Wedding Promo Clip From Russian Photographer Sergei Ivanov. Amazing Style!

Greetings from the Dallas Convention Center (we open the doors for my Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it tour here in 20 minutes, so I’m just catching up on stuff). My buddy Ken Toney sent me this video clip this morning, and after watching 60-seconds of it, I knew I had to share it here. Thanks Ken!

Hope you all enjoy it, and here’s wishing you the best Tuesday you’ve had so far this year. :)

  1. Very creative and artistic..with great story lines in the photos…that is what I liked most about them…

    Thank you for sharing…it refreshes my motivation for the style of photography that I loved and wanted to “focus” on…

    1. I would like to add to what some are saying about his skills….I think what is most defining of this photographer is his vision…anyone can learn skills with Photoshop…thanks to Scott..:)

  2. I like this style but I’m not sure it is well suited for wedding imagery. It is my fear that 25 years from now people looking back at these style images will be saying…….yikes, it’s so very 2010 – 2012!!!!  This effect is cool, fresh and creative but will it stand the test of time? For me, a great wedding image should be timeless.

  3. Hello !! you do not want your wedding images to be the same as every one else’s. great images…I think theses images will stand the test of time.   thanks Scott for posting…great inspiration

  4. I think these are unique and absolutely fabulous. Any
    negative comments are probably from people who didn’t think of this style
    first. I was truly inspired.

  5. These images are breathtaking. Sergie Ivanov is to be appreciated for his keen understanding of his subject, his superb photographic skills, and his high level of creativity both within the camera and in post. My only “disappointment” is that each image was not on screen long enough for me to fully savor the beauty! Thanks for sharing Scott.

  6. Very cool montage, Scott! Although the picture of the guy with the disembodied hands creeped me out…. :-)
    And thanks to Ken for passing this along to you to share with us. He’s definitely CAKB!


  7. All you “photogs” that don’t see this as a way to learn to see are probably”pros”that have your magic formula of a dozen shots you do over and over and will never change… keep up the mediocre work.

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