Ashton and Demi on the Sidelines


One thing I didn’t expect during my sideline shoot at the Chicago Bears vs. Eagles game, was that I’d meet celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore before the game (I’ve learned since, that Ashton is a longtime devoted Bears fan). My buddy, Bears Chairman Mike McCaskey, brought me over to meet them for minute before the game, and they were both just as nice as they could be.

They talked about their Fantasy teams (they each have one), and how they have big football parties at their house on Sundays, and they just seemed really nice and regular (Demi was much more petite than I realized), despite the fact that everyone standing around them were freaking out as if a bald eagle had flown into their back yard (see the post above). ;-)

As I stepped away, another field photographer came up and asked, “Was that Ashton and Demi?” and I said “Yeah.” He said, “Did you get a shot of them?” I hadn’t, so I stepped back (way back, because I had my long glass on), and took the snapshot you see above (that’s Mike McCaskey on the right—one of the nicest and most genuine guys you’d ever want to meet).

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