This Year’s “Honorable Mentions” From My Worldwide Photo Walk

Last Friday I announced the Grand Prize Winner and 1o finalists from this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk, but there are some other images that, while they didn’t wind up winning a prize, were still so good that I thought they needed some special recognition, so I wanted to share some of these images in an “Honorable Mentions” post here to celebrate these images which are so good they deserve to be recognized.

Note: You could make a case for any of these to have been chosen as a finalist (in fact, all of these images were in the running and on my shortlist at one point which gives you an idea of how hard it is making the final decisions. There are just so many wonderful images again this year).

Congratulations to all these photographers below who created such wonderful images; all within a short time span, in a location they didn’t choose, at a time they didn’t choose, on a route they didn’t choose, while navigating their way through a group of other photographers in the same location. That’s a tough thing a do, and another reason why these images taken during the walk are officially receiving an Honorable Mention:

Photo Walk: Hormozgan, Iran
Photo By: Amir Hossein Khorgooei
My Comments: The colors here, of course, are wonderful and they all work together so well. I love his facial expression, but it’s the shooting perspective from up high that really took this shot over the top. Well done!

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Mohamed Ashraf
My Comments: I love this shot — such a genuine moment
. They see the photographer and can’t help but strike a group photo pose. So great!

Photo Walk: O’Fallon, Missouri, USA
Photo By: Sam Jordan
My Comments: It takes a really good photographer to make an old discarded beer can and make an interesting shot of it, but this photographer did it. Great post on this one, too!

Photo Walk: Jakarta, Indonesia
Photo By: Adri Budiman
My Comments: This image is a class on composition and color unto itself. I don’t know if it was staged or not, but if it was…well done! If it wasn’t…even well done.
Love the use of negative space. Really beautifully crafted!

Photo Walk: Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
Photo By: John Maxim Peñaranda
My Comments: The text makes this such an interesting shot — like something from a movie, but I also think the bicyclist’s position in the frame is just so right. Not an easy shot to get in such low light.

Photo Walk: Scalloway, Shetland Islands, UK
Photo By: Anne Macdonald
My Comments: We all should be lucky enough to do our photo walk here. What a beautiful scene, but beyond its sheer beauty is a beautifully composed and processed shot. I’m going to have to add the Shetland Islands to my travel wish list after seeing this image.

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Heba Elfares
My Comments: Everything works so well together here, from the color to the gesture to the lighting. A beautifully dramatic shot.

Photo Walk: Southbury, Connecticut, USA
Photo By: Rich Colicchio
My Comments: An incredible mural for sure, but I like the way the photographer “book-ended” the shot framing wise. Cool shot!

Photo Walk: Cuenca, Equador
Photo By: Juan Sebastian Vasquez
My Comments: Here’s a shot you just don’t see every day
, and the lighting really makes it. Of course, the color didn’t hurt either, with our subject wearing the perfect contrasting color to the bananas. Nice!

Photo Walk: Rishon Lezion, Israel
Photo By: Guy Sharabi
My Comments: The incredible colors and the awesome low perspective really made this image a standout. Just beautiful!

Photo Walk: Gurugram, India
Photo By: Parul Patnaik
My Comments: I love that the photographer decided to let this one tight detail shot tell the whole story. I love the depth of field; the feeling of motion and the black and white conversion works really well. Great shot!

Photo Walk: Hamedan, Iran
Photo By: Azadeh Mousavi
My Comments: One of my favorites — the beam of light is so strong and leads you directly to the subject, which is often not the case, and that helps to make an already special image even more special. Great tones throughout. Congrats!

Photo Walk: Rasht, Iran
Photo By: Jalileh Massoumi Moqaddam
My Comments: I love the juxtaposition of old and new in this shot. Such great contrast and I love the gestures of both subjects. Another great Iranian photographer.

Photo Walk: Cairo, Egypt
Photo By: Ma7moud 3mr
My Comments: What a great shot! This one has it all — the light; the position of the subject’s in the room is just perfect; the tones throughout, but I think it’s the post-processing that took it over the top. What a really slick image!

