Hi Gang. Sorry I’ve been out of touch – took a few holiday days with the family – just got back just now  [good to be home!].  :-)


Anyway, my buddy gave me a heads up that B&H has a bunch of year-end instant rebates on Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras and lenses, but they end in two days (Jan 2nd), so I’m sharing the links now (while there’s still time):

Canon gear rebates: (http://bhpho.to/1Vsvwly)

Nikon gear rebates: (http://bhpho.to/1kwLbTq)

Sony gear rebates: (http://bhpho.to/1RTgKFH) gear.

Get ’em while they’re hot (they’re not stolen though. You know what I meant, right?).

Anyway, Happy New Year!! Also – stay out of trouble tonight, and ‪#‎rolltide‬!



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  1. can I borrow your credit card, being new year and all ? :)

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