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Holding a huge Photo Walk, with groups of people all getting together in person, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, well…it’s made us majorly rethink how to do a photo walk, and we think we’ve come up with a way to not only make it happen, but to make it truly awesome, and you’re invited.

This year’s idea for how we’re doing our Photo Walk is something born from some of the absolute stars of our online community, folks with big brains and even bigger hearts, who came up with this year’s plan so we can still make this year’s walk a reality.

Please take a few minutes and watch the video below which explains why we’re doing this; how we’re going to do it, how you can sign up, and why it all matters more than ever.

Thank you for taking the time to watch that — we really want you to be a part of it (and now you know what it’s so important that you do) and it’s still going to be awesome on so many levels.

Here are the details: 

Who: Everybody! You’re invited to join us — everyone is welcome!

What: A huge photo walk in 1,000+ cities around the world (here’s the link)

When: Saturday, October 3, 2020

Where: In a city near you (the cities have already been set-up and ready for you to sign up). Here’s the link to the official site.

Why: It’s a really fun event for photographers that has an important social mission (plus, this year you might win some really cool prizes, even if you don’t enter the competitions).

Have a great weekend, everybody. Go sign up go join your local Photo Walk – it’s on, baby! Whoo hoo!!!


P.S. How we’re doing all this is VERY different this year. Don’t just go sign up — you really need to watch that video to see how and why everything has changed, but it’s still going to be great. Watch the video. It matters.

This is our second year having a mobile-photography category (images taken with a cell phone camera), as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk, and we have some beautiful shots to honor from some really talented photographers.

We have five one winner in the category, but first I chose five other images that, while they don’t win a prize, they still deserve an honorable mention.

Here are the honorable mentions from the ‘Mobile Phone Category”

Honorable Mention: Zev Eisenberg
Photo Walk: Roslindale, Maine

Honorable Mention: Mido Saeed
Photo Walk: Tanta, Egypt

Honorable Mention: Rodolfo Bañola
Photo Walk: Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Honorable Mention: Ewa Laskowska
Photo Walk: Warsaw, Poland

Honorable Mention: Reyhaneh Sadat Sayadi
Photo Walk: Mashhad, Iran

WINNER: Gareth Scott
Photo Walk: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Shot with: iPhone XS Max

Congratulations to Gareth (who wins a 1-year subscription to the Adobe Photography Plan), and to all the wonderful photographers who entered our Mobile Photography category, and all our winners worldwide in all the different categories. So many great images again this year. It’s an honor and a constant source of inspiration to be a part of it. :)


The Walk Leader competition is always one of the hardest to judge
There are so many great entries from so many talented leaders around the world — it just’a really tough job. Last year was a particularly tough one to judge, and this year it’s that tough once again. Maybe more.

Although there’s only one winner, I felt there were some images that were so good that even though they didn’t win a prize, they still deserved to be recognized, so I’m displaying my “Honorable Mentions” first, then we’ll reveal our winner.

I present our 10 Walk Leader Competition Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

Leader / Photographer: Daniel Nyström
Photo Walk: Malmo, Sweden

Leader / Photographer: Karen Hays
Photo Walk: Dewey, Oklahoma, USA

Leader / Photographer: Angela Andrieux
Photo Walk: San Diego, California, USA

Leader / Photographer: Bobet Faune
Photo Walk: Doha, Qatar

Leader / Photographer: Parsa Bagheri
Photo Walk: Ishafan, Iran

Leader / Photographer: Bernardo Dominguez
Photo Walk: Cuecna, Ecuador

Leader / Photographer: Hesamadin Bagheri
Photo Walk: Rafsanjan, Iran

Leader / Photographer: Grzegorz Gabryś
Photo Walk: Warszawa, Poland

Leader / Photographer: Inbal Hillel
Photo Walk: Fuengirola, Spain

Leader / Photographer: Aprosdoketon
Photo Walk: Düsseldorf, Germany

Now, presenting the 2019 Official Walk Leader Competition Winner:

Leader / Photographer: Bruck
Photo Walk: São Paulo, Brazil

My Comments: I’ve gotta say, I would never have guessed a shot taken in a men’s room would wind up winning a phase of this competition, but this is no ordinary image. The way all the colors work so perfectly together, along with the expression of the gentleman in the foreground (and how he’s framed in the image), along with how the room itself is a little distorted — it’s just such a cool shot. It’s the kind of shot that wins contests — like this one. :) Well done, Bruck. I super dig it! :)

As Walk Leader Competition Winner, Bruck will receive:

  • Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Camera with RF 24-105mm F/4L is USM Lens and PIXMA PRO-10
  • Adobe All Apps Membership
  • $250 B&H Gift Card
  • Max Platypod, Ultra Platypod, and Multi Accessory Kit
  • $25 Rocky Nook gift card
  • Skylum Luminar 3
  • $250 Westcott Gift Card
  • Think Tank – Signature 13 (Gray) Camera Bag

Congratulations to all the Photo Walk Leaders Competition honorable Mentions and our Winner!

