Please join me in wishing a happy 80th birthday to one of the most talented, fun, giving, and down right lovable guys out there, and a true living-legend of photography—our dear friend Jay Maisel.

Jay, we wish you your best birthday ever, and many more to come!

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. excellent post! thanks a lot for sharing..

  2. Happy Birthday, Jay! And many more!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Yes, me too. Happy Birthday, Jay. You continue to inspire me. The workshop in your studio a few years ago is still ringing in my mind. I was just given a book of your’s — “The Most Beautiful Place in the World”. Beautiful.

  4. Happy Birthday Our dear JAY …… :)

    BE HEALTHY, Always …… :)

    – Ali

  5. Happy Birthday Jay and many, many more! :)

  6. Happy birthday mate hope its a great day for you.

  7. Happy Birthday Jay – keep showing those young’uns that you’re never too old to learn !

  8. Jay does not look, sound or act like he’s 80. I wonder what his secret is?

    • Edwin, I have a feeling Jay’s secret is merely to be ‘PASSIONATE” about something …
      Happy birthday Jay and thanks for all the inspiration given through the years!

  9. Happy Birthday, Jay!

  10. A very Happy Birthday Jay, and thank you for giving me permission to shoot in New York. :) I’ll be stopping by your studio to say “hi” per your invitation. Cheers-

  11. Happy Birthday….have fun and party.

  12. Hey! It’s my birthday too!. I really hope that it means I could have a bit of his talent.

    Happy birthday!

  13. A verry happy and jayfull birthday today Jay!! May you have many happy and healthy years to come!

  14. Happy birthday Jay. You are the photoman.

  15. Jay – wishing you amazing day today and many more to come! Hope you’ll find your birthday enjoyable and fun !!

  16. Jay, I’ve got a huge crush on you!
    Happy Birthday. May you never stop being inspired.

  17. Happy B-Day Jay!!

  18. Happy Birthday! and many more years of shooting and inspiring so many people!

  19. You are indeed the grand pecorino on the great cheeseboard of life – have a great day and thank you for teaching me so much!

  20. Happy Birthday Its nice to know when you share a birthday with someone who is well respected in the photgraphy world. Im not at your level nor are most but I aspire to be better everyday.

  21. Happy Birthday Jay!

    Scott, when is the “A Day with Jay Maisel Part II” coming out?

  22. You say it’s your birthday, Da, da, da, da….. Happy birthday to you, Da,da,da,da.

    Glenn N
    Chi-town Go Bears!

  23. Yo Jay. I photographed/interviewed Eise (Alfred Eisenstadt) at 80 in 1978. Times files! Happy B-day man. Are you wearing black? :-)

  24. Jay, honestly dude, you look about 20 years younger! Happy birthday to you and hope you have many more!

  25. Jay, Happy Birthday! You are a real inspiration to all of us.


    I hope you have a great day.

  27. Happy Birthday Jay !!!!!!

  28. Happy Birthday Mr. Masiel. Thanks for your vision.

  29. Happy birthday, Jay!

  30. To Jay:
    First off, I’d never have guessed you were 80?!?
    Second, you are a true inspiration to all of us! A great photographer, and a really cool guy!
    Happy Birthday, Jay!

  31. Happy Birthday Jay! I hope this is the best one yet and MANY More to come! Blessings, Bryce

  32. Happy Birthday Jay!! You’re an amazing photographer and your work truly inspires. Thank you!

  33. WOW 80!?!?! Happy Birthday Jay you are a constant inspiration to me! I cant wait for PSW to sit in on your classes again

  34. Okay, good joke. Now tell us his real age.

  35. Happy Birthday, Jay. Love your work. You ‘da man!

  36. Happy Birthday Jay, wishing you many blessings!! Posted an intreview with Jay (7mins) on my blog–its great…cudos to The Big Picture Show..

  37. I’m sure I’m the first to say this: happy birthday! Have a great day!

  38. Happy Birthday wishes coming to you from the UK Jay; have a good one!

  39. Jay, you are an amazingly inspirational person and photographer, please stick around for another eighty years!!! ;-) Happy Birthday!

  40. What a great day for Jay and myself. It just so happens that today is also my daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday everyone.

  41. Happy birthday Jay, you are a true inspiration to all of us. From one New Yorker to another, I hope you have a great day. I can’t wait for your part two on Kelby Training; I have watched the first one literally everyday this month and I still learn something new everytime I watch it. I will definitly be making it to one of your workshops.

  42. Happy Birthday. After signing up with Kelby Training I watched ” A Day with Jay Maisel. I’ve watched it three times now and have learned more from that one episode than I ever imagined. So, now I’m sitting here just waiting for A Day With Jay Maise 2…any time guys.

  43. Happy Birthday young man!

  44. Hi all,

    I missed this post yesterday. So i wish Jay an incredibly happy birthday! Jay has always been my most favorite photographer and inspiration!


  45. Let me wish Jay a colorful birthday, but one with gesture. –Al Marsh, Frederick, MD

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