Catch my Lightroom 3 Tour in New York City on Monday


I hope you’ll come and spend the day with me in New York on Monday learning all the cool new stuff in Lightroom 3. I just kicked the tour off in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday (had over 400 photographers there for the day, and we had a blast).

I can’t tell you how many people came up to me during the day, who didn’t have Lightroom at all yet, but were just blown away by what it could do. It’s really the kind of day that can change everything for your workflow, so I hope you can make it if you’re up that way.

It’s only $99 for the full day of training (including my step-by-step workbook), or just $79 if you’re a NAPP member. Here’s the link with all the details. Hope I’ll get to see you in person at the Javits Center on Monday. It’s gonna rock!

P.S. Don’t forget Matt is Boston on Friday. Use the same link above and see Matty K live!

  1. Looking forward to seeing Matt on Fri in Boston. JFYI, the big NECCC (camera club) convention starts Fri out in Amherst, MA, in case you’re not seeing the registration you would like. Lots of photogs heading out to that.

  2. Scott, I was at the Fort Lauderdale session. I have to say it was a great experience. I have been to a couple of courses run by NAPP which have all been great, but this one was by far the most entertaining! Really enjoyed it. Thanks very much. Looking forward to more classes in the future.

  3. I really wish I could come to your New York workshop. I’m in PA and I think thats the closest you have been to me since I’ve been following your blog. But parents and sibs and I are going to Tennesse for a Bilbe Conference. I do hope some day I will get to meet you and be in a class! I’m 18 and your the photographer I want to be when I’m older. Thank you for being such an inspirtaion to me!

  4. Hey Scott,
    I had a great time in Ft.Lauderdale on Monday, I really learned a lot! I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve streamlined my work flow; I’ll never look at Lightroom the same again, and Matt’s Killer Presets Rock!!! BTW Don’t forget I got that laser engraver ready to start helping the orphanage.

    Beat regards,

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