Photo Walk: Zapopan, Mexico
Photo By: Carlos Enrique Alatorre Flores
My Comments: This shot is so interesting — a great expression, and that fact that she’s not surrounded by anyone in the same style of the costume makes it all the more unique. The black and white treatment is very appropriate here as well. Good job!

Photo Walk: Peoria, Arizona, USA
Photo By: Kent Gray
My Comments: This is just such an awesome image with an even stronger message. It looks very photo-journalistic in nature, and the black and white treatment works beautifully here, too. Great job on this shot!

Photo Walk: Kaunas, Lithuania
Photo By: Vaidas Vidugiris
My Comments: Great timing; a great moment, a really great capture. Makes me want to know the rest of the story!

Photo Walk: Cairo, Egypt
Photo By: Shrouq Ashour
My Comments: This is a great capture — a moment in time, but what really made it for me is the gentleman on the far left. His smile is just captivating. I want to have a cup of coffee with him. Great tones in this image, I like how close the photographer got into the scene — you feel like you’re right there with them.

Photo Walk: Selangor, Malaysia
Photo By: Chee Choy
My Comments: This is another one of those images that make us want to know the rest of the story. The black and white treatment really gives it a reportage look, and the smoke and the gestures really make for a compelling image. Nicely done.

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Mohammed Fouad
My Comments: Another great shot from an Egyptian photographer. I love the super low perspective and the looks on the subject’s face. I can only imagine they’re thinking, “Crazy photographer!” and that makes it even more special.

Photo Walk: Singapore, Singapore
Photo By: Rick Regala
My Comments: The colors here are just too perfect, and that alone would be enough, but the gesture and body language are just so intriguing. I want to know what’s going on; where they’re going, and what three out of four of them are looking at. It’s just so strange, and I love it!

Photo Walk: Alexandria, Egypt
Photo By: Ahmed Tawfeq
My Comments: I love the way the photographer is right in the middle of this scene — it makes the viewer feel like they’re right there. I love the colors, the tone, the mystery. Really a great capture. I so want to go back to Egypt!

Photo Walk: Giza, Egypt
Photo By: Mohamed Ashraf
My Comments: Another great dramatic beam shot — I know it’s a popular genre of photography, but I can’t help but get sucked in by it. Another very interesting scene.

Photo Walk: Kovačica, Serbia
Photo By: Jaroslav Kralik
My Comments: This is such a joyful shot – three puppies out for a walk — what could more joyful that than, but it’s the low perspective that makes this shot special. You really connect with the pups and feel like you’re on the walk with them. Cute puppers!

Photo Walk: Calbayog City, Philippines
Photo By: Edrian Loable
My Comments: This is such a well-framed, well-executed shot (Edrian should sell it as a stock photo). For a silhouette shot to really work the silhouetted subject has to be instantly recognizable, and this is just spot on. Great color, composition, and just a really interesting shot.

Photo Walk: Utrecht, Netherlands
Photo By: Marco F van Apeldoorn
My Comments: Many of you that watch my weekly photography show “The Grid” know that I absolutely hate photographs of insects, which speaks volumes about this shot that I chose as an honorable mention. It really is wonderfully composed, with great color, and wonderful depth of field.

Photo Walk: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo By: Maryna Yurlovskaya
My Comments: I’m not sure if a professional model was a part of this walk, or they ran across her during the walk, or if she was one of the photographers on the walk, but this is a wonderful portrait. Great pose and expression and the lighting is just beautiful. Really nicely done!

Applause, applause!

What a wonderful collection of images in this year’s Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to all these photographers on creating such memorable images that they deserved special recognition. We still have the winner of our Leaders Competition (lots of great shots — another tough one to judge) and our mobile photography category to go. It’s such a treat getting to enjoy so many great images!

Here’s wishing you all an awesome Monday and a great week ahead! :)


P.S. Tomorrow, I’m off to my seminar in San Francisco on Wednesday. Hope you can come out and spend the day with me. Tickets and info here.

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