My Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers is “On Press” Today!


It won’t be long now; as my “Photoshop CS3 Book for Digital Photographers” is on press today, and should be in bookstores in just a couple of weeks.

The new version of the book not only adds the important new features of CS3, but I’ve learned SO much since the CS2 version of the book was published (believe it or not, that was back in April of 2005), that I wound up rewriting about 70% of the book from scratch. Plus, I wanted one place where the entire process “comes together” I added a new workflow chapter at the end of the book, that shows my own step-by-step digital photography workflow, which you can use as a starting place for building your own.

You can preorder the book and be among the first to get it as soon as it comes off press, over at either Barnes & or, or you can find it in bookstores in just a few weeks. :-)

>> There’s more Lightroom 1.1 news today, so scroll down to the next post to catch that action.

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