For the first time ever, I’m taking one of my tours to Canada (my Light it, Shoot it, Retouch It Tour!), and then on to Europe. My first stops are in Canada:

> Toronto, on July 6th

> Calgary on July 21st

> Vancouver on July 22nd

Here’s the link to sign up for my Canadian tour stops:

Then it’s on to Europe:

> Cologne, Germany on August 10th (with Special Guest Calvin Hollywood)

> Amsterdam, Netherlands on August 12th (with Special Guest Frank Doorhof)

For Cologne & Amsterdam, use this link to sign up or get more details (note: all classes will be presented in English, and the workbooks will be in English as well).

I hope I’ll see you one of these cities for one of these tour dates. :-)

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Hi Scott!

    I already signed up for your seminar in Cologne. Can’t wait!

    See you there,

  2. Any chance to see you in France? Paris?

  3. Hi Scott,

    Please come to Finland. Please!

    See You here,

  4. Hi Scott
    Too bad that you not visit Switzerland – I would know a lot of beautiful places for such a seminar! ;-)

    Regardless, I’ll join your seminar in Koeln of course!


  5. How about a trip to Denmark, and visiting Aarhus on your Tour :)

  6. Dear Scott,
    just take a look at middle east once gaian, and don’t forget Iran.

    We are all waiting to see you in Iran.
    friends are waiting.

  7. Hey Scott,

    Just adding Sydney to the list of future sites that you should include in your next international trip.

    Would be awesome to have a class or two down here… and you could bring some of the other Photoshop guys…

    • Seconded – at least one in Australia!!! I’ve been hanging out for one of these for years, dreaming of Photoshop world one day…

    • I would also love to see you out here, though not just Sydney, Melbourne as well.

      I actually recommended you to the AIPP to approach. (Australian Institute of Pro Photographers)

      Yeah and bring Matt & the other guy……sorry Dave, couldn’t resist lol

  8. Wow! Special guests, too! Your European fans are going to go nuts!


  9. Your south american fans are hoping for an extension of your tour here in Rio. I guarantee you won’t find a better location :-)

  10. I know its a wild country out here, but Memphis could use you.

  11. Oh, man! Wish you were coming to Ottawa!

  12. Already have the ticket… looking forward to seeing the tour in Vancouver.

  13. Already signed up for the Toronto session, and looking forward to it!

    Thanks for making the trip across the border.


  14. How about Norway?! You got a lot of fans here!:) I hope you can include us in your next international trip.


  15. Scott,
    It’s always been a question for me how many hours do you work on a day and how do you handle all this classes , tours, videos, books, your family, …
    and you always have time for everyone and everything. sometimes I think a day is 48h for you :d
    I’d really like to know the way you handle your jobs and you keep your smile on your lips.

    you are a great guy Scott. well done man.

  16. I pledged so much for you to come to Canada, and you decide to do it 3 days after my plane leaves to Brazil…

    Oh well…

  17. You’ve got some shots of Beijing in your LR3 book, but not seen that you have done a tour here. Would be excellent to see you back in Beijing for a seminar, or indeed anywhere in the Far East.

  18. Scott, I know you love Italy!!

    I live in Tuscany (near Firenze)…should be a dream to have yuo here with your class.

    I’ll be there in first line!!

  19. Hi Scott …Whoopeee! Cologne or Kòln as we call this great city. You are coming and the PhotoJazz will be there.

  20. Would love to see you do an Asian tour!

  21. So excited you are finally coming to Canada. Can’t wait to see you in Calgary! Hope you get a chance to visit the mountains, they are incredible :-))).

  22. What happened to your London leg tour, Scott? I hope you can make way for another stop in Blighty, mate? Would love to see you back in Swinging London, baby!

  23. Beautiful and inspirational, Amazing Work!!!

  24. When I found out your making a stop in my home city of Vancouver- I couldn’t resist- I’m flying in from Singapore!

  25. My friend sent me the link to your Toronto tour and I snapped up my ticket right away! This will be my very first photography workshop [other than Creativelive’s goodness] and I’m SOOOOO excited!!

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