Another Day with Jay Maisel LIVE Debut!

Hey gang, Brad here with a quick reminder about tonight’s one-time-only free public showing of Another Day with Jay Maisel.

We’re kicking things off at 6:00pm Eastern (which is only hour away) over at We have Jay Maisel here in the studio answering your questions alongside Scott Kelby during the webcast. You can send in your questions via the Twitter hashtag #AskJay or on the live chat.

You’ll also want to tune in for info on a special $20 discount for annual subscriptions to Kelby Training! The discount will only be good between 6:00pm – 10:00pm Eastern tonight, and it’s online only, so make sure you watch so you can take advantage of this very limited-time offer!

And, just to follow up on some questions from Scott’s blog post earlier today… The Phase One 645 DF and Leaf Aptus-II 80MP Digital Back Scott was shooting with during the NYC fashion shoot last week is courtesy of the fine folks over at Capture Integration! They have all kinds of great gear available for purchase or rent, so definitely check them out :)

  1. Wow! What an incredible experience, Scott. Thank you for bringing Jay Maisel to our living rooms. I was glued to my computer screen for three hours. I’ve never really been interested in street photography but Jay’s photos evoke an emotion that pulls you into the moment. His photographs are truly timeless and his tribute to The World Trade Center was extremely touching. Thank you and thank Adam for this amazing documentary.

  2. That was fantastic, I didn’t catch the 1st hour but I’ll watch again through KT. You really did yourselves proud. Truly epic. Directors cut, oh yeah. Double DVD with both films, absolutely. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this to us all.
    Really well done you guys.

    Best wishes from UK


  3. Scott, I’ve got a question: did Jay get model releases from the folks he took pictures of on the street? This is one thing that intimidates me about street photography – knowing when to ask for the release (under what conditions) and actually going up to them and asking for it.

  4. I was wondering why it is not available on Kelby Training tonight. I am a paid subscriber but missed the broadcast, and now I can’t see it at Kelby Training either.

  5. Hello Scott. Any chance you’d be willing to air this for us West Coast viewers of DTown?? I was at work when it aired :(. I know, I know, my work DOES get in the way of my photography!!

  6. I did not get to see Jay’s Webcast as I had to work the afternoon shift. But I can second the fine people at Capture Integration. They are a great group of people and bent over backwards for me. Scott you picked a fine group of people to work with there.

    Tom Q

  7. Well done to everyone that made that happen and the broadcast stream was really good too, probably the best live broadcast feed I’ve ever watched over the web.

    Aside from Jay’s “Pearls of Wisdom,” and his colourful rhetoric it was obvious the passion he has for making photographs and the vision he has.

    Thanks to Scott for making it happen and thanks to Adam for such an awesome video documentary.

    Oh and to echo the others… 2 disk directors cut with the first course as well please.


  8. It was a great evening! Made me want to be a photographer again.

    I agree “A Day with Jay in Paris” would be fine. And, of course, Scott as his sidekick (well, somebody’s gotta be kicked in the side). AND a KT subscriber, say one from Wyoming, maybe from my house. Yeah, I think that would work.


  9. What a wonderful training session. This should be mandatory training to anyone wanting to pursue photography.

    “Failure is Part of the Game”.
    “They don’t call it Trial and Success”
    “If you Always Succeed, you’re Not Trying Hard Enough”

    Thank you KelbyTraining for making this quality content available to the world.

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