That’s right! CS5 IS FINALLY HERE!! If you pre-ordered, you should be getting your copy any day.

If you can’t wait, go HERE and download the trial to play around, I mean work with, the new software.

And, don’t forget… NAPP has their completely FREE Learning Center for you right here (You don’t even have to be a NAPP member!). For those who are NAPP members, you get a 15% DISCOUNT on purchases through the Adobe store. Log into your account at PhotoshopUser.com and look in the Discounts section to take advantage of it!

And if you’re a Kelby Training Online subscriber, you can check out all of the latest full classes on CS5 (Photoshop Power Session & Crash Course, HDR, Channels & Masks, 3D, Camera Raw, & much much more!) right here. And if you’re not a subscriber but would like to be, you can get all the details and sign up here.

TGIF much? ;)


  1. “You know why the call it ahh creative suite? Cause it’s like hey are you creative? Sweetttt!” That had me cracking up LMFAO I am going to post this video on my blog now! Thanks for posting that Brad!

    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

  2. Can any of the Photoshop guys tells us if there are any significant changes from the PS CS5 beta and the downloadable demo version? I’m trying to wait until the LR3 ships and see if the current 30% + the NAPP discount applies to both upgrades.

  3. I’ve been playing around with CS5 today, and my content aware Phil doesn’t seem to work as well for me as he did in the demos. Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Nathan, I did the same thing with my cs5 order. I usually have to back out of my B&H and log in from NAPP to get the free shipping. I can easily pay for the NAPP membership each year with discountts if I just remeber to use them!!

  4. having bought every single new thing I could for several years, I don’t feel the urgency to upgrade…oh I WILL…just not day 1!

    Plus I just dropped $2K+ on the new 70-200 VR2…so I now have the old model I’m trying to move!

    1. Ned, I have the same situation. I have a fairly new 70-200 vrI for sale and just got vrII. Man, how sweet is that upgrade? Maybe Scott or NAPP needs to put us a forum up on the member site to sell equipment (with all their spare time :) ). I just hope Nikon will hold off a while on the 18mg D4 that has double the high ISO of a D3s! I’m about broke ;) .

  5. What`s all the fuzz around here? I think CS5 isn`t worth an upgrade its just marketing…You don`t need hdr you don`t need content aware fill. Its just manipulation. A bunch of other unnecesarry tools.
    Cmon….. are you a photogr or a photoshopper?

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