The Grid: How Would I Edit Your Photo? – Episode 457

The Grid: How Would I Edit Your Photo? – Episode 457

Ever wonder how Scott Kelby would edit your photo? Check out the latest episode of The Grid to see how he edits viewer submitted images including landscape, portraiture, architecture, and more!

New KelbyOne Course: Photographing the Arctic and the Aurora with Dave Williams

Learn how to get the best photos possible in a hostile environment! Join Dave Williams in arctic Norway as he shares his tips and techniques for planning, preparing, and keeping himself (and his gear) safe in extreme conditions. You may head above the arctic circle with the goal of photographing the aurora, but Dave explains how to be prepared for shooting the wildlife, water features, snowy scenes, and not so snowy scenes you may encounter along the way. Dave wraps up the class with lessons on knowing how to find, prepare for, and shoot the northern lights.

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