Big News: My Brand New Book “The Flash Book” Comes Out Today

Big news – my brand new book “The Flash Book” comes out today! Starting today it’s available in eBook format, ready to download right now (the print edition is already on press).  My publisher (Rocky Nook Publishing) is celebrating today’s launch with an absolutely insane deal — just $15 for the eBook (it’s available for download right now!).

Here’s the link to their $15 eBook deal (and use the code below).

About the book:
I didn’t want to write yet another book that teaches you everything you can do with your flash. Instead, this book is for people who bought a flash, and they’re not loving it. They not getting the results they thought they would, so they’re really not using their flash, and that’s a huge shame because you’ve seen how awesome flash can be.

I really think I can change that for you.
I think I can make you fall hopefully and madly in love with your flash because you’re going to start getting those type of flash images you bought your flash for in the first place. You’re not going to “nerd out” and learn a bunch of tech stuff. Instead, you’re going to learn a super simple system — one I’ve been working on for years now, and I know it works because I’ve received hundreds of emails, comments, and love letters from people who have put this system to use and they’ve finally loving their flash. They’re head over heels (and you could be, too).

You can finally love your flash
…and you’ll see the results immediately (especially since a lot of this system flies right in the face of what the flash makers and marketeers have been telling folks to do). You’re this close to a real breakthrough with your flash, and Rocky Nook is making it so affordable that you’ve got to at least give it a serious look. It’s $15. You can’t buy lunch at Applebees for $15 (plus, this book is better than lunch at Applebees, but then…). ;-)

If you want to wait for the print book, here’s the link to it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (note: it’s not in print yet, but already the #1 bestselling book on flash photography on Amazon). You’ll dig it.

Have a great Wednesday everybody, and I hope I run into you at my seminar here in San Diego today. :)


‘The Flash Book’ Guy

P.S. Please scroll down to catch Jesus Ramirez’s awesome Guest Post today. It’s about the importance of perspective in Photoshop and he’s got some killer compositing tips in there. Very well done!  

      1. bought and read it. Nice compilation of key points… of course, I skip the chapter intros because I have no sense of humor – and, saves time y’know. ;)

  1. Downloaded it last night, and so far, it is exactly what I would expect of a book from Scott. A keeper, for sure, and I’m betting will be a great companion to the Just One Flash and Just One More Flash classes on KelbyOne. Thank you Scott for all the selfless work you put in to educate us.

  2. I bought a Canon 430EX Speedlite many, many years ago as an accessory for my first DSLR (Rebel XT) and have really never learned how to use it properly. Over the years I’ve upgraded to a 7D and recently to a 5D mk4 but can count the number of times I’ve used that flash on one hand; still with limited success. I’m primarily a landscape and travel shooter but now with two young grandchildren I would love to preserve this precious time with them indoors with flash! I’ve already purchased several of your Lightroom and Photoshop books for my library (love your writing/teaching style). Win or lose on Monday this book will be the latest addition to the library.

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