Another Day with Jay Was Awesome!

Hi Gang: Thanks to everybody who was a part of last night’s very special event, the premiere of “Another Day with Jay Maisel”

Here are just a few of the comments I received right after it aired live last night (with Jay here in the studio with us taking questions live):

> Loved every min of the last 3 hrs spent with Jay Maisel & Scott Kelby…Thank You both so much. absolutely amazing and inspiring! Thank you Jay, great!

> Thank you for an inspiring, insightful and goose-bumpy afternoon! You and Jay are amazing!!!

> @ScottKelby who’d have thought you could top a day with Jay Maisel, fair play you managed it, great work guys!

> Wow Scott! You and Jay really hit a home run, my hat is off to you, Jay and Adam for the great work! It was worth the wait!

> Scott, the Jay Maisel webcast was fabulous. Kudos to you, Jay and Adam. I was inspired, educated and entertained! I didn’t want it to end.

> Really enjoyed Another Day With Jay Maisel. So inspiring! Thank you so much for making it available to everyone!

> The day with Jay Maisel was wonderful! The words loving, generous, and sweet come to mind. Thank you very much for this evening! So worth it.

> The Jay Maisel Webcast… Amazing!! One of the best interviews I have seen from Kelby Training. What an interesting, creative, and great artist. Thank you for sharing this with us… Your people did a great job with putting this all together.

> Fascinating look at a fascinating man. Now to join @KelbyTraining!

> Much thanks to @ScottKelby for that fantastic insight of another day with Jay Maisel! It’s pretty late right now, but it was well worth it.

> @ScottKelby is right. Jay Maisel’s legacy will live forever…

> Thank you @ScottKelby @JayMaisel and the entire team at @kelbytraining for a fantastic video “another day with Jay Maisel”…worth the wait

> Loving the @KelbyTraining @ScottKelby Another Day w/Jay Maisel, totally inspired

> Thanks for the show w/Jay. So wonderful to see into his life and work.

> Wonderful show tonight with You and Jay Maisel. Adam did a terrific job editing, words cannot describe! So FANTASTIC and so RE-inspiring. THANK YOU

> What a way to end the day! I can’t wait to get my cameras charged up. Living in NYC, I think I’ll see things in a whole new light!

> I can’t say thank you enough times..I loved the 3hrs spent with you and Jay Maisel

> Thanks for feeding my soul!

Jay was amazing because “Jay is Jay.” Adam Rohrmann (the director of the class) did an incredible job on the directing and editing, and it was just a very memorable and inspirational evening all the way around way.

(Above: here’s our crew on set right after the broadcast; from L to R: RC Concepcion, behind him live broadcast editor Daniel Bryant, assistant editor Meredith Pack, Brad “Braddo” Moore, that’s Jay in front [of course], powerful overlord of IT Paul Wilder in the back, and in the middle our director and editor Adam Rohrmann. Behind Adam, the head of our video team Erik Kuna, then me, then the International Ambassradess to France Nancy Masse, Cameraman Juan Alphonso, and Matt Kloskowski (just hanging out and soaking it all in).

Now, if we can just get Jay to do “A Day in Paris with Jay Maisel” we can do this all again. Viva le France!

  1. What a way to spend my birthday! 3 hours watching Jay and Scott was fantastic, thank you so much for making this available to everyone. Loved it.

  2. I had a commitment last night and couldn’t make it, but had assumed it was going to be on Kelby Training; it’d been advertised there as “Coming Soon” for quite a long while, but I now have the sense that it was a one time deal, and last night was the one time. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated; and if Jay IS going to have the 2nd class on KT, when will it be available? Thanks.

    1. It was one time only broadcast for free, but subscribers to Kelby Training will be able to see the Class on During the broadcast, there was a discussion of maybe putting together a “Director’s Cut” which included the Q&A portion of the broadcast with Jay, so you probably want to look for that as well.

      1. The class will be up on for subscribers later today. Also, iPad and iPhone access via the App should be up today as well…

  3. Hi Scott
    Thank you so much for this experience. I stayed up till 4.00 AM local time, just to watch the whole think. Jay is changed the way I see photography. I have some observations however if I may.
    I found very disturbing that it all was in black and white. I know, and I understand that it’s more suited for a documentary type of movie, but let me explain.
    The first movie was great. When i watched it, i felt like i’m truly part of the experience, because it was in color, it was more of a personal experience. It was MY day with Jay Maisel.
    The second one however, although tops the first one in every aspect, it’s more “cold” to me. It’s a great, fantastic documentary, don’t get me wrong, but nothing more. I feel like i’m not part of the whole thing, i’m just watching YOUR Day with Jay Maisel, as an outsider.
    Still, you and your crew did a fantastic job, these were just my observations with the movie, and how i felt about it.

