…

    Thanks for the laugh. Tell RC to catch Dianne next time. She’s who I talk to in customer service. :)

  3. Scott,

    I’m surprised you haven’t numbered one of your offices 007.

    Just a thought. :D

  4. Boy would I love to work there. Any open positions :D

  5. Do you have internship positions during the summer?

    If your company is half as awesome as you make it looks like, I just found my first choice for summer internships…

  6. Cool office Scott but I would miss the daylight once in a while.

  7. awesome … i’d wish i had a work area like you :) Any open positions ? ;)

  8. If I decided to work with you guys, :-) can I bring my ukelele to work too?

  9. You guys already have the workplace of tomorrow: color, creativity, flexibility, diversity . . . nirvana!

  10. Scott,

    Love all the photos around your offices. Couple of questions…

    1) Are they A2 prints hanging in your office or another size?

    2) Would it be possible for a short course on Kelby Training looking at showcasing your prints, e.g. ideas for matting layouts for different sizes or multiple image layouts, frame suggestions etc. I know there’s some great services but a lot of us like to do our own thing.



    • Hi Scott:
      (1) I think they are A2 sized (they are 17″x22″ US size).

      (2) I think that would be a great idea. I did something like it at Photoshop World, in a class called “How to Show Your Work” so I could do a version of that, but I’d need to add more about framing and stuff like that. Great suggestion!! (by the way; my next class on Kelby Training is “Photoshop for Travel Photographers.” :)

      Happy Holidays,


      • Scott,

        Thanks for that.

        I always get confused with working out how much matt to allow or how to work out spacing for multiple apertures.

        I’ve used a few bits from the UK tour already for some prints but any tips are always helpful.

        Look forward to the new class going live and Happy Holidays to all at NAPP.

        Best Wishes,


  11. So when is the open house Scott? =) If I buy one of your or Matt’s book, can I get it autographed if I pick it up at the HQ?

    • Absolutely! :-) (I’m speaking for Matt here, of course, but he’s always happy to sign a book. Especially since he just got through signing a literally a few thousand—he’s in good practice). :)


  12. First of all, congratulations to Eddie!

    Love the tour of HQ, Scott. It looks like a very cool place to work (and I know “work” really does happen there). Glad to see the customer service department. On the rare occasion I have had to call, their assistance has been stellar.

  13. Scott, could you please weAr lipstick next time you kiss my shipment good-bye??? ;)

  14. I want to work at Kelby Headquarters. Resume is in the mail:)

  15. It’s evident you appreciate the people who have help build such a quality organization.
    My hats off to your leadership and ability to surround yourself with such dedicated visionaries that enable people such as I to have the opportunity to learn from some of the industries best. Even though I’m not an employee, your look into your organization sorta makes me feel as though I’m part of it. Thanks for sharing!

  16. One word. Jealous. As I sit here in a government building with no windows staring at a big air handler, off white walls under punishing flourescent lighting. A purple and red wall would do my soul good.

  17. I have always thought that you lead the coolest life, and now I am even more convinced. What a wonderul work environment. I am not talking about offices….but you can even tell by these photos that everyone works hard and has a ton of fun….what a way to spend a career.

    • Hi Al:
      Although I do love our buildings, it’s the people inside that are “Kelby Media Group,” and I feel very blessed that we have such an amazing team. There is a palpable buzz in the building each day, and I think it comes from two things: (1) We hire great people and give them lots of latitude to do their jobs, and when they have that much freedom, they’ll do amazing things all on their own. And (2) they know how much we value them and how important they are to our success. :)

      Happy Holidays,


  18. Thanks for sharing these photos Scott! Very impressive office and I like the unique color schemes.

    Soo… where do I apply to come work with you? :)

  19. Scott,

    Is that a ’52 Reissue Tele in your other office?

  20. Hey Scott

    I dig the overhead lighting in your “333” office. Great way to highlight the photos.

  21. Scott-
    I do believe your grocery list would make entertaining reading. Your writing style and sense of humor are a rare pleasure to read. Thank you!

  22. Looks much bigger from the inside. I was there when you were closed and took a fanboy tour of the parking lot with all the recognizable nametags. The constant rattle of machineguns was annoying, but it was a rental.

  23. Quite the empire you have built…Congrats in all the success you have achieved through the years. You guys totally rock!

  24. Scott:

    Love the second round of pictures! Thanks, RC! It just occurred to me that in both buildings, no one has a window! Is that by design, or is that to keep Dave C. thinking he is still working in Canada?

