Another Thing They Fixed In Lightroom 3


OK, this isn’t the biggest fix in Lightroom 3, nor the most important fix, or even a fix that most folks would even notice at first, but it’s one of those little things that has annoyed me since Lightroom 1, and now instead of grimacing each time I see it, now I smile.

They changed it so the “Backup Catalog” dialog box, which used to appear when you launch Lightroom—-now only appears when you Quit, which to me just makes so much sense. I always felt having it show up when you first launched Lightroom was kind of like asking you to Save a blank document right when you first open it (even though I know what we’re doing isn’t technically ‘saving;’ we’re backing up the catalog, but I’d rather back-up the catalog after I’ve been working on it for hours—-not before I even start).

Anyway, I’m not sure how many of you noticed (or even cared), but I’d just like to throw out a “Yeah Baby!” to whomever made the call at Adobe to move this feature so it only appears when you Quit Lightroom.  (Code: IAARRWTNWIW).

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