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It’s #TravelTuesday again (just like every other Tuesday) and I, Dave Williams, am here as always on to bring you something from the world of travel photography. Today I’ll start by letting you know, if you didn’t already, that the CEO of Sony has predicted that our phone cameras will our-perform DSLR and mirrorless cameras by 2024. That’s quite a claim! Well, having just wrapped up at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles with Russell Brown’s Pre-Con, we decided to head out to Joshua Tree national Park to escape the city lights and see what our phones could really do. Check this out: –

This is Aaron Grimes standing beside somewhat of a Bonsai Tree and as you can clearly see, that’s the Milky Way behind him. This photo was shot on my iPhone 13 Pro max. Milky Way. iPhone. Let that sink in for a second.

Watch, I’ll do it again…

In this shot I light painted the tree with a flashlight and in Adobe Lightroom Mobile I adjusted the White Balance and Contrast of the Milky Way.


The power of the camera in our pockets is insane right now and it’s only going to get better. Here’s a pro-tip – the night mode on iPhone allows us to shoot for 10 seconds handheld, as I’m sure you will have noticed, but get that phone stable on a tripod and you can shoot for up to 30 seconds like I have here.

Starting today is the KelbyOne Travel Photography Conference and as part of that I’ll be teaching a class on mobile photography, so be sure to check that out. I also can’t wait to share my top 20 tips to avoid the Eiffel Tower Effect and create unique images that stand out from the crowd.

If you want to see a truly epic shot from this evening out at Joshua Tree National Park, stop by Russell Brown’s Instagram and see me modelling in my best light (the dark!)

Much love

Well, it actually kicks off today with some pre-conference sessions, and I’m teaching one today on building your travel photography shot list, where I give you a list of what to shoot once you’re out there, and it comes with a downloadable PDF you can keep on your phone to reference while you’re shooting.

Check out this short trailer about the conference: 

Here’s the link for tickets and more details (you probably already know this, but you have full access to all the classes from this two-day, two-track conference for a full year, so if you can’t make it, you can still stream any of the classes on demand. 

We Just Released A New Course On All The New Lightroom and Photoshop Features

Wow! Such great new stuff in Lightroom and Photoshop, and I want to get you up to speed really fast so you can start using these new features in your work, so last week, we released a whole course on those new features, and it’s already getting rave reviews. Check out the short trailer on it below:

Here’s a link to the course (If you’re not already a KelbyOne member, you can buy just the individual course and watch it right now). 

Have a great Monday, ya’ll! :)


Elia, Fujiyoshida, Japan 2013 | Photo Credit: Naomi Locardi

Editor’s Note: With the Travel Photography Conference coming up soon, I wanted to re-share this 2014 post from instructor Elia Locardi! You can get more info about the conference and register at

Each new year brings with it an opportunity to reflect on days gone by and look forward to the promise of the year ahead. If we’re lucky, life leads us in positive new directions we may not have expected and things unfold in ways we could never anticipate.

Since 2009, with a unique blend of inspiration, passion, caffeine and a touch of insomnia, my wife and I have visited more than 40 countries and flown over 1 million air miles. In March of 2012, we surrendered our apartment in central Florida (and most of our possessions with it) taking to the road full-time and becoming completely “Location Independent.” Our vision for our life is continually changing and evolving as our experiences, and the people we meet along the way, inspire us to visit new places and seek out new and richer experiences.

Sleeping Giants – Mount Bromo, Indonesia 2013

The Evolution of My Photography Style

Throughout my career in the post production and visual effects industry I always strived to bring something new and fresh to the table, something that would break the standard mold. I had the opportunity to work on many talented creative teams and bring unique visions for client projects to life. While that experience was invaluable, the accumulative stress of working long hours, under harsh deadlines, drove me to the brink. I knew that I wanted my life to go in a new direction – one fueled by passion and inspiration, focusing more on life experience, so I completely reassessed what was important. With a mix of anxiety and anticipation, I left my job as an Art Director and a decade long career in the industry along with it.

In 2009, when I decided that Professional Travel Photography would be my new career path, I knew that to be successful in such a competitive market I would have to attack the task of creating my portfolio with that same drive to create something new and fresh. I would need to find ways to raise the bar and make my photography stand out.

I was driven (my wife might say obsessed) to create a new look by experimenting with different post-processing techniques. With more than a decade of working experience in Adobe Photoshop, and a past rooted so heavily in software based production, I was able to completely reverse engineer my photography by implementing this accumulated technical knowledge.

Going Home – London, England 2010
The Future is Now – Dubai, UAE 2012

In the very beginning my photography was 100% experimental. Primarily composed of my joyous exploration of the world around me, as I’d capture and catalogue subjects that I found most interesting and inspiring. Rapidly, I realized that I wanted to transmit my sincere feelings of awe and wonder to the audience viewing my work. Beyond that, I also wanted to create a “wow factor” a moment of meaningful impact that I could share with the viewer.

