Happy #TravelTuesday one and all! It’s me, Dave Williams, kicking my way onto ScottKelby.com just like every Tuesday!

I hope you’re all well! I have a little thing to share today about pushing yourself and getting your work out there. Without further ado (/adieu) lets get into it!

Us photographers are funny creatures. We tend to get ourselves into a status quo. Perhaps a sort of happy place. This is all well and good, but who got anywhere by being the same? That’s right, I hear your answer! Well if we’re going to get anywhere we need to be sticking our neck out and getting noticed. But how?

Easy! No, honestly, it is! If we’re going to get noticed we need to do two things: –

  1. Be so damn good they just can’t ignore us.
  2. Put ourself front and centre.

Honestly, get in their face! Have you tried it? You should try it! Ok, maybe I’m being a little extreme, but try this: –

Find a good shot of yours and try to work out who would be interested in it. Perhaps you’re a KelbyOne member and the KelbyOne community would be interested. Perhaps you used a Platypod to take the shot and Platypod would be interested. Perhaps you learned the technique you used for the shot in one of Scotts books, in which case Scott would be interested. Whatever the reason you come up with, take some action on it!

If you are a KelbyOne member you could share your shot with a story about how the KelbyOne community has helped you create the image and submit that for a Member Monday feature. If you used a Platypod, write a piece about exactly how the Platypod was the right tool for the job and send it off via their website. If you learned the technique from one of Scotts books, tell him. These are all small, simple things to do, and each varies in its end result. You may up featured on an Instagram post or in a blog post, or you may draw the attention of your favourite photographer. Whatever the result, we’ve actually achieved that extra little something special that we wouldn’t have if we’d stuck with the status quo – we’ve been noticed by someone, and it could end up with us being featured, and that could in turn result in our growth as a photographer. Simple!

Ladies and gents, go ahead and stick your neck out! If nothing happens, you’ve lost nothing, but if it gets noticed and you get featured, you’re on the path for a win!

With much love, as always


(By the way, I’m in the Faroe Islands, hence the selfie, and you can keep an eye on me over on my Instagram story)

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