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Over at my blog I have a regular feature called “Bits ‘n Pieces” that is really just a way for me to include several random things in one blog post. Today, I bring some bits and pieces to Scott’s blog.

Portolio Night

On May 20th in various cities around the world, graphic design and advertising students have an opportunity to show their portfolio to Creative Directors and agencies. There is a cost to the event but it looks like a great opportunity. For all the details visit http://portfolionight.com/8/.


The (Almost) Prefect Camera + Laptop Bag


For the last couple of months I’ve been using a bag that lets me cart around my camera gear and laptop in one nice compact size. I can fit a ton of gear and yet it still fits under the seat on planes (for those times when the overhead bin is full). It has a place for a laptop, 2 zipped pockets with plenty of space for accessories, cables, and even a key ring, It has 2 insulated pockets for water bottles, a large “hidden” pocket etc and plenty of room inside. It even has a rain shield you can pull out from the bottom.

It’s almost perfect – there are only two things that stop it from being ideal, but luckily they were easy to “fix”.

1. The pocket where I keep my laptop doesn’t have as much padding as I’d like, but I simply keep my laptop in a padded sleeve for some extra protection.

2. The inside compartment doesn’t come with any dividers, meaning all your gear would pretty much rattle around. I was able to address this with a couple of extra velcroed dividers I had from another camera bag. NB: I just watched a video on their web site where they say it does come with dividers – I know I didn’t get any :(

Now this bag rocks! Along with my laptop and all necessary cables, I typically carry all this stuff in this bag: Nikon D300 w battery grip, 18 -200mm, 50mm, 70 – 200mm, 2 SB 800 flashes, benro travel tripod and ballhead (plus Bose headphones and a Kindle). It’s heavy with all that stuff, but the mammoth strap makes it easy to carry.

Believe it or not, this great bag comes from 5.11 Tactical, a company that makes law enforcement gear. The bag is called the Side Trip Briefcase and it retails for $99.99.

Overall, it’s the best solution I’ve found for the gear I want to travel with.

(If you decide to purchase one, enter the code FREEHAT10 at Checkout for a free ball cap with purchase over $75)


Artists Wanted

There’s a very interesting sounding search for photographic talent taking place at artistswanted.org. Here’s their description:

“Our goal is simple: we want to find amazing photographic talents and expose them to the world in the most potent way possible. Rewards and benefits will be given to all who participate. One grand prize winner will be awarded an art-star New York City gallery reception, international publicity and their choice of $10,000 cash or 1 year living rent free in a $1.2 million apartment provided by The Edge in New York City”



Science project meets Photography


Take a look at the amazing photography of Caleb Charland, who combines science with photography. Very cool stuff!


  1. Hey Dave, any chance of you giving us a photo of what your gear looks like in the bag you describe? Based on the amount of gear you list, and compared to the photos from the manufacturer, it’s hard to envision how it all fits (sounds like a clown car squeeze…). Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the great info. I do have a question. I am awaiting my new CS5. I currently have several plug-ins running with CS3. What would be the best way to install the new CS5 without having to reinstall my plug-ins? Thanks for any help and advice.

    NAPP Rocks

  3. Portfolio night… neat, another c-note on another camera bag… possibly, artist hunt… bet there’s a line, But man-oh-man don’t I wish that about half of Caleb’s shots were in my portfolio! Not only does he have the imaging down but how do you even think that stuff up? Thanks for pointing out his site Dave, you made my night. (morning?)

  4. Dave, 511 rocks! I buy all of my pants and shirts (law enforcement) from them. If you want a great collard polo type shirt to embroider then try one of the 511s. They are durable and have a slot for an ink pen on the sleeve. Their 511 pants (different colors) have lots of Velcro pockets and they have a new lightweight version (they also have shorts with multiple pockets). I know you wear shorts a lot, try theirs!

  5. My name is Dan and I have a bag addiction. If you like the 5.11 stuff, you should check out Maxpedition. Even more “tacticool” but also with some amazingly practical bag options. I use the Colossus to carry a swap lens (usually 24-105 but it will fit 70-200/2.8), 580ex, external flash battery pack, better beamer and the flash arm for my wimberly head, along with all manner of extra crap – batteries, etc etc etc that we lug around. Awesome stuff.

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