Be brave

It’s #TravelTuesday again and I, Dave Williams, am writing this to you from under the sea! I’m in the eurotunnel – a 25 mile undersea tunnel that connects us Brits to mainland Europe. This is the first big part of my ad-van-ture and I plan to wake up in Kinderdijk, Netherlands in the morning when this post goes live. 

Today I want to talk to you about the fear I felt in changing my entire life in order to do this and hopefully inspire you to be brave. 

I’ve been a photographer for years but I was working alongside a full-time ‘regular’ job while I built my photography business. The regular salary was secure and would arrive in my bank account every month. Running your own business isn’t quite like that in most cases. 

I knew that if I was going to quit the day job and shoot for a living, rather than as my side hustle, I’d lose that security. I agonised over it for a few years, constantly telling colleagues that I was going to quit. It got to the point that I’m sure they didn’t actually believe me when I eventually did it! 

The process before that is the bit where I had to take all the thoughts, the niggles, the worst case scenarios, and everything else that was running through my head and try my beat to organise it and rationalise it, adding an element of bravery into the mix. We live our lives largely looking at our fears and the things that might go wrong and, if I’m totally honest, there is an element of risk still present despite all the planning and preparation I’ve done here. But if I didn’t have some bravery to throw into this mix I would never be here, under the sea in a metal tube moving towards France at 100mph and totally changing my future. 

So that’s my message for this week. Be brave. Consider everything, assess risk, but be brave in doing so. Sometimes the thing you really want that may appear to be just outside arms teach is achievable with a little bravery.

Much love


(and yes, this was entirely written and uploaded whilst under the sea. 2021 is making a comeback!)

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