Hey hey! #TravelTuesday is here again and I, Dave Williams, have another little post for you all.

We photographers are in a strange, unique field. We obviously sell ourselves predominantly through our images, but there are lots of amateur photographers and that’s part of what makes our industry unique. There are few like it – for example it’s rare to find an amateur receptionist. I say rare. If you’ve ever heard of one, please tell me! And while there are other hobbies that tandem as occupations, such as floristry or mechanics, it’s still not quite the same as what we do.

We can step up our imagery by giving it a story or an explanation through blogging. Just as I’ve explained before that it’s important as part of our marketing to shoot and share behind the scenes images, it’s also very productive to share behind the scenes stories through blogging.

If we maintain a blog on our website it doesn’t just act as a story segment to our website. Search engines are trawling through websites constantly to see what additions there are, and if we post to our blog we’re demonstrating that we’re active and therefore boosting our score and giving ourselves a greater opportunity to appear high in the search results.

Every genre of photography is suited to blogging. Just take a look at these: –

Stephanie Richer – weddings and proposals

Brad Moore – music photographer

Gilmar Smith – portrait photographer

These blog posts all have something in common – they tell a story and they’re fun to read. If they’re too long, that isn’t ideal. If they’re too short, that’s not ideal either. It needs to be something that makes a point, that flows, that doesn’t take too long to read, and ideally has one theme throughout for a good story.

Almost every hosting platform, including WordPress, SquareSpace, has a bold hosting section that allows us to post regularly. Go find yours and start using it!

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