Another Yosemite Pano (click for larger image)


OK, does it matter that this pano isn’t a number of photos merged together, and instead it’s just a panoramic crop? (in other words; it’s a regular photo and I just cropped off a lot of the top and bottom to create the panoramic look). Now, if that makes you feel kinda cheated, does it really matter which tool I used to create the panorama? Whether I used the Crop tool or Photomerge, it’s still been edited in Photoshop, like every other photo I take, and as you might guess, I’m totally cool with editing photos in Photoshop. So….how do you feel about it? Did I cheat by just cropping rather than stitching multiple photos together? I’m curious, because I have to tell you, I feel a little “dirty,” because it’s not “the real deal.” Does is matter how I came up with the pano? I guess it does, because if not I wouldn’t feel “dirty.” This is going to keep me up tonight, isn’t it?

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