Well my friends, it’s the last Pimpy Thursday of 2010, so I’m a bit melancholy as I write this…OK, not really, because I’ve got some end-of-year pimpiness that is just bursting with calcium, niacin, and 12 other essential vitamins.

> My “Photo Recipes Live 2: Behind the Scenes Lighting DVD” is now in-stock!!!
It’s a Christmas miracle—Amazon & Barnes & Noble both have my new DVD, which takes you on location, and behind the scenes for a whole series of portraits where you see the entire process from scratch, including settings, equipment—the works. The DVD also comes with an accompanying mini-book that works in conjunction with the DVD and adds to it as well. Volume 1 was a smash-hit, and I think this one takes it up another notch, so I hope you’ll check it out at either Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com. Feel the love! (Not sure what that means).

> My Books are now available on Apple’s iBooks Store (for iPad & iPhone)
It’s taken a while, but they’re finally there—everything from my Digital Photography Book, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, to my Lightroom, to my Photoshop for Digital Photographers. Just launch the iBook app on your iPad or iPhone, tap the Search button, type in Scott Kelby, and my books will appear in a flourish like a beautiful peacock displaying her green, brown, and grey plumage (Man, I shouldn’t be writing blog posts while I’m half-asleep).

> Jeff Revell’s new book on Exposure is available now!
My buddy Jeff, from PhotoWalkPro.com, and the guy behind the whole “From Snapshots to Great Shots” Series of books from Peachpit Press, has penned a new book that’s just hitting stores now and this time rather than being camera-specific, the entire book is dedicated to teaching you exposure (and teaching it in a way you can really understand). You can get yours at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com, or wherever books on exposure are sold (stop snickering).

> USA Today includes Lightroom 3 in their favorite products of the year!
Jefferson Graham, who writes the Technology column for USA Today with Ed Baig, and is an accomplished photographer in his own right, had a great article in USA Today about why Lightroom 3 was one of his picks for favorite products of 2010. Definitely worth a read for anyone on the fence—here’s the link.

> Our Kelby Training app for the iPad is…..
….still not here. I hate to keep saying the same thing over and over again (We’re still tweaking it and converting thousands of videos to iPad format), but “We’re still tweaking it and converting thousands of videos to iPad format.” Believe me, nobody’s more anxious than me to get his App out (I’m an iPad freak myself, and would love to watch our training on my iPad), and although I really wanted to release it for you guys as a Holiday gift, it just doesn’t look like it’s in the cards until after the 1st, so…….rats. Just know, as soon as I hear the release date, you’ll be the first to know.

> I know I’m light on the Pimpy today…
….but I’m big on the sleepy, so I’m hitting the sack. I taped (and I’m not exaggerating) 60+ videos today. I’ll have all the details soon, but I think it’s going to help a lot of people (only 40+ more to go!). :)

Have a great Pimpy day everybody, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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