Unexpected “Kinda Guest Blog Wednesday” With Joe McNally and Me!

How’s that for a headline? I had actually announced that today would be a “holiday no-guest blog,” but then Nikon just released a 15-minute video as part of their NPS (Nikon Professional Services) Pros Spotlight series, where Joe and I discuss a wide range of photography topics, and Joe is as funny as he is insightful. There is no “interviewer” per se–it’s just Joe and I, and we go back and forth discussing the topics, and it was a lot of fun (which, of course, describes any interaction with Joe).

We talk about everything from our favorite lens to what we see happening in camera technology to our backgrounds in photography, and much more.

Here’s the link. Hope you guys enjoy it.


P.S. I apparently was having a bad “hair mousse” day when this was shot, which diminished my usual on-screen beauty by 12 to 15%, so adjust your eyes properly.

    A great finale for 2010.
    Allow me just to take a moment to thank all of you for all the inspiration and good laughs received during this past year. All he best for 2011.
    rui lopes

  2. Scott, I think the mousse looks quite well on you. Well, the hair anyway. You just got carried away with it, I think, when you put it, you know, all over. Gave the lighting guy a lot of problems with the hits and reflections. For my part, I once again reaffirm my career choice, one in which, blessedly, my mug has remained, for the most part, behind the camera, not in front of it. :-)

  3. Scott, you guys rock! You should do a regular show together…maybe something through that outfit in Florida, hmmm, what’s it called…oh yeah, Kelby Media. They make some great online video programs, you should check into that. Who knows, once you guys become better known you might be invited to appear on camera with those iconic guru’s of photoshoppery, Matt Kloskowski and Dave Cross.

    All tomfoolery aside, thanks, Scott and Joe, you guys are an inspiration to us all.

  4. Very nice, Scott and Joe! You two just make me want to go out and shoot .. shoot and shoot! Lots of good knowledge and information in this video! I’m going to have to watch it a few more times.

    Thanks guys and have a very Happy New Year!


  5. What can you say that was excellent 2 guys with a passion for what they do and with a passion for sharing great video wishing you both a Happy and prosperous New year.

  6. What a great conversation! Loved the comments on aggressive editing and the thoughts on where the craft is evolving. Also loved the dialogue around the community and I’m truly grateful that the community is so open to sharing.

  7. The thing that I usually find most interesting is that photographers don’t talk so much about photography in videos like this one. Instead, you see that they’re both businessmen and they spend more time talking about the business. All good and useful stuff, but it shows me which aspect seems to have more of a draw in the conversation.

    1. Hi William:
      I just read an interview last week with a successful photographer and in the interview he was lamenting that to be successful in this day and age, he spends 90% of his time on the marketing and selling aspects (the business side), and only 10% of his time shooting. Shooting is easy and getting easier every day, thanks to technology. Plus, shooting is fun. However, making a living as a photographer these days can be really, really tough, so at some point the conversation usually winds up there.


      1. I liked this segment because it was less like an interview and more like I was listening in on two friends at the dinner table sharing their thoughts. Interesting conversation because you are both talented successful guys and are honest with each other. Should be a new series with a beer in hand and comfortable chairs. The Kelby Tapes.

  8. Scott,

    I just started photography a few years ago. I’ve learned so much from you in the past month since finding your blog and training. Just wanted to say thanks!

  9. Scott:
    Every weekday, the first blog I check is yours. Today, I clicked on my desktop link to your blog and quickly remembered that you said “no guest blog” for today! Was I surprised to see a post, and not just any post! You and Joe talking photography? Now that is a late Xmas present, for sure! Cripes, you guys could take turns reading the phonebook and I would be interested.

    Thanks for all the informative posts this year, Scott! I have learned a lot from you and your team at Kelby Media. Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

    Just a thought…I don’t know if you plan on any more blog posts this year, but if you do, how about one on your thoughts about the past year’s events and posts that you remember well, as well as your goals and projects for 2011?

    Take care,


  10. Scott:

    12-15%?? I’d say more like 25-27% hahahahaha. The video is awesome, I really had no idea you were also a photographer Scott!!!

    Great video, and I don’t think that you talked a lot about business, you talked about photography, and feeling, and cameras, all that is important.

    As an amateur that recently got his first camera, I really apreciate this “wisdom bits” from the “pros”, I’ve lerned more with your blog and your books than with my university newspaper’s photo editor, because he only shares his “secrets” with a few chosen ones.

    Thank you Scott.

    Pedro Vasconcellos

  11. You guys are great and fun to watch! I’m really glad that you have coaxed Joe to start doing the blog, books, workshops. You’re both just great, positive, creative people and that fact that you are giving back (even if you’re making money at it) is just great karma!

  12. I really enjoyed this. I check both blogs every day (sometimes even more, hoping there are more updates). I think the aspect I enjoy the most is that not only are both of you enormously talented, you are also great guys. I suspect that much of your success is because of your personalities and people skills. There are a lot of talented photographers that I would not want to spend 5 mins with………you two, I cna’t get enough.

    On my bucket list to get to meet you both…… keep it coming….

  13. Scott,

    Thanks for sharing this. What a fantastic ‘no-blog’ Wednesday surprise! Both you and Joe are great photographers. Joe has so many iconic photos and he really knows how to make those photos evoke feeling and thought (as well as sometimes fear for how he managed to get that shot).

    I really appreciate how you both are so willing to share your knowledge and insights into how to be a better photographer.

  14. I first met Joe this past September at the Photo Safari at Photoshop World. He & Moose Peterson put on a seminar that was completely mind blowing in my mind. Here these two monuments of the trade were literally telling us their secrets. I learned so much that day. In fact, I still have yet to put it all to practice yet. I have already paid for the same Photo Safari at next Septmber’s Photoshop World.
    If anyone who reads this has not had the opportunity to attend a Photoshop World on either the East or West coast, you really should. And, a precon is an absolute must. No, Scott Kelby isn’t paying me to say this.
    Michael Reeves

  15. Interesting video…your collective take on the still/video convergence and how you have to be “more than a photographer” anymore is spot on. Many have touched on it, and made vague references to it, but none really addressing it head-on as you two have done here.

    The audio was a bit low – on my MBP I had the volume cranked and still had to lean in to hear it all…

  16. Nice start of 2011 with this video for me!
    this could be a nice extra for dtowntv, you talking with various photographers/editors/graphic designers about the life and works in photography.

    the kelby tapes, great name!

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