Back From The Great Smokies & Denver. Denver?

Bill Fortney and me; photo by Chuck Summers).

Well, I’m back from my GAPW Workshop in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and I had just an absolutely wonderful experience. I met so many great people, and I learned as much as I taught, in no small part to sharing the teaching duties with Nikon’s amazing Bill Fortney (pictured with me above; photo by Chuck Summers). Bill is just an amazing photographer, a gifted instructor, and is one of those guys who can’t wait to share his hard-earned knowledge with his students (I filled pages with notes from his lectures). It was just a enlightening, laugh-filled, and inspiring workshop all the way around.

That was, of course, until I found out that my older brother Jeff, who was out visiting friends in Denver, got really ill, and was not only in the hospital, but was facing emergency surgery. Well, I was on the next flight out that night to Denver (Bill was gracious enough to fill in for me on the last day of the workshop), and thanks to the prayers of many friends (including some of the wonderful students in the workshop), my brother was not only able to avoid the surgery, but I was able to fly with him back home yesterday, and he’s feeling just great now, and totally back in the game. So….thanks to all who “sent one up” for him, and as you can tell….it worked!

So, today I’m just getting back in the saddle, and tomorrow I’ll have my regular news update, and some cool new things to share (including some photos from Tennessee and surprisingly enough, Denver), but I did want to let you all know what’s up, and why I missed the last couple of posts (including the big news that Adobe officially shipped CS3, which would have been big news a day or so ago). See you all tomorrow! :-)

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