Brad to the Rescue!

I had a number of folks ask me about what recovery software my assistant Brad Moore used to recover the images off the “missing miracle memory card” from last week (link).

He told me he used San Disk’s Photo Rescue Pro. Here’s the link.

Thanks again Braddo! :-)

  1. I was in a similar situation as you Scott where I had to recover photos from my card that I formatted. I did use the same software as you mention above but only few photos were recovered as the card was overwritten once with other photos. I’m not sure why in my situation I was able to get few photos back and Brad managed to get all the photos. I did use Sandisk CF card if that matters at all.

    1. As you said, Derek, the card was overwritten once with other photos, that’s why only a few were recovered.

      In the case of Scott’s lost card, Brad only just reformatted it, and hadn’t taken any new pictures on it yet. As such, it was able to recover everything. If he had taken new pictures on it, anything that the new ones have overwritten would’ve been irretrievable.

      That’s my impression of it, given the story :)

  2. I lost half a wedding that I was able to recover. I had accidentally formatted the card, and I had not reused the card. They were on a Sandisk CF card and I got them all back. It worked for me that one time and I have not had occasion to use it again.

  3. Rescue Pro can be purchased but comes free bundled with their Extreme series of cards (at least, all the ones I’ve bought). I had to use it once to recover a set of photos after my wife accidentally formatted the wrong card (Sandisk SD Ultra II Plus USB 2GB, I think) and was almost in tears. I made sure to set aside the card immediately so the actual data didn’t get overwritten. Rescue Pro worked beautifully, there was one image that was corrupt but the other couple hundred were fine (albeit with a different filename format and numbering system than would have ordinarily come out, but small price to pay).

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