Congratulations to Matt “Marathon Man” Kloskowski—HE DID IT!!!!


A huge congratulations to my buddy Matt Kloskowski, who yesterday ran in the Disney Marathon (that’s Matt and his brother crossing the finish line after running 26.2 miles in the 80°+ Florida heat! Click on the photo for a much larger view).

RC, my brother Jeff, and I were there to photograph Matt’s race, and text him with unmotivating messages while he ran, (including a play-by-play of our breakfast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort while Matt was in the middle of his race. I’d text him with stuff like, “Hey, RC, can you pass the maple syrup? Whoops, sorry Matt–that text was supposed to be for RC.” and stuff like, “Man, we’ve been waiting so long in this breakfast line. I’m beat!” and worse).

Despite all our text jokes, Matt finished the race and we’re all so proud of him, and just amazed at his incredible accomplishment, Way to go, Ski!!!! :-)

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