We still have one more prize competition left to go — the Mobile (Cell phone) photography category, which we’ll announce next week.

Have a great weekend, everybody and we’ll see ya back here on Monday :)


Last Friday I announced the Grand Prize Winner and 1o finalists from this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk, but there are some other images that, while they didn’t wind up winning a prize, were still so good that I thought they needed some special recognition, so I wanted to share some of these images in an “Honorable Mentions” post here to celebrate these images which are so good they deserve to be recognized.

Note: You could make a case for any of these to have been chosen as a finalist (in fact, all of these images were in the running and on my shortlist at one point which gives you an idea of how hard it is making the final decisions. There are just so many wonderful images again this year).

Congratulations to all these photographers below who created such wonderful images; all within a short time span, in a location they didn’t choose, at a time they didn’t choose, on a route they didn’t choose, while navigating their way through a group of other photographers in the same location. That’s a tough thing a do, and another reason why these images taken during the walk are officially receiving an Honorable Mention:

Photo Walk: Hormozgan, Iran
Photo By: Amir Hossein Khorgooei
My Comments: The colors here, of course, are wonderful and they all work together so well. I love his facial expression, but it’s the shooting perspective from up high that really took this shot over the top. Well done!

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Mohamed Ashraf
My Comments: I love this shot — such a genuine moment
. They see the photographer and can’t help but strike a group photo pose. So great!

Photo Walk: O’Fallon, Missouri, USA
Photo By: Sam Jordan
My Comments: It takes a really good photographer to make an old discarded beer can and make an interesting shot of it, but this photographer did it. Great post on this one, too!

Photo Walk: Jakarta, Indonesia
Photo By: Adri Budiman
My Comments: This image is a class on composition and color unto itself. I don’t know if it was staged or not, but if it was…well done! If it wasn’t…even well done.
Love the use of negative space. Really beautifully crafted!

Photo Walk: Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
Photo By: John Maxim Peñaranda
My Comments: The text makes this such an interesting shot — like something from a movie, but I also think the bicyclist’s position in the frame is just so right. Not an easy shot to get in such low light.

Photo Walk: Scalloway, Shetland Islands, UK
Photo By: Anne Macdonald
My Comments: We all should be lucky enough to do our photo walk here. What a beautiful scene, but beyond its sheer beauty is a beautifully composed and processed shot. I’m going to have to add the Shetland Islands to my travel wish list after seeing this image.

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Heba Elfares
My Comments: Everything works so well together here, from the color to the gesture to the lighting. A beautifully dramatic shot.

Photo Walk: Southbury, Connecticut, USA
Photo By: Rich Colicchio
My Comments: An incredible mural for sure, but I like the way the photographer “book-ended” the shot framing wise. Cool shot!

Photo Walk: Cuenca, Equador
Photo By: Juan Sebastian Vasquez
My Comments: Here’s a shot you just don’t see every day
, and the lighting really makes it. Of course, the color didn’t hurt either, with our subject wearing the perfect contrasting color to the bananas. Nice!

Photo Walk: Rishon Lezion, Israel
Photo By: Guy Sharabi
My Comments: The incredible colors and the awesome low perspective really made this image a standout. Just beautiful!

Photo Walk: Gurugram, India
Photo By: Parul Patnaik
My Comments: I love that the photographer decided to let this one tight detail shot tell the whole story. I love the depth of field; the feeling of motion and the black and white conversion works really well. Great shot!

Photo Walk: Hamedan, Iran
Photo By: Azadeh Mousavi
My Comments: One of my favorites — the beam of light is so strong and leads you directly to the subject, which is often not the case, and that helps to make an already special image even more special. Great tones throughout. Congrats!

Photo Walk: Rasht, Iran
Photo By: Jalileh Massoumi Moqaddam
My Comments: I love the juxtaposition of old and new in this shot. Such great contrast and I love the gestures of both subjects. Another great Iranian photographer.

