At the mercy of nature

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always. Today I write this post from the Faroe Islands where I arrived with my van just yesterday morning. I’m here for a week and so far I’ve taken photos in just one location.

As photographers we are largely at the mercy of nature. Some of us have the luxury of shooting indoors but for people like me who shoot outdoors, we rely on the circumstances being just right. I decided to travel in the this van of mine for that very reason. I am now far less limited than I was before and if the circumstances aren’t I right I can simply wait until they are.

Last night I had planned to shoot the setting sun from atop a mountain overlooking the incredible Faroese fjords, but nature had other ideas. As I climbed the mountain (in the van) a storm closed in fast. My plans had been completely hampered and nature was winning. The howling gales and rains offered the full force of the Atlantic Ocean to me, with nothing else to stop it between here and Antarctica. It just wasn’t to be and I had to move to a safer and more comfortable location, suspending my plans.

The weather around here is deemed to be ‘Subpolar Oceanic Climate.’ That translates loosely to mean ‘anything can happen.’

So I find myself here, on the island of Vágur. I’m waiting for a break in this crazy weather and I’m overlooking the waterfall I want to shoot today when, with a bit of luck, the clouds will part and let that golden light through.

We are at the mercy of nature. But we strive to succeed and show the world through our eyes.

Much love


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