A Few Quick Things For This Last Week of the Year

First, I can’t believe I made this list!
OK, it looks like I Photoshop’d myself into this list (below), but I promise I didn’t (though I did add the red circle). Believe me, no one’s more surprised than I.

It’s based on social media reach and stuff like that and apparently the calculation has to do with everything from your Klout score to your Twitter presence, and a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, here’s the link to the full list: http://richtopia.com/people/500-ceos



2. Get your whole year on Instagram analyzed immediately for free!
This is really pretty cool — you just go to this web site (called Siftr); enter your Instragram handle, and it prints out of a page of stats that is really helpful/awesome.


It automatically calculates everything from which photos you posted had the most engagement to which hashtags you use the most, to which type of photos you post the most, and so much more. It’s a wealth of background knowledge delivered in just a few seconds right on-screen, and it’s presented in a really clean, clear layout. Definitely worth doing (I’ll be you’ll be surprised at some of what you learn). :)


3.  I’ve got a cool tip if you use Lightroom Mobile!
This is one of those little-known tips, but man will you find it helpful. Here’s the link (we post stuff like this all the time over at LightroomKillerTips.com).


4. The wifey got me a cool little amp for Christmas!
It’s a small, portable Fender Tube Amp (the Fender Super Champ 2X) — I had been wanting something really clean to use with my pedal board (my Marshall tube amps are awesome, but even when you’re using the “clean” channel they still sound “dirty”). So, I’ve been playing it quite a big and super digging it! Thanks sweetie!  (BTW: I’ll make you guys a tape when I get a chance). BTW: That’s a Snark Tuner on top — I talked about it in our 20-days of Christmas.

OK, I gotta run
By the way — what happened to the Giants last night? It was a weird week in the NFL this past week, with weird plays (like that Giant’s 3rd Quarter onside kick debacle, and the Redskins take a knee weirdness), but how ’bout those Flacons stopping the Panthers’ undefeated streak. Crazy right? I love the timing — I shooting with the Falcon’s next weekend. Time to bring out the remotes! #riseup

Have a great Monday everybody (and by everybody I mean only those folks who are actually at work — I know a lot of folks are off this week), but whether you’re taking time off for the holidays, or you’re bringing home the bacon, I wish you a very fun week. :)




  1. Scott, what kind of car is pictured at the top? I don’t remember you doing a shoot with that car… any others you can post (maybe on Facebook or Instagram), O Influential One?

    I got my son one of those tuners for Xmas based on your recommendation. He loved it!

    You’re right about this past football week. Very wacky! How about “Let’s win the toss in overtime and elect to kick the ball away!” Good week for armchair quarterbacking, to say the least……


    1. That’s a hot rod I shot last year at a photo shoot out a WPPI. I very wealthy car enthusiast/photographer invited us into to shoot his collection and this was one of them. Amazing collection (including two bat mobiles). Have a happy New Year, John! :)

      1. Same to you, Scott! I’m looking forward to learning more from you and everyone at KelbyOne in 2016! Rock on, my friend!


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