    On Halloween, do you change the numbering on your “333” office to “666”? :D I agree with Andrew above….your other office should be numbered “007”. Then it would tie in nicely to a Bond spoof in an upcoming PSW!

    Have a great weekend!


    • Hi John:
      There actually are windows, and some of the offices in front of both buildings have floor to ceiling glass, which offers a wonderful view of our parking lot. ;-)

      However, these offices are in industrial warehouse space, and we’re all working on monitors all day long, so by in large, it’s an indoor space. We are in Florida, and we do give our employees a break so they can visit Chilil’s, which has lots of natural light. ;-)



  25. Oucheewawa! I had no idea Kelby Media Group was so large! What…a…COOL office!

    Ii’d chop off both arms to work there…well…no, I wouldn’t, but would love to work in such a terrific place like yours.

    Here’s a photo that looks similar to my office (tehe):



  26. Fun to see your work place. Looks like a fun place with a lot of great people. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi Scott!

    I have always imagined your building as cool as it is. It’s really cool the way you talk about every one who works with you and for you. I’m planing to go to US next year and wondering if I could go visit all of you in Kelby Media Group. I would love to meet you guys in person and shake your hands! May I ??
    By the way, I’m from Brazil…

    Please never stop teaching us!! Cheers

  28. I have always said that if my husband and I divorce (very unlikely), I am moving to Tampa and working for NAPP. Or you could open an office in between DC and Baltimore (help me out here Jeff).

  29. Scott,

    A month or two ago I reminisced and maybe even complained a bit about how much I missed your “old” blogging style and what attracted me to your blog everyday.

    I must cofess, now seeing your behing the scenes headquarters, my expectations are simply not reasonable. Clearly you have a huge organization to run and any time you are able to spend here is a luxury and not a right for us avid readers and fans.

    So, please accpept my mea culpa and thanks for the personal investment you make in this blog. It does and will likely continue to be a daily resbite for me.


  30. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for sharing these! Your office really looks great and I can see the creative juices flowing from there.

    I wish that someday I can work for you… not just because of the office, but because of what your company does :)


  31. Scott,

    I would love to work for a company like yours. Seems like you treat every one of your employees with respect, and that’s great! Very cool to see the headquarters! It gives us NAPP members a little more insight. NAPP is such a great program. I don’t know what I would do without it man. It has truly changed my life. It helps keep the inspiration flowing. Your 7-Point System for Photoshop CS3 is where it all started for me. My girlfriend bought it for me for christmas that year it came out. That’s how I know she’s a keeper ;) Take care bud, have a fantastic weekend!

  32. Yeah, Ronni rocks. Nice office and she looks like a cute girl.

  33. Hey Scott, head on over to the Fstoppers web site to see a video of Joe McNally photographing the guy changing the light bulb on top of the Empire State building for National Geographic. I think you will really enjoy it.

  34. Foghat should never be played at low volume.

  35. These photos brought back memories! I worked at Kelby Media Group in editorial as managing editor back in 2006 before resigning to teach as a college professor. That place is one of the awesomest workplaces to be a part of. The team there works hard but also has fun (work your butt off from 8-12, joke around at chili’s during lunch, work butt off again from 1-5, with perhaps a 10 minute break for bowling with plastic pins with Felix Nelson right behind Chris Main’s chair lol). And also those guys are as nice as they seem on their podcast, Matt, Dave, Scott, etc., are all really that great, it’s not a put-on or facade.

    Hilarious wit in these comments Scott. It made for a good laugh today. :-) Chad

  36. Hey Scott

    Offices look great. I am amazed at how big they are. I wanted to call and ask to see them while I was on assignment in Tampa back in October but I couldn’t get away, besides I think you were in New York that week filming another day with Jay Maisel

  37. Holy crap, way bigger than I expected! How do your customer relations people stay so nice with me when I call? They must be so busy. One brought tears to my eyes they were so kind and generous.
    Thanks, your team rocks.
    Ps, who was in charge of color? Decorator? Some one on the team? I like it.

  38. So cool to see behind the walls of the big corporate office… Looks like a fun place to work :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  39. I’d love to work for your company too, Scott. But not sure about Florida. :) I do have a custom made guitar that you might drool over so I think I have a pretty good chance of getting hired.

    In all seriousness, I am amazed by your humulity for not having the largest office. 99% of the bosses/CEOs would claim the largest office in the best locations decorated with expensive furnitures. That says a lot about who you are.

