Video: See Lightroom 1.1 in Action


Here’s some great resouces for seeing the new features of Adobe’s free Lightroom 1.1 update:

  • First, check out our buddy Terry White’s Creative Suite Video Podcast today (shown above), where Terry takes you through the new features like only Terry “T-Bone” White can. :-)
  • Next, our man RC (The Photoshop Ninja), takes a look at different aspects of the update with individual video clips over at Layers Magazine (the How-To Magazine for Everything Adobe)
  • Then check out NAPP’s own Lightroom Learning Center, where our own Matt Kloskowski (who does the Lightroom Killer Tips weekly video podcast) takes a look at what’s new, too!
  • Also, in a semi-related note; scroll down to yesterday posts, and click on the Comments button to check out Glyn Dewis’ story about his experience shooting teathered directly into Lightroom while covering a live event shoot. Really great to hear this type of field report, and how profitable his shoot was. Thanks Glyn for sharing this.
  • My editor’s are just finishing up proofing the last parts of my Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit and we plan to have posted  later today, so please check back for a link on where to download it. I’ll do a separate post then it goes live.

NOTE: Although these are called “Video Podcasts” you absolutely DO NOT need an iPod to watch themâ”you can watch these video clips from either inside Apple’s free iTunes software for Mac and Windows (if you have an iPod, or any Macintosh) you already have iTunes. Also, in most cases you can watch these videos right on their Web page, right in your browser, so make sure you check ’em out.

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