Catch my Interview on This Week’s PhotoFocus Podcast

I know this is more of a “Pimpy Thursday” thing, but if I wait until Thursday, it probably won’t be “this week’s show” any more.

I was lucky enough to be the guest on this week’s PhotoFocus radio podcast, which is a weekly photography Q&A Podcast hosted by social media maverick and pro photographer Scott Bourne.

If you’ve got a few minutes, you can listen to my attempts at answering some of the questions from his listeners, which include my answers like: “I dunno.” “Huh? Beats me.” and “You better handle that one Mr. Bourne.” Perhaps, not my finest moments, but I did manage to answer a few poignant questions, like “How old are you?” “How many fingers am I holding up? “What’s the capital of Nebraska?” and stuff like that.

Seriously though, we had a great time and covered lots of ground (Scott is a terrific host. Him, not me). If you’ve got a minute (OK, a few minutes. Like when you’re on the treadmill, or taking the train into Manhattan), you can check it out right here.

  1. Scott:

    I caught this on Scott Bourne’s blog on Monday. A great listen (as they all are), and you two had me laughing a bunch of times. Scott, you have that “suthen’ accent” down perfectly! :D

    Hope you do more of these podcasts in the future with Mr. Bourne. And have him do some more spots on D-Town…the man knows his stuff!


  2. Seriously I do listen to photography podcast while riding the Metro (subway) here in Mexico City (That’s exactly how I listened to this one). And I had a question on this podcast that got what is probably the shortest answer ever! Good times though.

  3. It was my honor to have you on Mr. Kelby and you’re much too harsh on your own performance. You are one of our most requested guest hosts for a reason. You made the show a success and are welcome back any time. And thanks to everyone who listened.

  4. I’ve downloaded all the 60 podcasts and I’m listening to them in order, so it might take a while before I get to yours, hehe.

    I did not even know that Nebraska had a capital!

    Seriously, I bet it’d awesome, I’ll probably listen to it today after (in) class.

  5. I’m a regular listener to Mr. Bourne’s podcast. Although I have to catch up since I had to refresh the feed recently on iTunes. I normally listen to a month’s worth on my commute to work over a 2-3 day period.

  6. During the podcast Scott mentioned that he had a Drobo at the office mirrored to a Drobo at home. Do you have a post on how these were remotely mirrored? This would be a great help to others that would like to add depth to our backup strategy to include off-site.

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