My Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit is Up!


Yippie! It’s up!!! (I guess it actually went up yesterday, but I didn’t get the exact URL for the download until this morning. Sorry ’bout that).

Remember: this update was created exclusively for people who actually own my book “The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers” and I created this 1.1 Update Kit as an added benefit for those specific people (whom I dearly love, by the way).

To download my Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit, go to and enter the 10-digit ISBN number found on the back of the book. Once you do that, to download the book it’s going to ask you a simple question that, if you own the book, you’ll be able to easily answer (a sample question might be something like, “On page 12, what’s the first word in paragraph two?” That’s not the question, but it’s that easy.).

If you don’t have the book yet, you can pick it up at your local bookstore, or online from Barnes&, or  Of course, once you get the book, then you can download my 1.1 Update Kit as well.

So, I hope you enjoy my 1.1 Update Kit, and I know you’re going to enjoy Lightroom 1.1. :-)

Now, for some quick news:

  • If you have a digital camera, make sure you check out this week’s episode of “The Digital Photography Show” Podcast, as Scott and Michael talk with an expert from Penn Camera on how to clean your digital camera's sensor. It's a terrific walk-though of how to blow, brush and wipe that dust away. The rep from Penn does a great job of demystifying the process and debunking some of the myths out there about sensor cleaning, and they talk about specific products and how to use them. Here’s the direct link.
  • We’re getting incredible feedback on Corey Barker’s new online training course on Photoshop Channels. If you’ve ever wanted to unlock the power of Photoshop’s Channels features, make sure you check out Corey’s 21-day online course (remember, it’s just five minutes a day). Don’t forget: NAPP members get a BIG discount on taking the course. It’s over at
  • I’m off to the Bahamas today for some “meetings at sea” with a bunch of our staff (I love my job). We’ve sneaking in a photo shoot while we’re in Nassau and shooting with me will be Matt, Corey, Dave, Larry Becker, and friends. We’ll probably do some sort of shoot while we’re down here (seeing as our new Photoshop TV studio isn’t done yet). Should be lot of fun (and a little bit of work).

Have a great weekend, mon! :-)

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