Adobe Releases Lightroom 1.1 (and more Lightroom News)


Good Wednesday everybody! Here’s the Lightroom scoop:

  • Adobe has officially released Lightroom version 1.1 (which is really more like a version 1.5 release, but it goes WAY beyond fixing bugs–it adds some serious new features, enhancements, and improvements throughout the application, including the ability to merge multiple libraries [now called “Catalogs.”), better sharpening and noise reduction, a new Clarity control that kicks butt, and lots of other little tweaks you’ll love. The update is FREE, and you can download it directly from Adobe’s site (For the Mac version click here. For the Windows version click here).
  • I just finished writing a special free Version 1.1 PDF update for people who’ve bought my book “The Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers” and we’re working on having it up live by tomorrow. I call this update “My Lightroom 1.1 Update Kit” and the kit is laid out in two page spreads; the left page shows how we used to do a particular task in the original Lightroom 1.0, and the right page shows the new and improved way to do it in version 1.1. It’s a really clean, quick, and efficient way to get up-to-speed fast, and the initial feedback on it has been really terrific. Also, I threw in lots of cool little tips becauseâ¦well, I just love cool little tips. More on this when it goes live tomorrow.
  • I’m also excited to announce that today we’re launching a 21-day online course with my buddy (and NAPP TV Co-host) Matt Klowkowski, on Lightroom version 1.1. The classes are just 5-minutes per day, and you get to download the same photos Matt works on in the class (so you can follow right along), plus you get a PDF outline each day (and some other cool bonus stuff I can’t tell you about). The 21-day class is $69.95 (but only $49.95 if you’re a NAPP member), and you can get more info, or sign up, at
  • has posted an in-depth article on the new features. Click here to jump there. There’s also a nice little article over at the Wired Blog Network about the new 1.1 update, complete with some screen caps. Check it out here.
  • Scroll down to the next post to see a quick video clip filmed during my Santa Fe Workshop. :)

It’s a great day to be a Lightroom user—have a good one! :)

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