Just Announced: Come Shoot & Retouch With Me in San Francisco This Weekend at the Adobe Photoshop Store

Adobe is doing something very creative and fun; for two solid weeks they’re taking over a store at 550 Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco to create a really unique, immersive, and imaginative Photoshop experience. It’s a place where you interact, create, experiment and learn each day from a collection of authors, artists and instructors, and I’m very honored to be one of ones kicking off the opening weekend.

in the planning stages, the folks at Adobe asked me what I wanted do, and I said I wanted to keep with their theme and do a special custom class based upon (but the not the same as) my “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It” seminar. But to take things up a notch, I wanted to use continuous lighting for the class, so that after I set up the shoot, I could have the audience shoot our live models too.

One Call Does it All!
After a call from Adobe to our friends at FJ Westcott (so I could get to use some of their spiffy new SpiderLite TD-6s and a softbox or two), we’ve got my special two-hour class all set-up and best of all—-the classes are FREE!!!! (though of course seating is limited).

Two Lighing/Retouching Sessions This Saturday
I’m doing two identical sessions this coming Saturday:

(1) 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

(2) 3:00 to 5:00 pm

(3) I’m doing a live interview in the Photoshop Store on “The Candid Frame” (a podcast about photography and photographers) with host Ibarionex Perello

I am just super excited to be even a small part of Adobe’s very creative and fun community event.

For more details, visit Adobe’s Photoshop Pop-Up Store page right here (they’re planning a on-going live in-store lab, various Photo Walks, and lots of cool stuff throughout the two week run). I hope we’ll get to learn and shoot together on Saturday in Downtown San Francisco (did I mention it’s free? Well, it is).

Also, if you can’t make my sessions, they’ll be having different presenters for the entire two-weeks, so make sure you check out the full schedule.

Hope I see you there! :)

  1. Would love to sign up, but it doesn’t look like there is that capability. I’m a couple hours away—first-come first-served just won’t work.

  2. Hello? Somebody? Anybody? I still can’t find info on how to sign up, or if this is just first-come first-served. This is kind of a big deal for me; I have a new baby and I can’t spend hours camped out Phantom Menace-style just to get a terrible spot in the back of an over-capacity room where my 5’3″ frame disallows me from being able to see anything.

  3. Sounds GREAT… but there does not seem to be any way to SIGN UP to attend the Lighting/Retouching sessions on Saturday. Scott says seating is LIMITED… yet no way to determine if I should drive all the way to SFO and not get in!@ Anyone able to SIGN UP?

    1. Dave,

      There doesn’t seem to be a way of signing up. I’ve been checking darn near every 15 minutes to see of something pops up or there’s limited information, but to no avail. No luck getting a response from Scott on Twitter, either.

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