Some Scott Stuff (Not my most exciting nor modest headline)

Happy Friday, everybody! Here we go:

I Took 1st Place In The WPE International Photography Awards Landscape Category

I’m excited to share the news that I won 1st place in the Landscape category in the 2020 WPE International Photography Awards. I was super psyched (and I got a lovey cut glass engraved award), and I was equally amazed that I somehow edged out famous landscape photographer Peter Lik, whose work I’ve always admired. Thank you to the judges for choosing my image (taken near Guilin, China) — I’m truly honored.

It was just a few weeks ago that, on The Grid, where out topic was “Things you can do to make the most of your photography in 2021” I talked about why you should enter photography competitions because you just never know (and contests are uniformly kind if your image doesn’t win an award). This is exactly what I was talking about, and I hope this gives you a nudge to enter some of your images in competitions this year.

21 Questions With…Um…Me?!

I did a really fun interview with the social media crew at B&H Photo, and they asked some really interesting questions. If you’ve got a minute or two, here’s the link (or click the link in their tweet below).

I’m Speaking At the Depth of Field Conference

It’s the fourth year in a row B&H Photo has produced the Depth of Field Conference for portrait, wedding and event photographers and I’m excited to be one of the instructors this year.

It’s March 7-8, 2021 and it’s all online. Here’s the link to register, and I’ll catch you then online.

OK, that wraps up Scott Stuff day (perhaps the greatest name of a blog post in the history of blog posts, but then, I may be biased).

Have a kick butt weekend, everybody! #GoBucs!

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