Back From The Cruise (and some Monday news, on Tuesday)



I’m back from our annual company cruise (we do a series of meetings at sea each year), and I was able to sneak in a couple of shoots while I was there. Here are two shots (click on either for a much larger view) taken on the Bahamas island of Coco Cay, where Larry Becker and I spent a couple of hours after our Saturday meetings (both were taken with a Canon 5D, with a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. I also got a chance to use the Hoodman Pro Loupe again—-absolutely essential for outdoor shooting).

Dave Cross and Corey Barker did a shoot with a local model in Downtown Nassau, and Dave has posted some shots over at his blog, at

Now, for some of that Monday news, on Tuesday:

  • Jeff Revell turned me onto this clever Photoshop tutorial called “Improve your photography with classical art” which uses Photoshop’s “Match Color” feature to enhance the color of your images in a way I really hadn’t thought of. It shows you the results, and then the step-by-step instructions (with screen captures) to show you how it’s done. Worth a quick look (click here to check it out).
  • Our buddy Bill Fortney has a feature article in the current issue of “Double Exposure,”called “Images from the Industry.” Take a moment and start your Tuesday off right with this quick read, and some very inspiring images (Here’s the link).
  • If you do any serious air travel with your photo gear, you’ll want to check out these two free downloadable PDFs, which I learned about from Ben Willmore’s “Where is Ben” blog. They’re from “Think Tank Photo” (makers of camera bags and cases for professional photographers), and the article’s are called “Fear for your Gear,” which contain (in their words), “…advice from photographers who travel tens and hundreds of thousands of miles each year and who have learned how to get themselves and their equipment onto planes with a minimum of hassle and risk.” Here’s the link (and thanks to Ben for sharing this).
  • In some totally non-Photoshop news; I bought an iPhone this weekend, and I have to say it is just incredible. However cool it looks in Apple ads, or on their Web site, seeing one in person will just blow you away. As Terry White says (in his very thorough in-depth review on his popular Tech Blog), it’s not perfect, but it’s by far the best phone ever. Of course, when it comes to tech gear, Terry has needs that go beyond that of mortal man. For “the rest of us” it is just brilliant!! I couldn’t be happier (and my wife got one too, and she LOVES it!). We’re an ‘iFamily.”

Have a great Tuesday everybody! :)

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