Photo Walk: Cairo, Egypt
Photo By: Ma7moud 3mr
My Comments: What a great shot! This one has it all — the light; the position of the subject’s in the room is just perfect; the tones throughout, but I think it’s the post-processing that took it over the top. What a really slick image!

Photo Walk: Zapopan, Mexico
Photo By: Carlos Enrique Alatorre Flores
My Comments: This shot is so interesting — a great expression, and that fact that she’s not surrounded by anyone in the same style of the costume makes it all the more unique. The black and white treatment is very appropriate here as well. Good job!

Photo Walk: Peoria, Arizona, USA
Photo By: Kent Gray
My Comments: This is just such an awesome image with an even stronger message. It looks very photo-journalistic in nature, and the black and white treatment works beautifully here, too. Great job on this shot!

Photo Walk: Kaunas, Lithuania
Photo By: Vaidas Vidugiris
My Comments: Great timing; a great moment, a really great capture. Makes me want to know the rest of the story!

Photo Walk: Cairo, Egypt
Photo By: Shrouq Ashour
My Comments: This is a great capture — a moment in time, but what really made it for me is the gentleman on the far left. His smile is just captivating. I want to have a cup of coffee with him. Great tones in this image, I like how close the photographer got into the scene — you feel like you’re right there with them.

Photo Walk: Selangor, Malaysia
Photo By: Chee Choy
My Comments: This is another one of those images that make us want to know the rest of the story. The black and white treatment really gives it a reportage look, and the smoke and the gestures really make for a compelling image. Nicely done.

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Mohammed Fouad
My Comments: Another great shot from an Egyptian photographer. I love the super low perspective and the looks on the subject’s face. I can only imagine they’re thinking, “Crazy photographer!” and that makes it even more special.

Photo Walk: Singapore, Singapore
Photo By: Rick Regala
My Comments: The colors here are just too perfect, and that alone would be enough, but the gesture and body language are just so intriguing. I want to know what’s going on; where they’re going, and what three out of four of them are looking at. It’s just so strange, and I love it!

Photo Walk: Alexandria, Egypt
Photo By: Ahmed Tawfeq
My Comments: I love the way the photographer is right in the middle of this scene — it makes the viewer feel like they’re right there. I love the colors, the tone, the mystery. Really a great capture. I so want to go back to Egypt!

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Mohamed Ashraf
My Comments: Another great dramatic beam shot — I know it’s a popular genre of photography, but I can’t help but get sucked in by it. Another very interesting scene.

Photo Walk: Kovačica, Serbia
Photo By: Jaroslav Kralik
My Comments: This is such a joyful shot – three puppies out for a walk — what could more joyful that than, but it’s the low perspective that makes this shot special. You really connect with the pups and feel like you’re on the walk with them. Cute puppers!

Photo Walk: Calbayog City, Philippines
Photo By: Edrian Loable
My Comments: This is such a well-framed, well-executed shot (Edrian should sell it as a stock photo). For a silhouette shot to really work the silhouetted subject has to be instantly recognizable, and this is just spot on. Great color, composition, and just a really interesting shot.

Photo Walk: Utrecht, Netherlands
Photo By: Marco F van Apeldoorn
My Comments: Many of you that watch my weekly photography show “The Grid” know that I absolutely hate photographs of insects, which speaks volumes about this shot that I chose as an honorable mention. It really is wonderfully composed, with great color, and wonderful depth of field.

Photo Walk: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo By: Maryna Yurlovskaya
My Comments: I’m not sure if a professional model was a part of this walk, or they ran across her during the walk, or if she was one of the photographers on the walk, but this is a wonderful portrait. Great pose and expression and the lighting is just beautiful. Really nicely done!

Applause, applause!

What a wonderful collection of images in this year’s Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to all these photographers on creating such memorable images that they deserved special recognition. We still have the winner of our Leaders Competition (lots of great shots — another tough one to judge) and our mobile photography category to go. It’s such a treat getting to enjoy so many great images!

Here’s wishing you all an awesome Monday and a great week ahead! :)


P.S. Tomorrow, I’m off to my seminar in San Francisco on Wednesday. Hope you can come out and spend the day with me. Tickets and info here.

You just cannot imagine how hard it is to judge this contest

There were so many great images again this year; so many that you could make a case for that “should have been the one” and the photographers themselves keep getting better and better. It all makes the judging process even harder. Narrowing it down to just 10 finalists and one winner from entries literally all over the world — it’s just very challenging. Especially since they are so many things to consider when looking at an image.