  40. Hey Scott,
    Great office shots. If the wife and I ever make it to Tampa to visit her aunt, I’m coming by for a tour. I hope I can count on you to tour me around. If we don’t make it before September, then I’ll see you in Vegas.
    Take Care,
    PS Received the Layers 2 book today. Tell Matt thanks for the signature!

  41. Hey Scott,

    Love the tour. Looks like an awesome place to work.

    Could you shed some light on the method you have used to mount your pictures in the “124” office? It’s a cool method that seems to allow you to quickly change out shots as you want.


  42. I am not one that usually comments on blogs, but I just have to say, Scott, that you are like the Oprah of the photoraphy and graphic design world. Every day you teach me so much through your blog, your books, your videos, and your excellent training. And yet, I feel like I know you and would have hung out with you if I met you in college. Like many others have said it would be my dream to work on your team. I am thankful for your leadership, your gifts, and your vision and how they have touched my life. Thanks for all you and your awesome team do…it makes a difference!

  43. Hey Scott,
    Who picks the paint colors down there. I want them to come do our place up here.

    Thanks for the tour.

  44. I had the honor of spending a few days at Kelby central earlier this year and I can tell you the place is every bit as cool as these photos suggest. More importantly, this little photo montage reminded me of all the very kind, friendly, happy and talented people I met while I was there. It’s rare to go into a work environment where people walk around with great big grins on their face everyday – but that’s what I saw when I was there. To a person – everyone I met seemed to actually be thrilled to be at work. And yes I did see plenty of hard work going on. But it was evident people there loved their jobs – and their boss – I’m glad to see everyone getting a glimpse of what I saw in person. It brought back fond memories. Thanks for sharing Scott.

  45. Fantastic to see all these ‘behind the scenes’ and get to put faces to names. That’s quite a team you’ve built up there Scott; I gotta ask…did you ever believe it would get to this?

    Every bit deserved for all the hard work you guys tirelessly put out to help us all because I for one am under no illusion that had it not been for the NAPP and Kelby Training, I wouldn’t have grown my business and be on track to the stage I’m at now. I’m by no means where I want to be but then I’m sure neither are you so it’s great to know the high quality training, DVD’s, Books, Kelby Training Classes, Seminars and so on and going to be there too.

    Thanks again and thanks for the BTS photos.

  46. Man, how does he do it all? The books, the videos, the football games, the blog, the Telecaster, the kids, the house, all while keeping a razor-sharp sense of humor….that’s it, I am now a total Scott Kelby groupie.

  47. Ah! Loving your work and having fun while doing it……
    I know your a grateful man, which is why your staff feels appreciated.

    Have a great holiday and may all your loved ones and staff do so as well!

  48. Gee, I would think such artistic people wouldn’t be affraid of a little COLOUR!…..;’ )

  49. It looks like a really cool place to work. It’s colourful, bright and chirpy!

  50. Lovely. Good to see more of the studio. Your write up is amazing :)

  51. Hey Scott

    The office looks ace. Loving the different coloured walls and the photos around the office.

  52. Nice guitar. I need to get that setup for my office. Check out the fender mustang I amp. I just got one for my birthday, very cool…

  53. Hi Scott, I’m sure you don’t know me yet, but you’ll hear from me more in the future. I’m a Photoshop guy from Iran, far from you on map, but very close to you on internet. to tell you the truth, your office and your work area is really amazing, this is what I have always had in my dream. I really wish to be there. Thank you for your video tutorials, thanks for everything, I’m counting down days to visit you soon in Iran.

    Have fun,

  54. Awesome layout, office furniture, color schemes, the whole shabang!

    You do need to get a Les Paul and Marshall stack to mix it up a bit though. ;)

  55. Pretty cool. Any idea what kind of desk that is in your office at 333? I like the multilevel effect.

  56. your anecdotes are hilarious! awesome looking office!

  57. Great office space.

    I think the fun colors look like it creates a fun creative environment.

    Do you notice any issues with the colored walls affecting design work? It looks like the dimmer work lights probably alleviate color cast on computer displays?

    Thanks for sharing.

  58. Hi,

    Wow, what a cool office set up. Quick question: in Scott’s office, there are some pictures hanging from clips on a rail system; where can you get that set up? Thanks. Have a great new year.


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  60. That was the funniest tour I’ve ever been on! Thanks Scott!!

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