Some Cool News on Friends of the Blog

Lots of cool stuff to share today, about some great folks, and friends of the blog:

> First, my buddy, and aviation photographer, Jose Ramos (better known by his call sign “Fuji”), just got a two-page spread (shown above) featuring his photography, including air-to-air shots, in the upcoming Winter issue of “Hook Magazine.” Congrats Jose! (Disco, out).

> You guys who read this blog regularly are already familiar with the incredible automotive photography of UK-based photographer Tim Wallace, and as much as we so know he’s among the world’s best, it’s great to see him getting some of the public accolades he so richly deserves, as Tim recently won the Professional Advertising Photographer of the Year Award for 2010. A big congrats to Tim!!! Here’s the link.

> Last week I ran a short video by our friend Glyn Dewis on a look back at his photography shoots for 2010 (link), and this week I ran across an interview with Glyn that’s really a great read, and there’s lot of great photos as well. It’s over at the BrandonJFX blog (link). If you’ve got a moment, check it out.

> This week we have German retoucher, total Photoshop shark, and all around cool-guy, Calvin Hollywood here at the Kelby Training Studios down in Florida. Calvin’s here taping a series of Photoshop classes he’s doing for Kelby Training Online. He’s doing some really amazing stuff (he’s here with a studio lighting wizard from Germany, and the two of them work together as a team, staging the shots (all live for the cameras), then Calvin takes over with the retouch. Amazing stuff! We had Calvin as a guest on Photoshop User TV as well, so keep an eye out—he may be on this week’s show, or if not, next week’s for sure.

That’s it from here; have a great Tuesday everybody!

  1. Hi Scott,

    I’m looking forward to seeing Calvin’s work for Kelby training (like many others I’m sure).
    Belated congrats to Tim on his achievement (somehow I missed this announcement in the UK Photographic press) and I’ll be sure to pop over to Brandon’s blog and read Glyn’s interview.

  2. Scott Calvin, Jose, Tim and Glyn are all cool and kick butt! I follow all of them. Ole Calvin is a contact on Twitter and I have about learned German following him for a long time! Between him and Frank Doorhof I’m about fluent!
    Dank, Ken

  3. Scott,

    I loved your coverage and images of the Bears/Packers game. Sorry about the misfortune of the monopod incident, but what a great tale to tell the grandkids one day :). I really like the bleach bypass filter effect you used on some of the images. Any word on Nik Color Efex Pro 4.0?

    Thanks for sharing!

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