It’s “Back-up Your Photos Friday” (and I’m giving away 5-copies of my Photoshop CC book!)

Go Back Up Your Photos. Right Now!
Seriously. If you want to do the most important thing you’ll do all day — stop what you’re doing right now and go back up your photos.This past Wednesday on The Grid our topic was backing up your photos and people were writing in with such heartbreaking stories of how they lost everything, or if they were lucky it was only thousands of photos they’ll never get back. They all mentioned how devistating it was. It takes much less time than you’d think, and you’ll sleep a whole lot better tonight knowing you’re finally, and fully backed up.

I’m embedding Wednesday episode below – we talked about which types of drives to get; how big, and different solutions for backing up to the cloud, and we answered a whole bunch of questions. If you’re not sure where to start, which this episode.

Today’s the last day to save $100 on a Photoshop World 2017 Conference Ticket
That’s right — the Early Bird Discount ends tonight at midnight for next month’s mega-conference in Orlando, Florida (it’s warm here btw), but if you get it on right now you’re not too late to save 100 bucks.

Head on over to right now and snag your tickets. You’ve always wanted to go — you keep saying “I’m going to go one of these years…” why not come join us now. You’ll learn more in three days than you have in three years, and you’ll come back faster, better, and totally re-energized. Get on it tonight – right now (well, right after you backup your photos). :)

Tomorrow night — it’s the Grand Opening of “The Gallery at KelbyOne”
We are just so excited — the gallery is complete, and tomorrow night we’ll be celebrating the photographic work of KelbyOne member Mark Wegner (Mark won our competition for a one-man show), and you’re invited to be a part of the opening, no matter where you are in the world. We’re streaming our “Artist Interview” live tomorrow night, and you’ll get a peek at the gallery, and you’ll be inspired by Mark’s work and his stories about how he “got the shots.” It’ll be a night to remember, and you’ll see it unfold live.


Who: Me, Photographer Mark Wegner, and our host Larry Becker (Plus, a bunch of people enjoying wine and cheese). Mmmm. Cheese.
The Grand Opening of “The Gallery at KelbyOne” and a solo gallery showing of photographer Mark Wegner’s work
When: Tomorrow night – Saturday, March 18th @8pm ET
Where: My Facebook Page, or at
Why: To showcase the amazing work of KelbyOne members, and share their photography with a worldwide audience

The presentation starts at 8PM ET (Note to International viewers: the US observes Daylight Savings Time so we recently moved our clocks forward 1-hour). Hope you can join us. :)

For more details about the gallery competition (including how to enter when we open the 2nd round of entries shortly), jump over here.


That’s right — I’m giving away FIVE free copies of my latest Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers
Just leave a comment below in the comment section, and you’re entered. We’ll pick a winner this weekend and announce the winners on Monday. You can enter anywhere you are in the world — good luck everybody (if don’t win, you can buy the book online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon, in print or ebook formats)

Thanks for stopping by, and please consider this your friendly reminder that this is, officially, “Back Up Your Photos Friday.” :)

Have a great weekend, everybody!



  1. I would love to update my old version of the book with the new one… would be SWEET!
    And … I have backed up all my stuff on two separate drives. :)

  2. Backblaze keeps me constantly backed up, definitely worth the peace of mind. Would love your new book, my weak Photoshop skills need all the help they can get!

  3. I utilize Backblaze and have since they came out. It has been really reliable. The book would complete my Kelby collection. Good luck to the Mark, the gallery winner.

  4. Scott, I love your books and your philosophy, energy and love for life. Thank you for all you have taught me about photography and that you will never go wrong if you do the right thing.

  5. I love your blog. I am a daily reader (since your old blog) I look forward to it every day. I would love to win the new book. I know I’ve purchased about a dozen over the years. Keep up the good work!

  6. Great book! Great Inspiration! I hope to win this time to make my photos awesome! Thanks Scott, because of you I´m taking really nice pictures (I guess…) And because of you, I´m spending so much money! (my wife not so happy) : )

  7. Watched the Grid (well, a little late) and the SLIM video–great stuff. Now I want to know how you keep all your photos on 2TB drives while shooting sports! You must have a slightly more complicated workflow for sports (what w/PhotoMechanic and all…).

  8. A copy of your latest Photoshop book? And free?? Yes, please!

    Seriously, the amount of value you add (not counting free goodies) is seriously off the charts. I have learned so much from you and your team!

      1. ran into him there and Packard Electric when I was working for Intergraph in the 1980s. Great guy btw.

  9. I need this book so badly….so many wonderful pictures to save…need the knowledge of Scott Kelby to help me….have a great St. Patty’s Day…xo

  10. A wonderful gift again. Would love to win this book as you can learn something new every day in photoshop! Many thanks and have a great saint patricks day everybody at Scott (mac)Kelby!

  11. I teach this stuff in the continuing education program at the local U, you have to be over 50. One of the first things I do is show them a portable hard drive and explain how easy it is to back up. Do you guys still sell autographed copies of the Photoshop book?

  12. I use a pretty simple, effective and wallet-friendly solution. I have a dual 4TB Western Digital MyBook Pro in a redundant RAID configuration (its enough for my library of images (so far)). I have it set to automatically back up the moment anything is added to a designated set of folders on my computer. No hassles, no worries, and brainless. If my primary drive crashes, I have 2 backups. If one of my backups crashes, I have another and as soon as I pop out the old drive and insert the new one, BANG, the new one automatically records a set of files from the good 4TB drive. I know its this easy, ’cause I’ve had to use it on one occasion. The beauty of it is it cost me only around $300.

    My paper library could really use another book, and would love to fill the space with a shiny new Photoshop CC book. Plus the color coordinates well with the rest of room!

  13. I’ll give it a go as well, wouldn’t say no to a book :)
    on your backup plan, I can just shed a recent story of mine. Early in January the flat above mine got totally burnt out and we all had to evacuate the building. Fire department were flooding the house with water and needless to say, my flat got totally drenched in water. There was no time to pic anything up when evacuating, so camera gear and computers were left inside. Luckily I had one copy of all the photos at my parents place and one disk with all the photos in a safe at work. So once I got myself a new computer I could just pic up one of those disks and get everything back in order again. So backing up and keeping copies off-site is essential.

  14. Backup photos.. you bet. the iPhone automatically syncs to dropbox… each new 20 get copied to google drive .. icloud automatically uploads all new pics.. LR has a copy on my system.. clones it once a month to external drive.. key images are dropped into a folder that uses ARQ to upload to Glacier on AWS.. and finally I have a spare drive that is cloned and sits in my office 10 miles away from the house.Paranoid? you bet…

  15. I post most of my favorites to Flickr. I have three hard drives in my desktop. I have three external hard drives, one that I keep somewhere other than home. I don’t have a huge catalog of photos as I am fairly regimented about deleting photos. I don’t keep everything as there is no way that I would go back through them over a lifetime.

  16. I started photographing about 4-5months ago. I’ve loved photography with Scott Kelby’s books. I’ve read books and it will a pleasure if i can win this book.

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