    Thanks again, you guys are wonderfull
    Warm regards

  4. What a great team photo with Jay! Scott and team, great job with the class! Echoing everyone else’s comment… can’t say thank you enough for all the work you’ve put into this. Jay, thank you for sharing your life, your work with us in such a personal way. It was an incredible three hours!

    P.S. Loved seeing Brad in the video trying to stay out of the camera and act like someone on the street.

  5. Wow, what a night. Those verbal gems by Jay are wonderful. One of the true giants of our time. The “documentary style” of the video was great. The “house tour” was really special. This was not just a training video, this was a work of art in itself and a tribute to a special person. This video will be watched for years.

    At the same time Jay was on, the great guitarist Tommy Emmanuel was also live streaming from Nashville. Seeing Tommy Emmanuel perform live is on every guitar players “bucket list”.

    There are very few people in this world who are doing exactly what they were meant to do with their lives. Jay and Tommy are two of those people.

    Thank you Scott, Jay, and Tommy for overloading my senses in a single day! What a great day to be alive.

  6. It’s been said over and over (and over), but this truly was an awsome presentation! I’m glad my husband and 7-yr-old gave me a hall pass to watch it! :-) Thank you to everyone involved.

  7. Normally I don’t care much for B&W but after seeing the first “A day with Jay Maisel”, I found all of the colorful backgrounds taking my attention away from the main subject of the video. This second presentation was so fantastic in B&W, it kept my attention riveted on Jay and what he was doing and saying. He has such a common sense philosophy, every needs to see this video again and again.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks to Jay, Scott and the crew for a really amazing show, Being in Norway it had started to dawn before I went to bed, but it was totally worth it.
    Cant wait to see it again on Kelbytraining soon, just hope you make the editors cut with extra from the live show for those who missed…

  9. Scott:

    Thanks so much for making last night’s broadcast a reality and bringing it to the masses, if only for one time. I hooked up my laptop to my 46″ TV and then watched it with my 17-year old son (a budding photographer). It was a lot of fun to see “Another Day” through his eyes. He couldn’t stop talking about it! Even my wife sat down and watched the last 90 minutes with us, and documentary-style shows bore her to tears. Heck, I missed the first hour of the Bruins playoff game, too!! :D

    This was also the tipping point for me to become a Kelby Training subscriber, as well. I had a free months subscription from David Ziser’s tour last year, but never renewed afterwards. There has been so many classes added in the past few months that I couldn’t pass it up this time, especially with the one-night savings. But please….can you remove the vacuum hose from my wallet for a little bit??? :)

    Thanks again, and make sure Adam gets a little something extra for all of his hard work on this project. He deserves it! 8)


  10. I wonder if Paris will be possible for this kind of production with all of the restrictions do to French privacy laws :-( , but maybe A Day with Jay Maisel in Venice? or London? Bruges in Belgium is also an amazingly interesting and intimate city to photography in… You could make it Jay and Scott’s Excellent Adventure! ;-)

    Scott, is there any way that you can post an album of the stills that you took from your walk on that Day on your Facebook Page? You covered the same neighborhood we did for the First Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk and I’d love to see your take on the area. :-)

    1. Hi Aessandro: I was thinking I might do that. Last night I went to that folder to get the two shots you see of Jay here, and I think it was the first time I looked at them since I saw them on the bak of ny camera. I didn’t take a lot of shots at all—I was focused on my hosting duties. However, I did get some cool shots inside Jay’s “rooms full of stuff’, in particular the stuff in the windows, that I think would be fun to share—maybe on Friday. :)

  11. Last night had to be the best 3 hours I’ve spent in along time, I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with all the quotes, ideas, simply the words of knowledge that flow from Jay. I have to say the editing was excellent, really draws you into the day, felt like I was there. Thanks so much Scott for putting it all together and sharing such a wealth of information that will change they way I look at our world and day to day life, looking forward to getting up to Jays for his workshop, Scot when are you coming again to Fort Lauderdale?

  12. The way that you did it was just perfect; the blending of the video with the questions and answers was superb. I’ve never seen a more helpful webcast. I will watch this again and again. Although I have never met him, Jay Maisel has for some time been my number 1 mentor. The depth of his humanity permeates his photography; he touches something deep inside of me. He makes me glad to be alive, and grateful to be a photographer.

  13. Did Jay just call me a whore?

    All kidding aside, this was great to watch unfold. Thank you Jay and Scott for inspiring me. I missed the first hour due to work, but I still got abundantly schooled.

    I’ll be keeping the camera running with the lens cap off from now on and keeping the triangles out of my frame.

    Pure genius.