Belly of the Beast – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always. This week I write from Los Angeles where I’m helping out with Russell Brown’s pre-con, the art of movie poster design. Yesterday up on stage was our very own design guru, Dave Clayton.

Wait, wrong photo! It’s this one: –

Dave delivered a great class on the hidden secrets of Adobe Illustrator, using and demonstrating some incredible plug-ins from Astute Graphics, and got several ‘knock-your-socks-off’ gasps from the crowd.

The theme of the whole pre-con is Vikings – namely the fictional movie ‘The Saga Of The Sword’. The projects you may have seen me involved with in the Netherlands and Iceland recently were all to do with gathering and creating content for this event. Part of the fun, and in keeping with the theme, was all about getting authentic and being Vikings ourselves.

We were helped with our tattoos and blood stains by Hollywood make-up artist Wen Zheng, who did a great job with Russell.

Adobe MAX kicks off tomorrow in person and online. Sign up here to watch for free online. If you’re attending, come and say hi!

Speaking of events, the KelbyOne Travel Photography Conference is coming up on October 25th. I’ll be delivering two classes on The Eiffel Tower Effect and Mobile Photography. There’s a great line-up of instructors ready to share a wealth of knowledge with you, so be sure to sign up!

This week’s chick-in has been fairly short and sweet, but I’ll be back on track next week with more for you. In the meantime, keep it real and remember to once in a lifetime as often as you can.

Much love

I’m back from teaching my travel photography workshop with Mimo Meidany in the stunning Tuscany region of Italy. It was a truly epic week, and my most fun workshop ever.

I did an Adobe Spark page (well, it’s now called “Adobe Express“) with some of my favorite photos from the trip. It’s the story told in pictures and, captions, and I included lots of behind-the-scenes shots, and the camera and gear info as well.

If you’ve got a minute, I hope you’ll give it a quick look.

Here’s the link.

Thanks, everybody, and here’s wishing you an awesome Monday.


It’s not from the fancy new iPhone 14 Pro. It’s not even from a 13. It’s from an old iPhone 12 Pro. I shot it last week while recording a KelbyOne online course on shooting travel with your iPhone. I’m still amazed the camera on my phone can do what it does. I did edit the image in Lightroom (yes, those are the real clouds that were there that morning – no sky replacement), and that editing in Lightroom part is covered in Part 2 of my class – editing the images I shot in Part 1, all on Lightroom mobile on my phone and tablet.

Behind-the-scenes photo courtesy of Kelly Jones.

Here’s what I think Canon, Sony, and Nikon need to do

The low end of the camera market is all but gone. I can’t remember the last time I talked to someone who bought a point-and-shoot camera or even an entry-level DSLR. If I were Canon, Sony, or Nikon, I would release an official statement saying, “We make cameras for professionals. Period.” That’s it. Just make that statement, so instead of the public perception being “These companies are slowly dying,” they may be able to shift that perception to “They make high-end expensive lenses and bodies for professionals, and I sure would love to have one of those” instead of “Who needs a DSLR or Mirrorless camera when my phone camera is this good and getting better every day.” 

Just a thought.

The OPTIC West Conference is almost here!

The folks at B&H Photo are bringing their awesome OPTICWEST Conference (The outdoor photo/video/travel imaging conference) out West for the first time. It’s coming to beautiful Monterey, California, on November 6-7, and I’m honored to be doing one of the keynote presentations (along with legendary National Geographic photographer, author, and speaker Frans Lanting) and an incredible team of instructors.

It’s an amazing event, which includes: a Whale Watching expedition aboard the Monterey Princess, with gear from Nikon, Sony, Sigma, and Canon available for you to borrow. There are Macro Photo Sets, a Workflow Pavilion where you can edit and print your work, and the OPTIC Challenge, where photographs can be taken at many natural sets professionally illuminated with Genaray Lighting. You can also enter your work in a gallery contest with prizes for the winners. There is an opening night cocktail reception and of course, lots and lots of great classes taught by that top-notch instructor team over the two days.

You can register to attend the in-person event or virtual online – here’s the link with info or to reserve your spot. After teaching at the OPTIC Conference in New York earlier this year, I can tell you – this is an event you absolutely do not want to miss.

It’s a Football Weekend!

Bama has a tough game against the Vols on Saturday, and the Bucs play Pittsburgh in a winnable game on Sunday (though historically, the Bucs lose super winnable games like this, so I’ll be holding my breath the whole time). 

Hope your team wins this weekend (unless you’re a Vols or Steelers fan, of course). ;-) 


P.S. Hoping to have an Adobe Express (formerly Spark) page ready for Monday to share the images from my Tuscany trip.