After a considerable amount of blood, sweat, and tears, I’m delighted to present to you this year’s 10 finalists and our 2019 Worldwide Photo Walk Grand Prize winner.

Note: If you want to learn more about the judging process, and how I came down to picking these images, scroll to the bottom of this post. 

Here are this year’s Top 10 Finalists (in no particular order):

By Nevena Mrdalj (Marana, Arizona)
The color, the lines, the graphic feel of this image all came together to create an image that doesn’t look like it was taken in the US. That little bit of blue sky at the top, and the top of the tower peaking up, give the image a sense of mystery, without it being a dark image. Nicely done.

By Kari Hämäläinen (Lappeenranta, Finland)
There is just such joy in this shot — it makes me happy just looking at it. Their gestures, the colors, the gorgeous shallow depth of field, the leading lines, and the composition all come together so nicely, yet it’s such a simple image. I loved this image from the moment I saw it.

By Birgit Ableitinger (Vienna, Austria)
Red is just such a powerful color, but this image is much more than just a clever use of red. It’s the contrast of colors and tone; it’s the composition, and honestly, it’s the beautiful post-processing as well. It looks like a soft, gentle scene, even though we’re surrounded by concrete and metal and wood. So well done from start to finish.

By Sian Kerr (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
I love a photo that tells a story, and I like one even better that makes us curious about the parts we don’t. I don’t know what’s on that cell phone…but this photo sure makes me want to know. It’s so interesting it made the gentleman in the back put down his newspaper. I love this little slice of life; this moment in time, and I love the composition and post-processing as well. Nice use of black and white, and great timing on the part of the photographer.

By Jim Winninger (Palm Coast, Florida, USA)
This is a very well crafted image; flawlessly pulled off, and beautifully composed. It can be very challenging to pull off an architectural image like this, but I think the photographer did a marvelous job. I could see this really large, hanging in the lobby of a beautiful high-rise. Very nicely done!

By Luigi Miguel Alonde (Biñan, Phillippines)
The shadows are so key in this wonderful image, and there are so many of them — our subject is in shadows; he’s casting a shadow, the underside of the umbrella is in shadows, and the umbrella is casting such an interesting shadow, and then you have long diagonal shadows raking across the image. On top of it all — add the red wall and the red umbrella and it’s a really captivating image. Nicely crafted.

By Martin Taylor (Leicestershire, England)
There’s just so much going on in this image graphically, and our subject breaks that plane so nicely. The black and white conversion works so well with the image, and I love the gesture of our subjects. This is one very clever image. Nice job!

By Hadis Sharifi (Rafsanjan, Iran)
This is such an intriguing image. I love the way the reflections play on the windows and how it plays into the woman’s expression. It tells a story of its own. The colors all work so well, with so many warm tones coming together without them taking over the image. I just love it!

By Prajith Scaria (South Lyon, Michigan, USA)
This is a really fascinating image for being such a simple one. I love a photo that makes me want to know more, and this one looks like it was taken on a movie set. My hats off to the photographer for capturing the scene and for the very appropriate post-processing. Everything just works.

By Khaled Suleyman (Cairo, Egypt)
This was another of my favorites from the start. One thing I think makes this such a strong image is the perspective. It’s almost like the photographer is standing on top of something to get this view from up high, and I love the way the participants are all interacting with each other as if the photographer isn’t right there with them in the small room. The colors are wonderful, and while that initially drew me in, it was the perspective that kept me there. The scene is so inviting — I would have loved to have been there myself; not just taking the picture, but sharing in the moment.

…and now for the 2019 Grand Prize winner:

By Jakob Ebbinger (Malmö, Sweden)
The drama. The mystery. The lighting. The symmetry of the whole composition. What a great capture — one that draws you in and makes you want to know more. I think some of the most powerful images are the ones that are so simple, and this is a perfect example. There’s such clarity in the composition, and nothing to distract you or lead you away. It’s one I wish I had taken because I’d be hanging it on the wall. I’m so impressed with the whole story, and the way the photographer tied the whole image up in a bow. It’s a present from the artist, and we were honored to be able to unwrap it. Congratulations on creating the winning image. Well deserved.

How I do the judging

I look at every single winning image from all the walks around the world. I do find that the great shots jump right out at you, and I mark those as picks to go back and look at again. I was able to get down to 112 shots after going through the first pass at all of them. That’s a big cut, but still, a very long way to get down to just 10 finalists and one winner.

