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(Above: You can go to and see tons of shots with a receiver catching the ball in the end zone for a touchdown [boring], but how many times do you see a new fresh style, where the focus isn’t on catching the ball, or even seeing the ball, but instead the focus is on that icon of football—the goal post. This is the kind of fresh, brash images I was capturing all game. If I had to use one word to describe it: “Magic.” I was so in ‘the zone.” ;-)

Not every shot I took was a shot of the goal post. I actually had some where you could see the ball, and I can tell you without reservation, that they are pretty darn unimpressive. In fact, I spent four quarters creating some of the most average, uninspired, and down right yawners you’ve ever seen. I don’t know what happened. I’m bummed because I went into this game really thinking I was going to have a great shoot. We had perfect weather, a beautiful stadium, total access, and yet I missed so many shots, and was in the wrong position for some many plays, that I’m just sick about it.

(Above: Here’s one where you can see the ball, and it doesn’t bother me one bit that it’s partially obscured by the ref walking into my shot. In fact, I think it adds an artsy feel to the image—one that I believe is lacking in so many NFL shots these days. In fact, I think their sharp, crisp, clear photos are just a crutch these photographers use and their clarity just further exposes the lack of referee engagement in their images. It’s sad).

(Above: X-marks the spot, and clearly that is exactly where I was focusing. The real story is the headless guy in dark blue off the field on the right side. How does he keep his job with no visible head whatsoever? That, my friends, is the story. The rest are just blurry players on a football field). 

I actually did get a few decent shots despite myself, which I’ll share tomorrow, but it’s late and I’ve got an early flight home in the morning, so I’m hitting the sack, but at least I got to share a few of my “magic moments” here with you tomorrow. More to come tomorrow —- though some will be a little less “magic” than these.

Hi Gang: Last week I was a guest on Leo Laport’s new Netcast, “TWiT Photo,” (with co-host Catherine Hall) and during the show we covered lots of photo tips, and I even got to do a live segment with three tips on using softboxes, and since it aired I’ve gotten lots of wonderful feedback.

Here’s the link to watch the show. Many thanks to Leo and Catherine for having me on the show. They were incredibly gracious hosts (and Catherine is a wonderful photographer) and besides getting to cover a lot of tips in a short time, I really had a lot of fun being on the show. Check it out if you’ve got a few minutes.

Want to know what’s new in Adobe’s CS5.5 update? Head on over to the NAPP website to check out some videos from Corey Barker showcasing the new apps developed for iPad and Photoshop users!

And don’t forget to scroll down on that page to take advantage of some killer this-week-only deals (like $20 off Scott Kelby’s books, $100 off Photoshop World Vegas registration, and more) from NAPP and Kelby Training. These offers expire tomorrow!

KT Online
Have you seen the latest classes from adventure sports photographer Tom Bol? Check out the teaser video above for a glimpse of what you’re missing if you haven’t!

Photoshop World Orlando
There are still a few spots left in some of the pre-conference workshops! Check out…
Photoshop For Beginners with Lesa Snider
Art of Contemporary Painting CS5 with Fay Sirkis
HDR Crash Course with Matt Kloskowski

The cutoff date for the Rosen Centre Hotel has passed, but go ahead and call to see if there’s still anything available at the special rate before booking at another hotel. Why? It’s very conveniently located right across the street from the conference center, and it’s where the instructors stay!

Want a chance to have one of your images SUPER SIZED and showcased at the conference? Check out Russell Brown’s EXTREME Print Challenge!  Not only will your image be showcased, but Adobe is throwing in some other goodies as well. Deadline is March 18, so hurry!

And don’t forget to upgrade to the Photoshop World Pro Pass and snag an After Hours Party ticket when you’re registering!

Kelby Training Live
Dave Cross is coming to Arlington, TX on March 18 and Phoenix, AZ on March 21 with the Photoshop CS5 Power User Tour.

Ben Willmore is bringing the Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished Tour to Los Angeles, CA on March 23 and Atlanta, GA on March 25.

And Scott Kelby’s brand new Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! Tour kicks off in Boston, MA on March 24!

All info on these and other tours can be found over at

Project New Orleans
If you’re interested in working for nonprofits, check out the Project New Orleans Workshop in New Orleans, hosted by Momenta Workshops!

Every year, Momenta Workshops hosts the Project New Orleans workshop, which trains photojournalists and multimedia producers to work with nonprofits. The workshop is only five days long, April 6-10, and includes photographers from around the country. It’s a great way for photographers to give back to the community with their work while also helping to build a portfolio of nonprofit based projects for their professional work. Plus, it’s a great time and a great opportunity for networking. They also offer discounts to students, professional photographers and military photographers.

All the details can be found right here.

That’s it for today! Have a great Thursday :)

Well, it’s the last Pimpy Thursday before Christmas, so we’d better get right to it. Here we go:

> Four New “Learn How to use Your Camera” classes at Kelby Training Online
This week we just released four brand new classes that teach you all the buttons, dials, menus, and features of some of the latest new cameras, including:

$#x2022; The Canon 60D (Instructor Jeff Revell, of
$#x2022; The Canon Rebel T2i (Instructor Jeff Revell)
$#x2022; The Nikon 3100 (Instructor: Anne Cahill of Nikon Professional Services)
$#x2022; The new Nikon 7000 (Instructor: Anne Cahill)

The capture above is from Anne’s class, and Matt Kloskowski was on the set with her, acting as the viewer’s surrogate—asking the same type of questions of Anne as you might have when you’re watching the class yourself. The dynamic between the two, and the back-and-forth really makes these classes fun, and they are truly packed with great info. Matt was also on the set with Jeff for one of his classes (in the same role), and I snuck my way into one of Jeff’s classes as well, asking Jeff questions as he goes. If you have any one of these cameras, these brand new classes are tremendously helpful in getting you up and using your camera to the fullest right away.

> Learn and Shoot in Africa with Ben Willmore
Photoshop Hall of Famer and photographer Ben Willmore has a workshop coming up in an opportunity of Botswana & Zimbabwe, on October 30-November 13th, 2011 that just sounds like an amazing adventure. The workshop is hosted by Ben and wildlife photographer Dana Allen. Here’s what Ben says about the workshop:

“This is a VERY special time of year in these regions, as it is the beginning of the summer season and the camps for this photo adventure have been specially chosen for the unique game behavior and climatic vistas. Each participant will have their own row in our vehicles so they can shoot out either side without anyone else getting in the way and we bring an extra plane just for camera gear so you don’t have the usual overly restrictive baggage weight limitations that you’ll find on most other tours.”

There are just a few spots available for this workshop of a lifetime, and you can get more information, or reserve your spot, right here. (Would this make an insane Christmas gift or what!!!!).

> is Showing My Photo Recipes 2 Book/DVD In-stock on Dec. 26th
It’s not too late to get my brand new Photo Recipes 2 book/dvd combo—just order it as a “just after Christmas” gift, from who has the in-stock date at December 26th. Here’s the link (they’ll love it, and they’ll love you. It’s a love thing). Also, don’t forget—if you get an Amazon gift card for Christmas, you can use it to get Recipes 2. (Hey, it’s Pimpy Thursday—I’ve got to get all of this out of my system today).

> Give Kelby Training Online Gift Subscriptions
Looking for that last minute gift that says, “I think you’re the coolest person in the world?” How about a Gift subscription to Kelby Training Online? Here’s all the details on how to give a gift subscription (or just send a friend or loved-one this link, and get them to get you one instead. Use the phrase “hint, hint!).

That it for today folks. Here’s wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and all the joys this holiday can bring. :)

(Pimpin’ in for Brad)