  14. Years ago, you had to intern or assist a pro to learn the craft, or for serious amateurs, be lucky to have someone of experience be a mentor.

    Thank goodness for modern technology and the Kelby Media Group! We can visit with top professionals, and learn from the best, all from the comfort of our home.

    This was an excellent event, and a must see for those who missed it.

  15. I enjoyed the webcast and was pleasantly surprised by Adam’s music choices. I got to see Seven Nations in Kansas City several years ago, before they were well known and the energy, fun and music were awesome. The tunes in the film fit perfectly with the air of respect for the man and his city. Scott’s rapport with Jay came through as natural and friendly. You two are really friends and it showed. The documentary feel was very nicely done, although I half expected Jay to mention to you live last night that he wasn’t dead yet!:)

  16. I’ll take your word that last night’s broadcast was awesome. When I logged on the video kept timing out and I only saw a few seconds of video. Eventually I gave up. Was your server swamped?

  17. I don’t understand why “Another Day with Jay Maisel” is not available yet to members. Why would the video not be available on the site post the live webcast?

  18. Signed up for KelbyTraining to watch the first day before the broadcast. Entertaining, educational, and inspiring! Great work.
    Any possibility of you and Jay hitting a city you’ve never shot before? Would be very helpful to see how Jay attacks a new environment.

  19. What a great webcast. Never did three hours pass by so nicely :-) It was well worth, staying up untill 3 AM :-) three hours of sleep before work, was no problem
    Thanks for the documentary itself, but also for the very good interview .. even I learned a few new &/%#%# words from Jay :-)

    1. Bryan:

      Jay mentioned he uses the Up-Strap. I don’t know which one, as there are different models, but you can check out their website ( Me? I love my Black Rapid RS-5!


  20. Jay’s photography was impressive but his philosophy for leaving something good with everyone he came in contact with was inspiring. Thanks to all who made this web cast possible.

  21. I have never been more inspired, entertained, and provoked than in those 3 hours with you and Jay last night. The KMG team rocks too. What an awesome presentation! Thank you, Scott.

  22. Scott –

    To repeat so many of the thoughts and recollections here; Indeed the show truly was inspiring, funny, moving, educational… Artistic, Relevant and Important! Thank you so much for coordinating all of this and making it happen!

    As I noted last night, I’d absolutely consider submitting this piece for Emmy contention – you, Mr. Maisel, Adam and crew deserve the highest accolades for documenting these experiences with Mr. Maisel!

    I was jazzed for hours after watching, a bit like the rush you feel on the way home after seeing your favorite group in a killer concert. I talked about it most of today as well!

    This “Edutainmentory” would be enjoyed by many, certainly not exclusive to photographers. A 2 DVD directors cut with both classes and last nights Q&A would be on my buy list! ;-)

    Oh, thank you for the Kelby Training discount last night, …Yup, I renewed!

    Again, Thank You!


  23. Spectacular! Not only from the training aspect of it, but also for the documentary aspects. Absolutely brilliant work. Watched it again tonight (thanks to the Kelby Training App, AirPlay and a big screen) and I was even more moved the second time.
    I was even out shooting tonight, and found myself trying to see and not just look.

  24. I loved the first series and was looking forward the second one. And a lot of it was great, greatest part was inside Maisels office.
    But there is one big flaw like I see it, and that’s the decision of making this serie in black and white. Lot of detail both in NYC and the office part where lost.
    Looks like someone wanted to play Maisel on video editing part.

    1. I loved it in black and white! It focused more on the dialog and teaching – then when Mr. Maisel’s shots were displayed, in color, they really popped! NYC in color, I think, would have distracted too much. Loved the emphasis and feel of the B&W. Just my subjective opinion. :-)

  25. The show was fantastic! Been saving up to sign up for Kelby Training and almost there. Can’t wait to watch the first show with Jay. Thank you for providing this one as a taste of what Kelby Training has to offer.

  26. I got around to watching it today and it is awesome! The B&W gives a special feel and is less distracting.
    It makes me rethink my approach too what I have been doing or would like to do more with my time.
    Scott thank you for putting this together and even bigger thanks to Jay for sharing so much with us.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  27. I’m speechless. What an amazing 3 hours. Jay is truly a living legend. I am visiting NYC next week and hope to see him capturing moments.

    Please do a day with Jay in London.


  28. Hi Scott,

    Fantastic stuff again and I do think this can become a series that can go on for a long time.
    Next episode in Paris, please let me know if you need a photographer who speaks French and has been to Paris more than 100 times. Btw, it’s VIVE LA FRANCE! That’s in French french.



  29. Just found out that the studio parts, some of the best stuff, are not on the Kelby Training videos. Not hearing well, I was counting on going back and getting what I missed. What a bummer!!

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