I try not to be swayed simply because an image was taken in an exotic location or somewhere I’ve never been or never seen before — I wanted to pick a photo, simple composition or not, easy to capture or not, post-processed brilliantly or not — that is simply special. Maybe it’s the right light, expression or mood, or color, or story or a combination of these — I search for whatever that certain something is that makes me come back to it again and again — and I strive to give every image fair and open-minded consideration.

What makes this process harder is that these are already curated. Each image was already judged and chosen as a “winner” by the local walk leaders, from nearly 1,000 walks. Narrowing it down — it’s quite a difficult task, and you wind up second and third-guessing your choices along the way because you want to give every image a fair shake.

You could easily make a case for hundreds of images to be chosen as finalists, but you only get to choose 10, and one Grand Prize winner, and you finally just have to make a choice. It is literally one of the hardest things I do each year, but also one of the most rewarding because I get to see so many great images during the process. I hope that gives you a little insight into my judging process.

The winners of the Leader’s Competition are Next

We still have our Leader’s Competition winner coming next week and I always list my ‘Honorable Mentions’ (images that are so good that even though they didn’t win a prize, still deserve recognition). So, while this is the official announcement of the Top-10 Finalists and the Grand Prize winner, the competition phase still has a few more components left.

We could not do this without Canon USA

We owe a very special thanks to our Premier Sponsor, Canon USA, for their support for the photo walk each year. Without their help and support, there would be no Worldwide Photo Walk, so you can imagine how grateful we are to the folks at Canon USA, who also provided some amazing cameras and gear as prizes for our contest winners. We couldn’t ask for a better sponsor — thanks to Kevin McCarthy, Mike Larson, and all our friends at Canon USA who make all this possible. You guys are the best!

Also, thanks to our additional official sponsors: Adobe Systems, Peachpit Press, Westcott, Skylum, Rocky Nook, Platypod, Drobo, and B&H Photo — thanks for all your support this year and for offering such awesome prizes to our winners. We are very grateful.

Thanks to our Walk Leaders

It’s an awful lot of work (ask anyone who has led one), and a thankless job, so let me be the first to say “thanks.” We couldn’t do any of this without our volunteer walk leaders around the world, who do such a great job of creating the walks; working and wrangling their walkers, judging the local contest from their walk, and making the whole thing happen on the local level, and that means a lot.

My personal thanks to our own Jeanne Jilleba, who did an amazing job again this year of keeping the communication flowing, working with the leaders and managing walks in nearly 1,000 locations all over the globe. It’s a very challenging job, but she does it like a boss and I’m very proud of the job she does. Thank you, Jeanne — we are all indebted for all your hard work and dedication to making the photo walk a success.

Lastly, thanks to all the talented photographers from around the world
who created such inspiring, creative, and beautiful work, and special thanks to those of you who contributed to the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya it means more than you know.

More to come as we reveal winners in more winners next week. :)


We had one heck of a great discussion on last Wednesday’s live episode of “The Grid.” It started with a discussion about whether or not taking a photo of someone else’s art (in our discussion, a sculpture in downtown Chicago), make it suddenly “your art” or is it just a picture of someone else’s art?

Photographer and photography app wizard Troy Plota joined us (he was awesome), and we went down into the rabbit hole in a big way, and it was such a great episode I wanted to share it with you here today.

Today’s the Deadline for Entering The Worldwide Photo Walk Contest

If you participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk, today is the deadline to enter your best image taken during the official walk into the photo contest. Make sure you head over to the site; upload your image, and your local leader will be announcing the winner for your walk very soon.

One week from today I’m doing my new full-day seminar in Richmond

…and this Thursday I’m in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, so come on out and spend the day with me. We already have hundreds of photographers signed up, so don’t be the only one to miss out. Also, coming to Atlanta next month. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Tickets and info here.

Behind-the-scenes shot from my workshop in Guilin, China.

Thanks for checking out my China pics!

Thanks so much to everybody who checked out my images here on Friday from my workshop trip to China with Rick Sammon. Thanks for all the very kind comments — it really was an incredible experience, and I was tickled to get to share it with you. If you didn’t have a chance to check them out, here’s the link if you’ve got a sec.

Also, if you’re a KelbyOne Pro member, I did a members-only Webcast about the trip, including lots of tips about shooting in rural locales like this. Here’s the link if you want give it a look – we got lots of great comments.

That’s it for this Monday. Don’t forget to check out today’s tip over at (and tomorrow I have my another “Lightroom in 60-seconds” video tip over there). Hope you can check ’em out.

Here’s wishing you awesome, fun-filled, great weather week!